Monday, April 5, 2010

7th Table Top Tuesday - Shelves Redone

Thanks so much for joining another Table Top Tuesday. I am having such a wonderful time seeing all the beautiful vignettes you all create. Great eye candy and fabulous inspiration.

As I showed you earlier, I found this lamp for 50c at a garage sale and gave it a coat of ant. white paint. Then I went on the hunt for the perfect shade. Nothing I had already seemed right.

This morning while I was running errands I stopped into GW and found this beauty for $2.95. Perfect. All I had to do was put a shorter harp that I already had on it, added a tassel for fun and I love it. I also changed the table top vignette to a couple of spheres and a plate. Great lamp for $3.45. Now all three of the lamps in my LR are white, all different, but white to add to the light spring summer look.

This is what my Breakfastroom wall has looked like for a while. I placed a few different antique plates around the mirror for a little added interest. Ok, but I always felt that it needed something else.

With the corbel I already had painted white and a little bit of distressing. I had a plan for a new wall arrangement.

My 50c shelf also got some white paint and a little distressing. Now I was ready to go.

This is the something else. I kind of went wild. I just started working with a lot of plates that I found a while back at GW and came up with a whole wall vignett. Don't look at the plate hangers showing. I have to paint those or something, but I used those disc things that are invisible and something went wrong and the first 2 I put up didn't hold and the plates fell and broke so I just used wire plate hangers.

This side with the shelf got a few plates and a platter to tie it into the arrangement.

The little Duck Tureen is a recent find at the GW for $5.99, and the green plate is part of the tiny bit of color I wanted to give to the wall. I also like the different shade of green on the little bird. The rooster and the little bird give just a little height to the arrangement.

My Great-Grandmother's platter is the focal point at the top of the mirror. I love this piece, it was the only thing my mom had of her grandmothers. The beautiful green border around it was my inspiration for the green in the arrangement.

This side of the mirror has the corbel as an anchor with again a few plates surrounding to complete the look. A white ceramic artichoke and a small green bird finish the look. I like how the ornate corbal looks with the simple arrangement of the rest of the wall.

A view of the wall from the kitchen.

This is a different look for a while and I think I can change out the colors for a different look any time. Do you hang shelves on the wall and create vignettes. This was fun.

I am also linking to Nifty Thrifty @ Coastal Charm

Thanks so much for stopping by, I always look forward to your visits.

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  1. Thanks for hosting this party. It's fun to be here. If you have time, stop by to get in on today's herbal cleaning giveaway. -- Jane F.

  2. Great thrifty find! And I love the new look on the wall. Yes, you could always change out colors for seasons or just on a whim. Beautiful!

  3. I LOVE the little fine tuning you did in your dining area. It is just perfect.



  4. Marty, your wall of plates with the added shelf and looks great.

  5. How nice to get the "wide" view Marty! It all looks lovely and the shelf and corbel came in so handy with this display.

  6. Marty, your breakfast room looks amazing. I love the contrast between the white plates and the nice warm wood tone of your furniture. Very pretty!

    I used to have a pair of lamps almost identical to the one you found for 50 cents. I sold mine on Craigslist but after seeing yours repainted, I wish I had mine back! :o

    Thanks for the reminder about joing in Table Top Tuesday. It never even occurred to me this week. Duh! Too much on my mind regarding the "house in Hooterville," I guess.

  7. Your mirror wall looks great. I love the addition of the white plates {there is just something about white and green that I love} That huge mirror is fabulous! I want one....Thanks for hosting I am so glad to be joining in the fun this week. Hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend. P.S. your table looks gorgeous!

  8. Marty, I love the touch of green with white- very fresh and pretty. The asymmetrical arrangement is wonderful in your traditional home. Really great job
    xoxo Pattie

  9. O, everything looks just fabulous. Your thrifts are wonderful...I just LOVE thrifting!! :)

  10. O, everything looks just fabulous. Your thrifts are wonderful...I just LOVE thrifting!! :)

  11. Marty, I think I use to have that lamp, may have been one of those hand me down pieces that my parents gave me! Too funny! Love all of your white plates on your wall, great look!


  12. Marty,

    That shelf wall looks awesome..I love the white ironstone plates and your thrify spray painted shelves are so nicely done. Great job!

    Miss Bloomers

  13. Very cute, love the white dishes and birds.

  14. Absolutely lovely!

    I had a lamp like that! (actually 2, until my sweet hubby lifted by the harp, to move it...crash!) I bought it with Green Stamps my mom gave me when I was married. (Remember those?)
    My lamp NEVER looked that good!!!

