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Saturday, May 26, 2012

New Accessories For The Bdrm.

Since I was totally spoiled and got a fabulous Visa gift certificate for Mother's Day, I just had to go shopping for some things for the bedroom.  I am having a ball totally changing everything.  I am going to use aqua as my accent color, so new accessories is what I'm hunting for.  First up was a trip to Home Goods.  This is my fabulous loot.

Love this pretty green bottle and the rafia wrapped around the neck.  I can see this in so many different vignettes.

Some really pretty soft aqua candles for the bedroom.

Love this pretty aqua bird finial too.

Perfect for the bedroom too, and the antiqued crackle finish is so pretty and such a soft pretty aqua.

How could I possibly pass up this handsome fellow.  He is perfect to add to my dog collection.

I loved the design on the beautiful mercury canister.  The background was hard to photograph to show the color,but it is a beautiful shade of the soft aqua that I am using.

Then it was a stop at Ross for these wonderful pillows, such a beautifully soft aqua and the quilting is lovely.

 They also had these large candles in the perfect aqua color too.

Since I still have a few dollars left, I headed to Hobby Lobby, and found these fabulous lamps.  I think they are just perfect and a great size for the bedroom. 

Well, I spent my whole present, now I still need to find a great night stand and a dresser. 
I am off to hit Hotel Liquidators and a fabulous used Furniture store near the same area.  Hopefully I will find something that will work. 


  1. All fabulous adore the pillows

  2. Love all your finds! The bedroom is looking gorgeous!

  3. Oh my gosh do you know how to shop. These pieces are so pretty. Love the aqua.
    I am thinking I need more of it in my house.
    Honey I hope you have fun shopping at those neat places. Would love to be there with you.
    Have a great weekend

  4. I am going shopping with you next time. You picked out some beautiful things.

  5. Aqua is a gorgeous color for the master bedroom. Love the birdie finial. And i love going to Ross! Wish I had one closer to me. xo

  6. wow wee.. tlk about making a super haul.. You got all the stuff I too would have chosen...

    Maybe when ya get done you can help me with my bedroom.. I Hope:)

    this room is going to be AMAZING~! not a doubt in my mind about that.

  7. Great haul, everything is so beautiful. I especially love that bird and those lamps! Glad you enjoyed that magic card, there was a lot of spending power there, esp. in the hands of someone who knows how to shop wisely. Good luck finding the perfect nightstand and dresser to display these goodies on.

  8. Lovely! What fun to be able to change your bathroom colors! Glad you enjoyed your shopping spree!

  9. Marty, after I read this post, I went back and read your previous post about your new bedroom. Everything looks great (love that wall color) and I was thinkng that with your new aqua accessories and fancy table lamps beside that headboard, this will look very French Country. Then I noticed on one of the reference blogs above the comments, you had put a post on about a French Country magazine you were looking through and admiring. You posted this almost a year ago to the date, May 25, 2011. A year later, I think you've pretty much accomplished bringing French Country to your bedroom.

  10. love your finds Marty- boy do you know how to shop...


  11. What a great present! Not only did you get such lovely items but also the joy of shopping for them :) Hope you find just the right night table.

  12. Hi Marti. I just love the accents you have made to your bedroom. I have duck egg blue curtains and chocolate bedspread and cushions and I have just one duck egg blue cushion in amonst certainly does just bring the colour out!! If you visit my blog...I have left you an award. Joan

  13. Marty,
    Your accent color is so tranquil...perfect forthe bedroom! Lovely finds and with your gift certificate..ya hoo! Happy hunting, dear friend!

  14. I just love that soft blue and the warm colors. The cutie bird on a the pedestal was a great find.

  15. That was fun! Felt like I went shopping with you. Hope you find what you're looking for.

  16. You spent your money wisely, Marty! You got a lot of bang for your buck. I can't wait to see the room all pulled together. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that little bird on the pedestal! xo Diana

  17. I think you found some perfect items to match your aqua theme. You did a great job shopping.

  18. Aqua is such a beautiful accent color. I love it paired with chocolate brown! You made some wonderful choices...I love Mercury glass!

  19. You found some fun things things Marty, lovin' your new pillows!
    PS-wanted to let you know I made your chocolate cream pie and posted about it today-boy is that good! Thank you so much for sharing a great family recipe and Happy Memorial Day Weekend:@)

  20. I like your wonderful accessories! The aqua is going to tie in so well.

  21. Some fabulous finds! can't wait to see the WHOLE look!

  22. Wow, Marty, you got a lot for your money there! Love all the things you picked up for your bedroom. The aqua will look so pretty. Love your new lamps. I can't wait to see it all together. Good luck on the side tables!

  23. Fabulous finds! I love aqua- its so fresh!
    I love home goods too and wish I had one close by!
    You are on a good roll!

  24. Marty, it looks like you are having fun with the bedroom redo.
    Have a great holiday weekend......Sarah

  25. I absolutely love the new aqua color you've added. It goes very well in your beautiful newly made over room. Also love the green bottle with the raffia. I'm your newest follower! Stop by sometime and say hi!


  26. Hi Marty! Oh, what lovely things you found. That is a pretty color you're adding , the aqua. Thos pillows are gorgeous.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  27. May you have a GREAT Memorial weekend my dear Marty..Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  28. You found some great things! I love aqua too. I just saw the cover of Romantic Country magazine from a month or so ago with aqua accents in a room and fell in love with it! It's such a pretty color to make accessories pop. I'm sure it'll all look fabulous in your room!

    Have a great weekend.

  29. You just tickle me pink Marty. I feel like you took me shopping with you and I got to help spend your mothers day gift. So fun. And I love everything you got. You have such a good eye!


  30. I love all your goodies Marty!! What awesome finds!

  31. How exciting to be able to get new accessories for your bedroom. You certainly have good taste...I always enjoy seeing what you're doing. I LOVE your new headboard! Everything is looking great!

  32. Glad your having fun...who could not have fun at HomeGoods? Can't wait to see the bedroom all done.
    Have a great holiday weekend.

  33. Toujours très plaisant que d'admirer votre blog... et tant de découvertes à y faire.
    Gros bisous

  34. It's all so lovely. I love gift cards too. Did I say LOVE SHOPPING!!!!

  35. You always find the neatest things! I love the new aqua decorating color!

    Thanks for your sweet comments and for your prayers!


  36. Great stuff! Although I think the dog is my favorite. I am a nut for any type of dog figurine.


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