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Sunday, April 15, 2012

How To Make An Ottoman

Do you ever look at your stats or have you ever done a google search on your blog?  It is amazing what you will learn.  I was looking at mine and I was surprised to find out that my all time most viewed and searched blog post was on How To Make An Ottoman.  This one post alone has had over 110,000 pageviews.  Now originally it only got 34 comments, but views just keep going on.  Amazing.  It has also been googled thousands of times as people try to find instructions for making an ottoman.  So, just for the fun of it I thought I would repost this post.  If you havn't seen it, maybe it will be fun for you.

This was originally posted in January 2011.
 After I said I had made my ottoman, I've had so many people ask me how to make one.  So here are very simple instructions.  It really is so easy.

 Just determine the size of ottoman you want and build a box.  I used 1"x6"pine boards for the sides of the bottom section of the ottoman.  Just nail them together in a box.  Then take a 2x4 piece of wood and cut to fit the corners on both the top and bottom of the box.  Screw the corner cross pieces in so your box is very sturdy.  Also cut a piece of plywood the size of your box.  That's all the construction that is necessary.  A hand saw is really all you need.

Next, cut a piece of heavy batting 61/2 inches wide and long enough to wrap around the box and staple it on in a few places.  Then cut a piece of fabric 71/2 inches wide and long enough to go around the box allowing for a seam allowance.  Sew the fabric together and make sure it is going to be a really tight fit.  Then just slip it over the box placing the seam on one corner.  Staple it to the top and bottom edge of the box.  After that is stapled, cover some large cording and staple that on top of the box, again leaving the joining edge on the corner.  See the below picture.

 This picture shows the fabric pulled under the box and stapled.

 Now, take your piece of plywood and cover it with a 4" piece of foam cut to size.  Then cover that with a thick piece of batting, trimming corners so they lay flat around the foam.  Next cut a piece of fabric large enough to cover all of it and enough to pull around and staple to the bottom of the plywood.  Pull the fabric taught, but do not stretch so much that you loose the shape of the foam and batting.  Make a simple pleat at the corners and staple down.  See below picture.  When done place it on top of the bottom section and then screw the top and bottom together at the 4 corner braces. 

 Turn in over and take a scrap of black fabric and staple it to the bottom as a dust cover and to give it a more professional look.  Now just pick out the legs that you want and screw them into the cross braces in the 4 bottom corners and you are done.

This really is such an easy project and you can have any size you want, covered in any fabric you want.

I hope this all made sense.  I can't wait to see all the ones you create.

Thanks for stopping by, I always look forward to your visits.


  1. Hi Marty. I have an old one that I have thought of refurbishing. Your explanation makes it sound fairly easy. So...who knows...that might be a project later in the year? Joan

  2. It looks great! Thanks for sharing Joann

  3. It looks great and thanks for sharing. I am in love with the feet!

  4. Wow I cannot believe you made that. It is so pretty and so well done. Great job Marty!!

  5. Marty-
    Great tutorial! Bookmarking.
    Have a happy Sunday.

  6. Marty,
    I'm so glad you reposted this because I missed it the first time. No wonder it has had so many views because your directions are so straightforward and easy to understand. I see an ottoman in my future!

  7. I missed this as well! What a great project--yours looks amazing.

  8. How clever is that, so clearly explained too... but dear lady, the energy you display puts us all to shame... amazing..I fear its too much for me to do, but what a gal you are!!!!

  9. Marty, What a great idea! I love the colors of the fabric!

  10. Marty,
    Amazing!!! I've never looked at my stats...guess I'll have to make a point to see what's going on there more often. This is lovely!!! Thanks for sharing your talents and knowledge with all of us in the Land of Blog...and beyond!!!

  11. I remember when you originally posted this...that kinda scares me...I've been around a while now I guess. It was a great post then and it still is. I love your ottoman. Great job.

  12. I remember when you posted this. And I also kept the instructions. Some day! I will make one. You are such a talented gal. So glad I have been visiting you for so long. You have taught me a lot. And thank you Marty for stopping by my blog, I appreciate your comments, they mean a lot to me. And thank you for your little prayer in my behalf. Hugs, Karie

  13. Hi Marty...what a great post(repost) I wish I had your talent...its just lovely! Hope this finds you well my sweet friend. Xoxo

  14. Cannot believe that you made that ottoman!...That is beautifully done and a very good tutorial!

  15. Your ottoman is beautiful. I'm so glad you reposted- I'm a relatively new follower and hadn't seen it before. You make it look so easy that I may have to try making one. :)

  16. Great repost! You're truly an inspiration. I would never in a million years attempt on making one myself.

  17. What a great looking piece of furniture! I'm a new follower, also, and thank you for reposting!

  18. Great job Marty! I can see why you had so many hits! I love the fabric.

  19. Oh, Marty! You were meant to repost this project and I was meant to read it!
    I am in the process of setting up a sitting room in our master bedroom. We bought some pretty chairs from Overstock a few weeks ago and, since it is a small space, we have been trying to find an ottoman to use as a coffee table, but the ones we have seen so far are either too small or too big! This is the perfect solution and it sounds so easy! What I like the most is that I can cover it with any material that will match our space.
    Thank you so much for sharing this! I think you just solved our problem!

  20. thank you for reposting this marty I was just thinking about making an ottoman to match my wing chair. Yours looks so nice.

  21. thanks for sharing. i missed it the first go around.

  22. My post that I wrote on Spanish Colonial in 2007 continues to receive 100's of views per week. The other biggie~ my coverage of the Royal Wedding. Huge. I remember being SO SCARED to hit the publish button thinking that people were going to say "Royal Freak". :)

    Stop by today. You might recognize a little something.

  23. Marty, I am so in awe of you! I've only been blogging on a regular basis for about six months so I didn't see this before. I love your blog. You are so crafty and talented. I'm excited because we are neighbors and someday I might run into you at the Goodwill Store.

  24. Marty I LOVE this project! It turned out just fabulous and you make it sound so easy!


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