Friday, January 15, 2010

A Little Bathroom Fluffing

As I've said before, I have a very small builder basic home and remodeling is not on the agenda for right now, but a few small updates worked out great.

A few months ago I painted the master bathroom the same color as the master bedroom. It is Valspar Filoli Antique Lace. It's a soft camel color. At that same time I changed out the light fixtures, polished the cabinets with some dark paste wax and added ant. bronze knobs.

Our bathroom isn't large, but it does have a very nice shower and a wonderful soaking tub.

The door to the left is a really quite spacious walk-in closet and the door you see in the mirror reflection goes to the potty room. ( yes, that's me in the reflection too. lol )

Our previous home was built in the early 90's and all of the fixtures were gold, so all of my accessories were gold too. Well a can of Ant. Bronze Spray Paint took care of that. I also added a vase that I had with some grass and feathers. Not a very big counter, so this was ample decoration.

A picture, some contrasting towels and another vase with grasses was about all this wall could accomodate, but it did add a little color.

I've had this picture for years, but the really peaceful scene has always seemed relaxing to me.

We always get wonderful sunlight through the big block glass window. I love having a bright bathroom.

I really couldn't stand those chrome hollywood lights and talk about builder basic, I saw the same ones at Lowe's for $7.99 each. Our builder really didn't spend any money for those puppies. I found these at a lighting store on sale for $19.99 each. They were a really ugly kind of zebra or something spotted finish, but I liked the globes and the shape was nice, so out came the Ant. Bronze Spray Paint and now they look just fine.

After organizing all of my faux flowers, it was so easy to find these grasses and feathers to spruce up the vase a little.

Nothing fancy or elaborate, but a clean and very functional bathroom, and I like the new fluffing.

Thanks so much for stopping by, I always appreciate your visits.


  1. Marty, I love your glass blocks on the windows. My bathroom has large windows so they are always covered with a drop down shade. I have to change my bathroom mirror lights too. Right now they are just the movie star makeup lamps, ugh! I think I'll change them this weekend-thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Marty,
    I love your fluffing!!! Your bathroom is set up almost exactly as mine!!! Except my window is in a different place. But other than that, twins (at least for the setup). Your basis builders vanity looks nicer than mine. But maybe that is because you polished them up. I want to paint mine. I love what spray paint can do to transform something. Your bathroom is the perfect example.

  3. Looks so pretty Marty and I love the colors too!
    It is really so easy to update without spending a whole lot - just some quick easy-peasy changes and it looks like a new-ish room!
    Have a good weekend friend!

    Mom and I are off to an antiques show tomorrow - we'll see what kind of "trouble" we can get in to!

  4. Hello,
    That looks so pretty . Wonderful ideas with the wax and the bronzing.
    It really looks inviting.
    My husband and I painted the whole place white when we were going to sell. Now I just really miss color.

  5. Hi Marty
    It looks lovely!!! You wanna come "fluff" my bathroom?


  6. Good job, Marty! I don't like those strip lights either, and we took them out from our former home. Further, when we saw that the builder of this new house planned to install them, we paid extra for lights similar to yours--except ours are in brushed nickel.

  7. Marty, YOu're a really great fluffer!! Great job, pretty room! Sue

  8. Your bathroom is GORGEOUS Marty!

    I really love your pretty new light fixtures, tub, beautiful print and the feather arrangement.
    I must find some feathers now...:)

    ~WOW! It'a all so amazing!

  9. Wow!!! Isnt' it amazing how a few simple upgrades can make such a pretty difference.
    It's lovely. Love that accordion mirror. I have been thinking of getting one.

  10. Just beautiful Marty...I love your your glass block window its just great looking...and spray paint is a girls best friend ha ha!! May you have a wonderful weekend my friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  11. Marty,
    Love the glass blocks and the room looks so serene, nothing like a fluffed bathroom to put me in a good mood.

  12. Marty - it looks so nice. And neat. Not something that usually happens in our house with 4 kids. I am usually just happy if the towels are hanging up. So, this is how a room looks when people care to have it look nice huh?


  13. So classy looking Marty. You have such a talent. I especially love the vase with the pheasant feathers. I can't get enough of those these days.

  14. Very, Very pretty bathroom. I love everything you did..... and oh that wonderful window giving you light! I have a pretty picture over my bathtub that I like to disappear into while bathing/ha

  15. Marty,
    You did such nice job, I love all of the warm colors, they are so inviting aren't they/
    Have a great weekend!

  16. Everything looks so beautiful! Great job Marty! Love the wall color and the new lighting (awe... so nice).

  17. Hi Marty! Two words....LOVE IT! I am also changing out our front bathroom's colors. I need to whip out that can of oil rubbed bronze and use it on the light fixture in there too. :)
    Have a great Friday!

  18. Some very pretty fluffing going on there. :-) Looks great - really like the color choice of colors. I learned something in the process of linking to your site. For what ever reason, I am unable to link to someone's blog if I am using Firefox at the time I am preparing the post. It works if I am using IE when I post the link. I am sure there is some simple setting, but just have not found it yet.
    Have a great weekend

  19. Hi Marty,
    Nice fluff job. Come on over and fluff mine!
    Your bath looks absolutely gorgeous, thanks for showing us all your lovely photos.