    Jane (artfully graced)

  15. Marty,
    I love the plates on the wall & the shelf. Sorry to hear about the breaking of the plates with those disc hangers. I never did get any to try. Now I'm not so sure I want to. I love the lighter look for spring & summer. I probably won't post anything this week. I haven't changed out my Easter stuff yet. But who knows, I still have the entire evening. But then, Dancing with the Stars in on TV. Maybe by next week. Take care.

  16. Your wall looks marvelous! I love that deep framed mirror! Just wonderful!!! Come visit me...I'm having my first's a good one! Hope you had a lovely Easter!

  17. Very nice, Marty! I love how you placed the shelves on the wall and decorated them. I have a white duck tureen just like that and I love it too. I messed up. I entered your link instead of mine on my first entry so I reentered again. Can you please delete the first one? Thanks. The one with the "xinex" s good......Christine

  18. That's an interesting change, Marty. I wouldn't have thought of these combinations.

    Hope you had a wonderful & joyful Easter.

    Have a beautiful week.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  19. You are just too clever. If/when I hang plates on the wall that's exactly what it looks like -- plates on a wall. Your wall looks wonderful.

  20. Oh Marty Sweetie...
    I love this look of yours, it is so beautiful. Says "Spring" to me. I love the collection of plates on the wall, and I was just wondering when that 50 cent shelf was going to pop up. I knew it would be coming. It looks so beautiful and the little birds are the element of surprise. Love it Marty.

    Love your 3.95 lamp too. How sweet is that? You are my Thrift Store Queen. Thank you for sharing today. I love it when you do. Hope you had a beautiful Easter sweetie with lots of family.

    Country hugs and much love...Sherry

  21. Love it, Marty! Your white plates are beautiful! But the star is your great great grandmother's platter...gorgeous! Hope you are having a happy week!...hugs...Debbie

  22. Marty, as always, you have some of the most beautiful things. But I must agree with Debbie, your great grandmother's platter is the winner! Be blessed. Cindy

  23. Awesome! I love your wall scape. I would so do the same thing! Love it!

    I also love all your project below. You did such a great job! :)

    If you look at my table top this week I think that you will see my little birdie that you gave us. :) Thanks again!


  24. Marty, I came back to linked up my Easter Tablescapes {I hope you don't mind}!!

  25. I love how you did that wall, it looks great!~ The lamp with the creamy white is pretty too!~ This is all a great summer look!

  26. Hi Marty! Oh, everything looks wonderful. Love your arrangement of those white plates. The little shelf looks wonderful! You're so great at making pretty!
    Thank you so much for hosting this fun time.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  27. Your wall looks wonderful! Great job of incorporating your new finds to add interest, and I love the added touch of green. Your grandmother's platter is a treasure!

  28. Marty, it all looks terrific. Love the large platter that was your grandmother's. How special for it to be in your home now. These are my favorite kinds of treasures.

  29. Marty,
    Very pretty, inviting look. Love the old shelf you found and repainted.

  30. Dearest Marty

    My, I always love what you have created! That lamp with the blue and white vignette on the table,also the shelf you painted and all your pretties, especially the vignettes with the plates on the wall; I simply adore!

    Thanks so much for hosting 'Tabletop Tuesday' once again my dear; one of my favorites!

    I haven't been feeling well and mama is under the weather also,(I will try to post more tomorrow if I'm able), otherwise the tablescape I've posted is dear to my heart and sufficient!..,

    Hope you and yours had a wonderful Easter Marty!..,

    Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee @ The Plumed Pen

  31. Hi Marty! I love what you have accomplished!! The wall looks really terrific! Thanks so much for hosting and I hope a mantlescape is ok!

  32. Oh are so good and creating new looks. I am lucky to just get some dusting of these days, I will join in...I promise.

  33. I've never been to a Good Will in my life. I'm checking it out this week. Love the soup tureen.

  34. I love the new additions to your plate wall. And what bargains!


  35. You are so good at this! The new shade is great. Your GW must be a lot better than ours.

    The wall looks fantastic! I love GGMa's platter.

    Did you feel the earthquake?


  36. Very pretty! I really like the added pieces! The green adds a special touch. You must have a great stash to be able to come up with the perfect items needed!

    I had one of those lamps about ten years ago, now I wish I had it back! LOL!

    I quickly came up with something to participate. I have some new things planned, but haven't had time to put them together yet!

    Thanks for hosting!


  37. Marty I love your plate display on the wall! I have always wanted to do something like this on one of my walls - wanna come help!?

