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Monday, August 28, 2017

Right From The Beginning - This Was A MAJOR FAIL

I thought I had this all nailed down and was in full swing mode to get the living room drapes up.  The joke was on me.  We ran into more problems than you could imagine.

Putting the rods up was a challenge, first off our rod is 1 1/2" and the rod brackets were 1 3/8" so the rod wouldn't fit in the bracket.  No problem, a trip to 2 Hobby Lobby's and we had some brackets that would work.  Then the rings that I had said they were 2", however that was 2" on the outside dimension.  They wouldn't slide over the rod.  So back to the store to get a 1 1/4" rod and get them painted.  Finally everything is working and rods are going up.

Not really liking the big center bracket and I think this is too low.  The rod should be higher over the window.  Also not sure about this whole thing.  The rod seems to cut the height of the wall down dramatically and I don't like that at all.  I love these tall ceiling, so I really don't want to do anything that will bring them down.

Ok, this looks awful.  I pinned the drapes up and hung them on this side and they look really bad.  I wanted to find the right length before I cut them off and also I had  the Greek Key trim to add down the sides.  Not sure this is going to make the cut. They just seem crammed in the corner.  This is not a good look at all.  It always takes me a while to get used to a new look, but this is not looking good at all.  (It actually looks way better in the picture than in person)

This is where we were when 4 friends came over.  We were headed out for a fun girls day.  The conversation about the drapes went like this - -

Me - excuse the mess, we are in the process of trying to get the drapes and rods up.
Friend #1 - Do you really like this so far?
Me - Hummmm - what are your thoughts?
Friend #2 - To be totally honest, I think they drag the room down.  It looked so open and airy before and this just seems to close it in and not in a good way.
Me - I was going to put the other panel up and see if it looked any better or if I liked it.
Friend #1 - You don't need to put the other panel up, you can see that this does nothing for the room, in-fact it really detracts from the beauty of the room and the windows.
Friend #2 - This just looks really dated, not your house.
Friend #3 - Your windows are so close to the walls that you either have to close off the window with drapes or if you hang them to the side then they look stuffed in the corner.  The rod and the drapes just seem to take away from the gorgeous high ceilings and the pretty windows, not add to them.
Friend #4 - I think this is not a good look at all.  Do you like them?
Me - I hate them, I take a while to get use to something new, but I hate them.
All My Friends - Good, get rid of them and leave the windows as they are,  Drapes are not right for this room.

I really, really hated this look.  No drapes for me on these windows.  Now to get the hubby to take this all down and to fill all those holes in the wall and paint.  I love these windows bare, so I am leaving them that way.

You guys might not think so from pictures, but this room is gorgeous without any drapes.  Those windows stand on their own and with all the other angles in the room, we don't need any more distractions.  If you were all in this room in person I am sure you would agree.  (Also, I have made up my mind, I am definitely keeping the mirror.  I can't believe how much emotion one mirror can cause.  When I did a survey the majority of you said to leave it and the ones that don't like it are so vocal about it.  If we all liked the same things, then every house would look just alike.   Not painting it - leaving it gold.  I do need to move it lower and over a bit, and I may even try it vertical, but it stays.  Again it is something I love and if you were here you could see it from a better perspective.)  I think everyone needs a signature piece and this is mine.

Now on to other things on my to do list.  The drapes and mirror are checked off.

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  1. Marty, I've finally made it over here and I'm sorry it took me so long! I have to say you made the right choice! I love those beautiful windows as they are - no need to change! It's all about trial and error isn't it?! I have several windows in our home that are bare and I love it! Your room is gorgeous and that mirror is one beautiful piece! xo

  2. Nothing like good friends with valuable opinions! You have me wondering now because the window I was planning to add curtains to is kind of crammed next to the wall on one side too. You know, those blinds or shutters are definitely beautiful on their own!

  3. I left drapes off of my bedroom windows for the same reason. I like the mirror horizontal as it repeats the shape of the windows on either side. :)

  4. How great to have some extra eyes to give you advice! It really is a beautiful window and looks perfect on its own!

  5. Agree with your friends that you don't need curtains. The look next to that pony wall (or whatever you call that partial wall) would appear awkward from the other side. I also agree with others from the mirror discussion a while back that it's too big for that space but if you love it then keep it; however, I do think that hanging it vertically will make it appear even larger since it will then be higher than the windows. And … can I just say that I hate the expression "granny house." Some of my fondest memories were at Granny's house and I'm looking forward to being a granny one day and having my lovely grands want to come and visit "Granny's house." You, too, seem too family-oriented to use that expression in a derogatory way.

  6. This whole mirror, drapes and window thing has been eye-opening, Marty. It should solidify to all of us that personal preferences are all that should matter because our homes are where we live, not where the rest of the world lives.

    This must have been epic fail weekend because I tried to hang something in my laundry room that required wood screws and lots of measuring and stud finding but turned into filling the holes I made, painting the wall and putting that piece back in the closet. It had been a gift to us in our previous home but just doesn't work in this one.

