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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Dining Table - Let's Stretch It Out

If your family is like mine, with everyone's work schedule and then all of this flu and cold mess that has been going around, getting everyone together is a three ring circus.  We kept trying to get together Friday - Saturday and Sunday.  Didn't work.  Then all of a sudden Monday morning since it was a holiday, everyone could come over around three.  Ok, now I am on notice and I need to get something together for lunch/dinner in a hurry.

Most of the time, my breakfast table doesn't have any of the leaves in it and is just a wonderful big 54" round table.  But when I need it, it does have four 16" leaves that I can insert and it will seat 12.  I am thrilled that this area is big enough for me to expand the table when I need to. (obviously this is a picture from Christmas.)

So with the phone calls coming in and everyone able to get together on short notice, definitely the time to get some of those leaves out and expand away.  No time for a fancy tablescape, just figure out something simple.

I added a couple of  leaves to the table and then used the same rooster arrangement that I already had on the table. Oh, yeah, I could borrow these candleholders from the buffet in the dinign room.  

 The brown berries will play nicely with the placemats and my dishes that I am going to use.

These are the dishes I am using, but since I didn't have 9 of these chargers, I opted for none.

I was serving buffet style, so just the placemats and a nice linen napkin.

I brought in some of the dining room chairs and alternated them.

Here's my whole gang for the day.  We had such a great time, always tons of fun when we get together.

Our quick menu was -

Baked Ham
Baked Beans
Macaroni Salad
Tossed Salad (everything fresh from the garden)
Coffee, Tea, and Wine

Desert - Chocolate Fudge Cake - ( from a box)

Still not bad for 3 hours notice and we all had plenty to eat.  Everyone agreed that we will do it all again on Super Bowl Sunday.  I can't wait.  I am planning the menu already.  Lots of nibbles and finger foods.

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  1. Everything looks very nice put together in such a hurry. You are very blessed to have that expanding table to seat so many. I love seeing all the smiling faces there in your picture. Looks like everyone had a great time!

  2. Oh how nice, Marty! I love the menu - I've always been a fan of Baked Ham and Baked Beans, paired with other dishes.

    Jan ♥

  3. What an inviting room!! Love how your table expands for a large group.
    Ours expands as well and we can sit 12 comfortably. But all the chairs are gathered from
    everywhere in the house.

  4. I'd definitely say not bad for 3 hours notice! The table is simple, yet elegant and the menu sounds delish! I just love your rooster centerpiece! You have such a beautiful decorating style....warm and inviting!

    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  5. That's an incredible table! The room is so charming. I love the plate rack, and the print or painting on the wall behind. My grandparents had something similar of someone giving grace or praying.

    I hope everyone is betty soon. It is a nasty flu and whatever else virus goes along with it this time. Everyone was knocked down with two or three things in a row.

  6. Looks wonderful for a 3 hour sprint Marty. Especially the menu :-)Your room is very inviting.
    Cheers, Gee

  7. I spied a few roos I have never seen before Marty. Your centerpiece is so pretty. Those colds and flu bugs have been brutal this year. Stay well.

  8. Hi Marty, I love your table all stretched out showing off it's beauty. I know what you mean about the flu, hit our home now Mr.P is finally on the mend. You have one beautiful family.
    hugs ~lynne~

  9. Good Afternoon Marty, I think it is every mother's dream to own a dining table which extends as much as have enough space to seat everyone....perfect.
    What a marvellous menu you put together in such a short time, it sounds delicious.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Best Wishes

  10. Often times the impromptu meals are the best! Great to have your entire family with you. Your table looked lovely!

  11. I love seeing you in the mirror Marty and your beautiful family! You put together a great menu (all my favs) and a great tablescape too! Have fun at your Super Bowl Party!

  12. So great to get the family together.... and they actually posed for you... my family hates for me to photo because they say here comes the blog lady! Know it was glory time for you!!!!

  13. I have two leaves Marty, but boy would i love four like you have!
    Great casual tablescape and such a great looking family!
    Hugs girlfriend...miss you tons!

  14. Those place mats truly captured my heart! Your table functions just wonderfully!

  15. Marty - it looks like you had a perfectly perfect day! Since my parents passed away, I SO miss family dinners. Such a basic thing and yet something I think we all take for granted. LOVE the charger. Your space looked adorable and very inviting. But I would have to say I can safely assume that the best accessory was the love and laughter at the table which is irreplaceable. HAPPY NEW YEAR. Just found you on Facebook today! I'm a little behind. :-) SUCH a difference in the table size - that is very cool.

  16. Everything looks"simply" beautiful Marty! But clearly the most beautiful decorations that day were your wonderful family! Jane

  17. There is nothing better than a day with all your family!


  18. Oh Marty, you had a wonderful day with all those handsome men and gorgeous daughter...wish I went there and keep you company serving and cleaning, just to be there!!! The meny sounds fabulous!! Big hugs,

  19. You pulled it off very nicely and menu looks delish. Hard to get all my gang together at the same time also, due to work schedules and other family celebrations/events. Just glad when we can get together. Many times I order BBQ and fixins or pick up rotisserie chickens, salads and such and everyone is happy.

  20. Love when last minute things come together like that. If you would have planned this two weeks ago it wouldn't have worked out. Handsome family.

  21. Well you certainly pulled all that together quickly! I am also planning a Super Bowl Party - I should have you do it for me - haha. Oh, and something that caught my eye, I love all your little pitchers hanging on the wall - so cute!

  22. What a warm welcome you planned for your troop! I'm sure that's what put all those smiles on their faces! We will have some Super Bowl festivities at our house too, of course after church, to cheer on our Niners! Red and gold will be the colors of the day!

  23. Marty,
    You're amazing!!!
    Not only did you plan and prepare a whole meal...but even took photos of your dining room table! Love that you were able to spend time with those you love!!!

  24. You are amazing, pulling all this together in such a short time!!! The table is terrific, that you can accomodate so many!!! The menu sounds PERFECT> XO, Pinky

  25. Sounds like a wonderful afternoon Marty! Love the family photo!

  26. Everything looks fantastic! Great menu too. Can't wait to see your pics from Super Bowl Sunday!

  27. What a blessing it is to have a full table. I adore those placemats.


  28. The table looks so pretty! And I am sure it looked even better with your family sitting around it! :) I am so glad you got to have this time together. Love the family picture!

  29. Nothing is more precious than time spent with family. Today was spent with family at church then out to lunch after. Time and God have taught me to treasure these moments. I is good that you are passing down this to your sweet family.

  30. Sounds like a nice time for your family. Good food and a good time.

  31. Hi lovely lady.
    Looks like you and your family had a great time...
    XXOO Diane

  32. Looks very inviting! I spy a Red Rooster, too ;-) and Pfaltzgraff Village dinnerware.


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