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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

End Of Summer Sales - Fantastic Buys

I have been itching to shop for our trip to Hawaii in October, but the closest mall is about 20 miles away and all we have in our area is Walmart, Target and Kohl's, so I ran into Kohl's to see if I could find anything and I think I made out like a bandit.  I am planning on most of my wardrobe to be capri's, tees and one dressy outfit.  I have a really cute long floral skirt that will be fun too for a night out that isn't too dressy.

I found a ton of things and I think I got fantastic bargains.  All of their summer clothes are on sale at 70% and 80% off.  

Cute kahki capris with drawstrings at the legs and great side leg pockets.  Perfect for my camera.

 Another kahki cargo type pant that rolls up for shorts.

 Heavy weight (so you can't see through it) crinkle cotton pull on capris.  Perfect to throw on over a bathing suit, and they have really cute hip pockets.

 Can you believe these prices. 

 Denim pull on capris.  So comfy and great for a whole day of sightseeing. Cute topstitching on the legs and on the cute hip pockets.  I like hip pockets, I think they help camouflage the behind.

 At this price if they had another pair in my size I would have bought them all.  Too bad I can't wear a size 6 or 8, they had tons.  Do you think I can shrink from a 12 to an 8 in a few weeks.? lol

 A cute knit tee and capri set.  Black and white, so totally versatile and could look a little dressy.  I have a cute pair of black sandels with beads, so this could take me to dinner.

 I like the neckline and the embroidery is pretty.

 Cute embroidery on the bottom of the pants too.

A great pair of sandels.  I have already been wearing them, they are so comfy.

Ok, are you ready.  All of this for $58.91.  Fantastic.  So if you need some summer clothes to finish the season and for next year, head to Kohl's.  They had some really cute stuff on the sale racks.  Also since we are in the 70's and 80's all fall and winter, I can wear these all year long.  I am thrilled with my bargains.

Now all I need is a pair of flip-flops and a couple of tank tops and I am all set.  Next, I better find DH some new shorts.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wall Collage

Last week I showed you two gorgeous dog paintings that I found at a garage sale.  I just needed frames for them and to figure out a place to hang them.  As you have all seen, my house is tons of windows and NO walls.  I have to quit finding art, I am totally out of walls.

When I decided to hang this mirror on the FR wall, I put a floral wall pocket on one side and a corbel and mirror on the other.  This room is small, so I need to keep the wall space clean and simple. 

I finally found two frames that I loved at Home Goods and decided to replace the corbel/mirror with the two pictures.  I like it.  Super sunny when I took the pic, so the lamps barely show, but they are there.

I changed out the dark hydrangea in the pocket with an orange hydrangea and added a couple more feathers to balance the pictures.

  Love these wonderful Spaniel paintings.

I deliberately chose two different frames so they would look like I collected them over time.  I looked everywhere and finally found these frames at Home Goods.  $9.99 each.  Great find.

Before -

After - I like it so much better than the corbel, and the added color to the wall is great.

                         I am definitely out of wall space, so I absolutely can't buy any more art.

I am joining the following parties:

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Thanks so much for stopping by, I always look forward to your visits.

Monday, August 29, 2011

79th Table Top Tuesday

Welcome to the 79th Table Top Tuesday.  I can't wait to see what all you have been up to and all of your fabulous vignettes.

Now, I really don't have anything this week.  With company out of state, filling in working for a friend that had surgery and jury duty, life has been more than crazy, so I hope you won't kick me out of the party.  I promise to do better in the future.

Last week I showed you tons of inspiration I found for using family photos in your vignettes, so naturally I am on a mission to add a few.  I found this ceramic frame at GW for $3.  Great piece, it looks like ivory.  Perfect to add to a vignette for a little family interest.

                              The color of the frame looks great with the rooster lamp.

Super simple, but adds a little family to my end table.

I had a few minutes to run into Hobby Lobby to look for frames for my new dog paintings, and of course I also found a couple of other things.   Well, there were these two little frames that I thought were just perfect  to add to my collection. $ 2.50 each after the 50% off.  So for now they found a home here.