    Onward and upward! hahaha

  7. Marty it looks much nicer without the drapes...

  8. Have you considered leaving the rod and draping a greenery vine over it? Might get too dusty though.....It really doesn't matter what anyone else thinks, what matters is the opinion of the ones living with the decorating! I am a firm believer in doing your own thing, regardless of the current fads.

  9. In the end, you made the right decision. Aren't good friends the best! I have rooms without drapes or valances just because it looks best with just blinds and/or shutters.

  10. Sometimes you just don't know until you see the thing in person ~ consider it a good lesson learned. Hang in there ~

  11. So glad that idea has come to a close!!! Less is more....

  12. So glad you made a decision! I think the window is beautiful all on it's own. I can see me in the next few months making window treatment decisions once we move into our new home.

  13. I agree with Cindy. The room is about what makes you happy and we have to listen to our instincts. I own a wall clock that my son in law thinks is terrible and yet I cannot begin to tell you how many people compliment me on it. I love it and when the clock works quit working I had him order new innards for me instead of replacing it with something else. I think the window is beautiful without drapes now that I see the rod installed, it does detract from the beauty of the window.

  14. Bare windows! Yaay! They're WAY too beautiful in design to cover up in any way.

  15. I don't blame you. That mirror is gorgeous. And drapes just weren't meant for that window, I don't think. Crammed in the corner is not what you want. The window is truly beautiful on its own. I don't think every window in a home has to have drapes. I put some up this summer just to help keep the heat out on top of the blinds!

  16. I agree that we have to do what makes US happy in our own homes! As for the friends, they must be REALLY good friends cause I wouldn't have the nerve to say some of those things;):) Glad you are happy now! Next project!!!

  17. Love your windows bare and beautiful. I have large windows facing a Lake view and I leave them unadorned; the view is their decoration.

  18. I wouldn't have believed a window could look better without drapes until I saw that one. That surprises the heck out of me! But it seriously does look better w/o drapes covering it up. Good call!

  19. Marty, I think your windows are gorgeous as is. Mine are the same, I don't have enough room on either side for drapes or curtains, so they just have blinds. I'm not a fan of heavy or fussy drapes etc. so less is more for me. your rooms are wonderful!

  20. I love your beautiful windows AND I love the mirror. I love everything you do in your home. You have a beautiful sense of style and I think the most important thing is if you love it then it's the right choice!

  21. Gotta love the evolution of a design element decision process! Following your gut instinct is always best!

  22. I agree about the drapes not working. I love everything being light and bright in your house! I have an open floor plan and vaulted ceilings and went through the same thing. Hung them at the ceiling and hated them. Refilled holes, touched up the paint, moved rods down but still not happy. I have rods that go across the window and I hate the look. Hate the Ikea Ritva drapes because they look too heavy to me and would prefer just small rods to hold side panels vs. full rods across windows; I want different drapes. I don't want to tell hubs because he worked so hard but will wait until I get a new sofa in the spring to make changes. Sadly, my room looks too bare without some kind of draoes. My room is on the north side so eveything looks darker and it drives me crazy. I much prefer a normal living room with crown molding versus this vaulted ceiling. It is so hard to decorate!!

  23. I didn't want to mention it before, but I always thought the windows were perfect sans drapes. I am glad you decided not to use them.

  24. I love your windows and agree that they don't need drapes. I'm just sorry for you that you went to all that trouble. No matter what our age, we all still "live and learn." The room is lovely as it.

  25. I don't like any ones ideas to fail, but so glad the windows will remain uncovered. I just love them. The mirror is beautiful and fit's where it is at.So happy the mirror will stay.

  26. You have a beautiful home! I love the windows bare and the gold mirror. The new rug ties the room together. It is lovely! I wouldn't change up the mirror at all. I only have drapes on one window in my house, the rest have only white blinds on them. I love the light and airy feeling it gives to my rooms. I am such a fan of your decorating, Marty. I love all of your touches of gold. You are one of the few blogs I still read because you inspire me, and you are a lovely and kind person.

  27. You go, girl! You've made the right choice on the draperies, I think. I have mostly "untreated" windows in this house--but I consider my blinds and shutters to be treatments, and that's mostly enough for me! My dining room windows are completely bare, and I like them that way. So I'm glad you're doing what YOU like!

    I think that mirror of yours is gorgeous, and I'm glad you're keeping it. You're so right--we wouldn't want everyone's house to look the same, would we? That would be boring.

  28. I do not have drapes in my great room. I do have blinds on my front arched windows, however, the "arch" does not have a covering....Have you considered placing moulding around your window since there seems to be some around the arch.

    1. I just noticed that, wondering if Mary will be inclined to add moulding.

  29. I'm so glad friends dropped in on you, they have good advice! Have 2" plantation shutters installed, and never put drapes on these beauties!

  30. The mirror is beautiful and fit's where it is at.So happy the mirror will stay.

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