Saturday, March 21, 2009

Old Friends and some New Friends

Since I joined the wonderful world of blogland, I have been so impressed with how so many people from other sites are here and I consider them old friends. Then there are those that you get to know quickly and soon they feel like old friends. Silvia at JUST THE BEGINNING has become one of those friends. I have only know her for a while, but her warmth and inner beauty just makes you feel like you've been friends for a long time. I was so honored when she recently gave me this wonderful and lovely Friendship Award. I hope all of you will visit her and get to know her. She is truly such a lovely person, and so talented. You will love her blog. She does the most amazing vignettes. Thank you Silvia, I count it such a blessing to have you as a friend.

I have also stumbled across some other wonderful blogs that you might like to check out. Most of these are fairly new and they each have so much to offer. Below is a list of some of my new friends. Please visit them and welcome them to the world of blogland. You will be blessed.

A Romantic Life - The Victorian Garden @

Courting My Blessings @

House Blessing @

Life Blessings @

Linda Caroline @ Home @

Luxe Lanai @

My Little Happy Place @

Thoughts From My Lavender Cottage @

I so remember when I first started my blog how all of you were so generous to become followers and encourage me. I do thank you all and I am glad to call you all friends. Hopefully you will visit all these wonderful ladies and find new friends too.

Thanks for stopping by and I do appreciate and look forward to your visits.

Hugs, Marty


  1. Hello Marty, :)
    I do see you now and I thank you very much. I agree it is a mystery as to why you never showed up before now. I think Blogger has a few quirks now and then.

    Congrats on the sweet award from Silvia! It's such a pretty one too.
    She is a very kind person and I will pay a visit to the bloggers you passed it to.

    Have a wonderful weekend.
    ~Melissa ;)

  2. I totally agree with you, isn't it wonderful to have new friends through blogging. I can't get my day going until I see what is going on in all of your lives.
    Have a good day.

  3. oh marty,i just came back from toronto and it feels so good to be home again, its so true when they say theres no place like home..
    anyways thank you for this post, you are very welcome you deserve this award and a million more cuz you are way toooo sweet of a lady...
    have a great weekend, i have to get back to my pile of laundry down in the

  4. Congratulations on your award! You are right it is so much fun to meet new folks in blogland!
    Have a great day!

  5. What a sweet award and what lovely thoughts about the fun of blogging and the friendships that are made.

    Roberta Anne

  6. Congratulations Marty,a pretty award and a very deserving one for you.Our friendships help us to feel so more connected to the rest of the world and eah other,it's wonderful :)

  7. I am on my way to check some of the ones I don't know out! thanks for the tip!
    and congrats on the award!

  8. Hello Dear Friend! What a wonderful award for such a deserving person. I am grateful that I met you thru micasa and that we now have blogging in commmon. I can't wait to visit all of these sites...thanks for sharing. Hugs, Barb

  9. Hi Marty! Congrats on your new award--you are so very deserving.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend☺

  10. Hey girl...Thanks for coming by and seeing little ole me!! and I will check out these blogs as I love meeting new peeps here in blogland..congrats on your award you are the will have many more to come..have a great weekend dear friend..hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  11. Congrats on the award, you are deserving and i visit silvia's blog too and love love love her vignettes and she is a sweet person.

  12. Congrats, Marty! I think you are a true firend of everyone in blogland. You are so sweet, kind and wonderful, not to mention a very talented decorator and bargain hunter. We all love you!...Christine

  13. Marty you are a GEM - you've always been so supportive of me and I thank you!! You are definitely deserving of this special award!
    Victoria: EdinDesign Interiors @ DesignTies

  14. Congratulations Marty. It is great -- the friends we meet in Blogland!

  15. I'm constantly impressed with the quality of folks who live in Blogland. I just started June 13th, and I've found so many good people.

  16. It never ceases to amaze me ~ so many incredible people out there, it's impossible to meet all of them .. but nice to be introduced to your blog friends. Have a great week, Marty.

  17. Hi Marty! I hope you are having a nice weekend. Thanks for coming by but the wood carved pieves are pelicans and not seahorses. LOL! You are sooooo cute!...Christine

  18. Thanks for your posts on my blog. No I don't mind.
    Have a great Sunday


  19. Hello Marty...

    So glad that you stopped by my place for a visit this morning and I'm glad that you enjoyed the scriptures!

    Congratulations on your "friends" award! It's just hard to fathom how such sweet, endearing friendships have been made via the internet and blogging! Some of my very best friends have been made right here! Guess it just proves that it doesn't matter how you make a friend...a friend is a friend!!!

    Hope that you're having a super Sunday, Sweetie!
    Warmest wishes,

  20. Marty:
    Thank you so very much for mentioning me in your list of new blog friends - I am humbled and delighted!

    My Little Happy Place


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