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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Accessories for the Bathroom

I just received a gift from Moen that is so useful and versatile.  Towel Bar Hooks.   Wonderful to hold a travel bag for the guest bathroom, so all of their toiletries can hang on the towel bar and not be laying on the counter.  So many other uses too.  They sent me these to do a product review, and I love them.  Very heavy and substantial and they have a rubber disc that holds them securely on the towel bar.

It's always fun to upgrade the small details of our bathrooms.  I have been looking at their large selection of Mirrorscapes.  I really like the big mirror in our small bathroom, but having a lovely frame around it would be another upgrade.  Right now they have all of the frames on sale at 1/3 off.   They have a huge variety of shapes and finishes to choose from.  If you are thinking of framing your mirror, you might take a look at all of their choices.  The prices are quite reasonable.

Moen is not a sponsor of this blog, and I do not receive any compensation for this review other than the hooks they sent.   I just thought I would pass along the information. 

So, how are you upgrading the small details in your batthroom?

Thanks so much for stopping by, I always appreciate your visits.


  1. Wow, that is a great idea, and pretty handy too. I do not have much room in my guest bathroom, and that would be a nifty thing to invest in for my guests!

    Thanks for sharing, Nicole

  2. oh I like the hook for sure! what a great idea.. I also like the bag filled with contents.. this is something I sure need to look for here.. :-)

  3. A year ago I repapered one of our bathrooms and replaced the old faucet with a new one and put in a new light fixture as well.Also added new towel bars. Would eventually like to relpace blue tile floor with new.

  4. I think hotels should especially have these hooks. I am always looking for counter space and a place to hang my make up bag! Great post, Marty!


  5. I want some! :) lol! They look so useful Marty! I have missed you at Color Outside the Lines ... I hope I haven't lost you forever! Stop by when you can ... let me know what you think of the new layout! :) xo, Artie

  6. Looks like a great idea. I would love to frame out my bathroom mirror -- I'll have to check it out.

  7. They are functional and good looking. I want to silver leaf my two oval mirrors but that is on a huge list of things to do. ♥O

  8. Great idea; thanks for sharing!

  9. Marty, I need some of those. We have family that visits and they leave things all over the counters. I totally lose it as I am a neat freak. This could be the answer!

    Happy weekend.


  10. HI Marty! I am going to go to the Moen site now and look for mirror frames! We have the big mirrors in all our baths and I ahve been wanting to frame them for AGES!!!! I LOVE the idea of those hooks too! Thanks for the review! XO, Pinky

  11. That is a great idea Marty!
    I have small bathrooms and could use something along that line.
    And thanks for your sweet notes and words of encouragement.
    Hope all is well with you,

  12. Those are very handy hooks. Thanks for sharing them.

  13. First, I love the hooks and am glad you gave them the shout out.

    Second, I'm going to wait to see what MARTY does with her bathrooms and particularly the framing of the mirror. I've been wanting to do something but sure could use some inspiration. Sigh... it's sad being a copy cat, but praise God for blogland!

  14. Hey that's perfect for hanging each child's individual hand towel on! Thanks for sharing. ~Ames

  15. I like that hook. I had not seen those before. Great for hanging the toiletries set from.

  16. I like the idea! It would really come in handy, and prevent the mess that you make being a guest. It was great to hear from you, thanks for visiting. I love the library/dining table. That is really a nice feature. You seem to always find the nicest and neatest stuff.

  17. Great review Marty and thanks for passing on this info! Those hooks would come in mighty handy at times. Wish they had them in hotel rooms.

    Hugs XX

  18. We are in bad need of a master bath redo...well, partial one as we have already replaced the flooring and vanity. Gotta do something with those walls though! A year or so ago my husband framed out our large mirror. He bought some decorative molding, stained it, and put it up (somehow). It made such a huge difference! Storage in our bath is a major problem. I bought an iron piece that should go on wall, I suppose, but sat it on top of toilet. I keep my perfumes & creams here. Also bought an iron & glass piece from SOUTHERN LIVING, placed on our double vanities, & filled with hair spray, deodorant bottles, etc. Looks much better now that they are corraled. I also use decorative bottles from Pier One for mouthwash. One more thing...I love candles in the bathroom.

  19. New to me, but what a great idea! Think I need one too.

    Enjoy your day~

  20. The question, how are you upgrading in your bathroom got me. How did you know? I am moving in a bigger cabinet into my kids bathroom to hold more of their nececities. Have a great weekend.

  21. Hi Marti! That is a fantastic idea! I really like the hooks. Would be so helpful in our small master bath. Thank you. btw, I love your new do.

    Cheryl@My Own Snug Fireside

  22. Mornin' sweet friend...

    I just read the sweet note that you left on my faux fireplace SF's post. Thank you so much for coming by, my friend!

    Wow...aren't these little towel bar hooks the neatest! I love it! You're right, they sure would be handy! I never even thought about something like this! Have fun looking for the perfect mirror frame, my friend! It would be a sweet upgrade to your pretty bath!

    Marty, I was just reading your last post...about your table's secret! Girlfriend, your table is totally awesome! I didn't even know that they made such a that could be made into a library table/buffet! AWESOME!!! Thanks for sharing that little secret with us! Hehe! Well sweet lady, I hope that you're having a fabulous weekend and that my note is finding you well!!!

    Love ya,

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