The Pool Is Finished

I am loving it.  The POOL IS FINISHED.  The last step was to do the inside plaster and set all the valves.  DONE.

6/5 A crew of 5 showed up to do the plaster inside the pool  We chose a product called Pebble Sheen.  It has a really smooth surface to it with really tiny pebbles that give the plaster some texture and character.

First step was to cut off all the pipes and set all the valves for the pool.

 Then a sheet of plastic to cover up the tile and the kool-deck.

 Next they wet the inside surface down really well, then vacuumed up all the water in the bottom of the pool.

 Look at the weird cleat rubber boots they wear.  This holds them about 2 inches off the surface.

 There was a big truck out front that had the plaster mix in a big hopper.  They brought a big long hose to the backyard and started spraying it in the pool.  As fast as they sprayed it in, one of the guys started a rough trowel.

 First just a rough trowel to smooth it out a little.

 Then more plaster was sprayed over it.

 This guy gave two coats to the sides and then started on the bottom.

 They went over the entire surface with hand trowels several times to get a really smooth finish.

 Still troweling things down.

 As it dried a little bit they took off the cleats and put on foam shoes and troweled and smoothed some more.

 I think they went over the whole pool probably a dozen times.  They just kept smoothing and working to get a perfect finish.

 Finally all done - - -

 and they immediately started filling it with water.  They wrapped a cloth around the hose to create a diffuser for the water flow.

 The pool holds about 10,000 gallons of water so it takes about 15 hours to fill.  This is after a few hours.

 By morning it was all done.  I love it.  We didn't want a dark pool, so we chose Caribbean Blue.  Such a pretty turquoise color.  Reminds us of the ocean water when were were there.

Ok, time to get the furniture and umbrellas out and have a pool party.  There are still tons of things to do to the yard, but all in due time.  I plan on enjoying this wonderful pool for now.  I feel so Blessed.

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