Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Hanging The TV Over Bedroom Dresser

  We love to watch the evening news as we fall asleep and let the timer turn the TV off.  However, if the TV sits on top of your dresser at the foot of the bed, it may not be high enough to view comfortably.

 With the TV sitting on the cable box it just was way too low to view without multiple pillows.

Then we got rid of the cable box and upgraded to the wifi system, but still the TV was a problem.  I tried to make it better by adding decorative boxes for it to sit on.  That still made it way too low.

So we decided the best thing was to hang it on the wall.  We used several large books and boxes to find out just how high it needed to be so it was at a comfortable viewing height when we were lying down in bed.  Then hubby got busy and attached all the brackets.  Now what to do with those wires.  He found a white coil system that encased the wires that worked really well.  We bought it at Fry's Electronics but I am sure it is available online too. It is JT&T Flex Guard Convoluted Tubing - 3/8"split seam - 10 ft. I think it comes in different sizes and black too.  Ours was only $3.99.

Our wires pulled together were a little off center, but I think that makes it easier to create a vignette on top of the dresser.  My decor can be on the side rather than having to have something right in the middle to hide wires.

Now to figure out a couple of vignettes that might work with my current decor. I always like flowers, so this works.

Something a little more masculine is what I think I like best.  Something tall that hides the wire and then arrange everything else around it.  I love these two grass spheres and they always look pretty next to something green.  Books are a favorite accessory too.

Having the TV at the right height above the dresser for easy viewing from the bed makes it so much nicer.  We are enjoying watching the TV now and wonder why we didn't hang it sooner.

How about you, do you have a TV in the bedroom?

You can still link up to Inspire Me Tuesday, so let us know what you've been up to and link up everything.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

420th Inspire Me Tuesday

Welcome to the 420th Inspire Me Tuesday.  Tons to see last week.  So many great DIY projects that always inspire me to get busy and do something.

Blue and White jars are all the rage and soooooooo expensive too.  Lantern Lane Design shares her step by step tutorial on how to paint your own.  I love hers, they look amazing.

Do you have a small nook somewhere that needs some inspiration.  Home Is Where My Heart Is took an awkward space and turned it into this fabulous reading nook.  Learn how she did it.

Take an old antique kitchen cupboard and turn it into the most amazing Farmhouse Desk.  Refresh Living gives you a great tutorial.

If you are a blogger, then pictures are an important part of your world.  How To Get Your Space Photo Shoot Worthy from Home Chic Club has some fabulous tips and ideas for you.

Ok, let's see what you have for this week.

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Monday, April 23, 2018

Photo Tips - What's The Secret To Those Glamour Shots

I think we all stop in our track when we see a picture that just speaks to us.  It could be one single thing or part of a room, but there is something about it that just says stunning - chic - amazing.   Now those in the know call them "Glamour Shots".  It can be about fashion, but the same term is used for decor and that is what I have been trying to learn.  We have some awesome bloggers that could rival any professional with how they style and take their pictures.  Every shot they share with us is a work of art.

This is a gorgeous "Glamour Shot" that just begs you to see more.  That is exactly what a "Glamour Shot" should do.

This is a shot of the full bathroom - see how the "Glamour Shot" grabs more of your attention than the full shot.


Karianne of Thistlewood Farm is the master of "Glamour Shots".  Here she shows a glamour/tease shot of the office in her home.  It again begs you to go see more.

This is another one she took inside her office. 
Dimples and Tangles is another one that takes some amazing "Glamour Shots".  This just screams look at me and don't you want to see more.
Monica Wants It is another blogger that constantly draws you in with her "Glamour Shots".
Sometimes a "Glamour Shot" is more than just a small vignette.  ZDesigns At Home took this gorgeous picture.  Still a "Glamour Shot" but also more of a glimpse into the whole room.
This is one that I took a few years ago of a glamour/tease shot of my coffee table.  This one shot has been pinned hundreds of times.   

Take a look at your pictures and see how you can take a shot of a portion of a room or vignette and create your own "Glamour Shot" that will create more traffic to your blog.

Don't forget how important it is to edit your pictures too.  Getting each picture as bright and sharp as you can is so easy to do and will definitely make them more interesting  - plus enlarge them so they fill your blog space properly.  A tiny picture no matter how pretty is not a good one.  If you use a point and shoot or iPhone as your camera you can still have great pictures. 

 I share a great tutorial for editing here.

 Same picture with the chandy light on - - look at the difference in the table - it looks orange and there is no depth to the picture.
                                        Everything looks "up front".

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