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Monday, July 4, 2011

Cows Anyone

I have no idea why I am always so fascinated by cow pictures, but I am just drawn to everyone that I see.   I use to have a huge painting that I loved and then sold it.  Wish I still had it.  I have been on the look out for another one for quite a while and these are a few that I found.

 I really like this one, it is similar to the one I use to have.  Just looks so peaceful.

 This one just makes me giggle.  I really like it.  Kind of on the primitie side don't you think.

 I've seen this one on calendars.  That's quite some animal.

 This one is peace and serenity to me too.

I love the rooster in this one.

This is another pretty one with a milkmaid.

So what do you think?  Do you like cow pictures.  I'm still on the hunt, although one of these might be fun to print out.

Thanks for stopping by, I always look forward to your visits.


  1. I love any thing cows. Creamers, pictures, statues. I have a life size cow head with horns in my kitchen. I have a few things for sale in my shop as well. Thanks for sending so many to see my Blog. Happy 4th. Richard at My Old Historic House.

  2. I can't say cows are my thing - but I totally understand being fascinated by something & hunting for it! But Happy 4th of July!! and Have a great day Marty!! Happy Hunting too!! MOO! =)

    :D Lynda

  3. I too love cows. I know you miss the one you sold. Those are beautiful. I just got a cow for the kitchen that is sign for a farm at Home Goods. My first and I love it.

  4. Marty I love them all but the last 2 are my favorite!! Happy 4th! Martina

  5. Some lovely examples! I have always loved cows and used to have the whole overdone cow thing in the kitchen, well most of the house. Wallpaper border, curtain fabric and all. I have gotten rid of all the kitcshy stuff and still have a few favourites. I prefer the look of real cow art now, but I also adore photos of my boys showing their 4-H cows.

  6. Marty love the cow prints, hope your having a nice 4th...


  7. These are just great Marty...I couldn't stop photographing the cows when I was in Switzerland earlier this year...they truly were contented! xv

  8. It is funny how certain images just draw us in, isn't it. I think it is the undertones of the French touches in your kitchen. You are going more and more towards Country French!!! Good direction to go in!! xo Kathysue

  9. So funny that you ask. I just got a new whimsical cow canvas and will share it soon.

  10. I just love these pictures!! They would looks so pretty in a country kitchen!

  11. Marty, You probably like the cow pictures for the same reason I do. They remind me of Europe and have a Country French feel.

  12. Hi Marty,
    I like Cow pictures too. They remind me of home and the farmland in West Virginia.


  13. I love cows....horses, roosters....anything farm-like. These pictures are awesome. Hope U find what you are looking for.

  14. Well, in India we worship cows. They are sacred for us .
    Loved all the pics...especially the last one with the milk-maid.

  15. I love cows .. and cow pictures.
    Especially love the ones with the milkmaids, they look so innocently rural or something -- whatever, they really appeal to me.


  16. I love the cow pictures you have found. I am still so happy with the one I found at Goodwill. I enjoy it so much.

  17. I do love me a cow! If you ever come to my house you will see that...:) I love the 2 with milk maids the best. To me, these look very old world or French Country. Beautiful!

    Hope you are having a happy 4TH!


  18. These are great!! Thanks for sharing. We have real cows, but I do love pictures of them, too. Maybe I'll paint one up this winter...when gardening and canning and trying to finish remodeling the kitchen is past. But these are really nice examples!!

  19. I live in cow country so I've learned to absolutely love them. They have the most beautiful eyes. My favorite is the colonial painting with the rooster, followed closely by the one that makes you chuckle :) I totally understand your great fondness for them.


  20. Marty, I agree....I love cow pics, too! Cows are adorable....they give us milk, and we can make cheese and ice cream - woohoo! Seriously, I LOVE all the cows you showed. I'm looking for one, too! Linda

  21. When I was in Iowa recently I bought a Jim Shore cow on wheels--you know, those quilty sculptures he makes? I am not a cow or farm person either, but after traveling through the midwest and seeing lots of cows in pastures and barns and silos I thought a cow to bring home was the perfect souvenir! Now, barns, I AM a barn person!