Ok, so I don't have any great new vignettes, however I am working on it.  I really would like a whole family picture vignette.  I just have to find a place that will work.  Stay tuned.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and be sure to link up below, we all want to see everything.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hoping For Fall

I am so ready for cooler weather and fall, so I thought maybe if I change a few things around it will get here sooner.  Wishful thinking I know.  I've made a couple of changes to the wall area in the familyroom, so I thought I would give you a little sneak peek. 

This is the wall pocket that I have on one side of the round mirror.  It's had this arrangement for quite some time, and I wanted it to have more of a fall look.  So I revamped it just a smidge.

Swapping out a couple of flowers and adding a few more feathers gave it a totally different look.

 Super simple and a 5 minute project which is about all the time I had.  I've changed something else on this wall, so stay tuned for the rest.

I am so thankful that Irene was not as bad as expected and that so many escaped with no damage.  Such a blessing and answer to prayer.  I continue to pray for those that did loose trees, are without power and are flooded. 

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Guess What Came With This Card

My daughter, son-in-law, grandsons and my sons surprised us with the most fantastic surprise.  We're going to Hawaii!!!!!

With grandchildren visiting and everyone living so far apart, getting together is always a trial, so my daughter kept saying mom, we have a surprise for you and dad for both your birthdays. We'll get it to you soon.  DH's birthday is in Sept., and I just had mine.  You can't imagine how surprised we were when they all got together and are sending us to Hawaii for the week of Oct. 6th thru 13th.  We're going to Maui!!!!!  Airfare, accomodations, rental car and mad money included.

I am so excited, I can hardly stand it.  I know that I have to have the most wonderful children in the whole world.  So I just have to brag, hope you will forgive me.

I've already spent the day going through the closet and looking at my wardrobe so I can figure out what to buy.  I don't own a single pair of shorts, so that is definitely on the list.  A new pair of sandels and some cute tee shirts, and possibly a couple more pair of capris.  (I don't really sound excited at all do I ?)

We have never been, so this will be a super fun trip for us.

Thanks so much for letting me share all the excitement.

Instead of Vases Use Whatever

Funky Junk Interiors is having a fabulous party and the theme is to show all the things you use as vases.  I use just about anything I can find, so I thought I would show you some of the treasures I've used in the past.

How about a wine carafe.  Makes a great vase and looks wonderful in a rustic setting.

My dad's old tool box is always a favorite.  How about the basket on the wall too.  That's a vase isn't it?

A champagne bucket is perfect.  You can put all kinds of arrangements in them.

An old painted cracked pitcher.  Perfect for a faux arrangement.

A metal compote works great.  It seems to elevate a simple arrangement to new heights and gives it importance.

So what kind of "vases" do you use.  Can't wait to see.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Decorating with Family Photos

We are all trying to find ways to decorate our homes on a budget and we all have family photos that we love to see.  Using these pictures use to be a no-no in decorating,but now more and more designers are using them to add personality to a room or a vignette.

While browsing through 3 of my designer books - Charles Faudree's Details - Traditional Home Signature Style - Christi Carter's Art of Accessorizing , I found tons of examples of how to use them regardless of your style.

You can find frames almost anywhere, at GW the DT, thrift stores and yard sales.  With a little paint, distressing, matting and imagination you can create beautiful wall and table displays.  Pay close attention to the frames and how varied they are.

                                              Notice the wire picture holder in the planted urn.

                                                              Not framed, just filling a bowl.

One single picture in the basket.

 Copying pictures in black and white and then cutting mats to fit the various frames creates a stunning wall.

                                                           Unframed and on a door.

I chose a frame that fits the style of my LR and then displayed it on an easel for this vignette.

                                         Ancestors in old antique frames on the bedroom wall.

 Also, I showed you how I use one on the backside of an arrangement on the coffee table.

So, do you use family photos in your decor and did you see anything that you might try?