  20. I love your's a really nice bath. Your fluffing looks GREAT.

  21. isn't it amazing how a few towels and well chosen pieces can fluff your space.

  22. This looks wonderful Marty. I love the paint color - ALOT! And I love all the accent colors you chose, it really warms up this space. And that glass block window is wonderful, I love a light filled bath. I would ask you to come fluff our master bath, but after taking a good look it doesn't need fluffing, it needs DEMO lol. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Hugs, Kat

  23. I love the colors. That touch of rust is perfect. Sally

  24. You did a great job Marty! I like the rug too. The room looks large from the pictures. I like it!
    Thanks for sharing - oh and I have one of those builder basic light in my downstairs bathroom. I HATE IT! One of these days . . .
    Looks like we aer about to get our much prayed for rain! HOORAY!!!!!!
    Have a good weekend!

  25. Very luxurious! have mentioned wax paste on a couple of your posts. Can you tell me here can I get. Thank you!

  26. Marty if that is what you call fluffing can you please, please, please come to my house and fluff? I love your bathroom. Very, very nice.

  27. That's fluffing? I call it expert decorating. Such a beautiful and well lit bathroom. The lighting is beautiful. The feathers look dynamite. And it all has such a fresh and clean look. I absolutely love it! Thank you so much for sharing. Rosie

  28. Oh, it's gorgeous, Marty! Who would say that this is a standard builder bathroom? I love the bright wall colors you picked and those pretty lights. I am also in love with the colors of your cabinets. Great fluffing!...Christine

  29. What a wonderful "fluff" job. I'm still doing a bit on ours after the flooding occured. I know it's been a while, but things are rather on hold around here alot lately... You've put me in the mood to get back at it and finish another hugs ~lynne~

  30. Hi, Marty,
    Great job on the fluffing. I never thought about using spray paint to fix "not so pretty" finishes. :)
    I always notice and like your header picture. But can you imagine what it would really be like to walk on the beach in a long dress and those shoes? heheheh

  31. Your bathroom is huge compared to our master bath. We have 3 bathrooms, so we don't share...but, I would love to have that tub!

    I think it looks great. I wouldn't have thought of spraying the lights...great idea.


  32. Marty, you have fluffed to perfection! How smart to buy those lights at such a bargain and then paint them. They turned out so pretty. Love the feathers in the vase, and also the vase on the bathtub. Your rug in here is such a subdued and pretty pattern. This just looks like a peaceful place to start and end the day. laurie

  33. HI MARTY!!!!
    Oh gosh your advice could have saved me some bucks!!!! Spray paint???? Those light fixtures are lovely!!!!
    I love them!!!! I too spruced up our bathroom from builder basic!!!!!
    I am getting ready to apply paint to the walls in the master and bath soon!!!! We did pay for color all over the house before me moved in, but tan for 5 years is long enough!!!!!
    Love the new look!!!!!
    I also need more info on that wax for the cabinets!!!! I have Maple cabinets too, but the wax sounds good to me!!!!!

  34. Hi Marty!

    Your bathroom looks so pretty! It's about three times as big as mine. I love how you've fluffed it!


  35. Your bathroom has gone from builder basic to WoW Wee~
    Great job on the new lights. I have been working on our front bathroom this past week. It is alot of work.

  36. Your bathroom looks lovely. Here's what I like about it. It is a real bathroom, yet you have made it luxurious and stylish with paint, accessories, fixtures, and some creativity. You don't need marble,$1000 fixtures, and a full remodel to have a beautiful bathroom. Well done!

  37. Marty,
    It looks beautiful! I love all the light that comes in through the glass blocks. Don't you love having a nice shower like that? I'm a shower kinda girl! You did a fabulous job with the antique bronze it! Thanks so much for sharing ~

  38. Marty, your bath looks like a wonderful spot to soak and relax. Love the glass block windows and the deep tub. A little candle light, bubble bath, and you've got the perfect spot to meditate. ~ Sarah

  39. Hi Marty, I love your bathroom. These are some of my very favorite colors.....they are so soothing and calming; perfect for a bathroom. Your tub is divine!!!

    Barb ♥

  40. HI Marty !
    I love your bathroom - ours is much smaller, LOL ! We are going to remodel - hopefully this year and I love to get ideas from everyone - I adore your lamps - great job you did !

  41. Wow I just love your bathroom, the light fixtures look like they match the chandlier I just put in my dining room! You have great taste! I am switching everything over to bronze room at a time. The picture you chose over the bath tub is so pretty and the coordinating towels are perfect! Wonderful place to take a bath!

    Miss Bloomers

  42. Marty, Your bathroom is stunning. You have done a wonderful job!!!

  43. Hi Marty!
    A beautiful and very well fluffed bathroom. Your tub looks so inviting! Mine is so small. :(

    Thanks for visiting me at Tales from Bloggeritaville and also for commenting.
    Tales from Bloggeritaville

  44. Your bathroom is just beautiful! I especially love the photo of the wall/window above your tub. I have a similar space and I am racking my brain trying to figure out what to do in that space!

    Thanks for sharing!


    Robin :o)

  45. Love the fluffing and can't believe what yo did with a can of spray paint!
    - The Tablescaper