    We had a wonderful Service in the new building yesterday and a new family came!! God is good!

    bee blessed

  38. Loved the added pieces gives it so much more character and that plate of your great grandmother is pricless!!!!!! You find the neatest things and at the best prices...nothing like that around here!!!! lol I sooooo love that huge mirror though..oh what a beauty!!! Thanks for letting us share in all this fun girl...Have a great week! ~Picket~

  39. Marty, your wall looks fabulous with the new shelves and additional plates. I love it. Your bargain lamp looks so pretty thanks to your vision and work. Thanks for hosting TT. laurie

  40. Mary@Boogieboard CottageApril 5, 2010 at 9:35 PM

    So fresh and lovely! You really did a great job, Marty! :O)

  41. Completely stunning, Marty! Your great grandmother's platter is beautiful.


  42. What awesome finds and great prices!! The wall looks wonderful Marty!

  43. Marty, you've done a great job adding so much interest to your wall with the plates and shelves. It turned out lovely! You are very brave to start adding so many things - I always chicken out and then don't get a good result! Thanks for hosting T-Tues!


  44. Marty, what a beautiful wall arrangement you have shared! I just LOVE it!!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  45. Morning Marty

    I love the lamp and shade. I have two brass lamps in the lounge with shades like yours, I like the way you have added the tassel!

    I love the plate collection round the mirror and the extra addition of the shelf and corbel.

    Have a good day, we have a lovely sunny morning here in the UK , hope you have the same. Jackie.

  46. Very nice arrangement! I like how you gave it so much more depth around the mirror. I also like the bits of green mixed in the arrangement. Looks fantastic to me!!!

  47. Love all the white plates! So glad I stopped by!

  48. Marty~~~~

    You always do so well at of these days I am going to fly to Arizona and go with you!! I love the lamp and it looks perfect on your table as part of the blue vignette, Just stunning.

    I also love what you did with your wall in the breakfast nook! The shelf and corbel look wonderful and I love all the plates. Your grandmothers plate is beautiful!

    Thanks for hosting Table Top Tuesday. This is my first time in it. It was fun!


  49. Hi Marty,

    Your wall looks great, you did an awesome job arranging all the plates. Personally, I like the look of a little bit of metal showing from those metal plate hangers, kind of gives it the old vintage look, as that's all they used to have back in the day anyway.

    Take care,

  50. I kinda like that shelf amongst those plates. Very nice.

  51. Hello. Marty.
    Thank you for your sweet comment. You are the best. I love the plates on the wall. They are hard to pull off and you for a superbe job. Thank you for the party.

  52. I love it, Marty! Just love it! It made me want to get out the spray paint! What is really fantastic is the amount of money spent on a GREAT look!
    Now I want to get the rest of my plates hung.

    YOU are amazing!!
    Hugs and love,

  53. Hi Marty, your shelve looks so adorable!! I love all your white plates too.Everything looks so pretty...Kathy

  54. Love the new lamp and what you did with your wall arrangement!

  55. Marty,
    Thanks for coming to your corbel and shelf...your display looks great with them!


  56. Hi Marty!!!!
    I love that new wall look, love the distressed look, I am going to try it on something soon!!!!
    I do not mind plate hangers showing at all, I have some and It does not bother me 1 bit!!!!!
    Love that whole look, all white and just so fun to look at!!!!!
    Did you feel the quake on Sunday????
    I didn't

  57. Everything looks just great and so clean....white does that to a room. I love making wall arrangements. You are kinda like me....get a little nail and hammer happy. Lovin' the end result!


  58. Marty...great find on the shade! It totally looks like it was made for your lamp! Love your new wall looked great before but now it really looks complete, does't it. I love the wall shelfs...they are so versatile!
    One of these days life will slow down and I'll get to participate in this day. :-}

  59. Hello Marty!
    Long time since I have stopped by! But I'm back! Wow! that lamp turned out terrific! You did a great job on it and it looks beautiful all pretty on your table. Your arrangement around the mirror came out really nice! Love all the whites! Thanks for hosting this party! Hugs!

  60. It's beautiful! And that mirror is just about the most lovely mirror in the WORLD.

    I love that you added a touch of green too!

  61. How neat! You've done a wonderful job, Marty. Thanks so much for sharing.


  62. Leave it to you to make a $3.50 lamp look like a million $. You make everything look so effortless. The newest shade looks the best.

  63. I don't have anything to post today; I was just here visiting. What a great party you're putting together every week!

    I just love that mirror in your breakfast room, and I think you did a really nice job with all the plates. I don't think your plate hangers show up much at all, so if I were you I wouldn't worry about them. Much better to be safe than sorry. I'm so glad it wasn't your grandmother's platter that fell!

  64. I'm late! Thank you for inviting me though :) I love the big round mirror and the white plates. Lovely! Blessings to you~

  65. I just love all the whites! I having a wedding reception, on Friday here for my daughter is getting remarried, so not much time. I just found out I had to do this last night!