Monday, June 21, 2010

18th Table Top Tuesday - More Old World

I am so thrilled you are here for our 18th Table Top Tuesday. I really look forward each week to seeing all of your fabulous vignettes. They always inspire me so much.

As I showed you last month, this is the island display my designer friend did when she redid my kitchen vignettes. Love it, however I am constantly borrowing the measuring spoons, cups and wisks to cook with.

Then I keep seeing all the gorgeous jars everyone is finding and they have such a wonderful old world look to them, so when I saw this fabulous one at Ross for $7.99, I just had to have it. Got out the sunflowers and created a new vignette.

Don't you just love the colors in it. I thought it was so pretty. Now I'm on the hunt for more. Totally hooked.

I used one of my wicker placemats as a base for the vignette.

I really love the look of this little wire basket holding my specialty oils. As you can see the only one I've used so far is the White Truffle Oil. The other two bottles are Toasted Walnut Grapeseed Oil and Black Fig Vinegar. Don't they sound yummy.

I found a pottery flower pot saucer outside and used it to hold some grapes and apples. (faux of course)

Sunflowers just had to go in the jar.

A little pot of ivy finished off the arrangement. I love the new look.

Do you ever wake up one morning and remember something you have and don't know where it is? Well all of a sudden I remembered my mom's two hand thrown pottery pitchers that she gave me, now all I had to do was find them. Up in the cabinet above the refrigerator. I never look up there, but yippee, there they were.

Isn't this one pretty, I love all the colors.

This one is stunning too. Much prettier than the picture shows.

Using them all together makes a pretty vignette.

And I like this white one with the oil for a different vignette. I can just play with all of them. How fun is that!!!

So, what do you think, which way is your favorite?

It's time for another "Cloche Party". Our SUMMER CLOCHE PARTY will be on July 16th. Time to dust off all of your cloches and join the party. Remember, it can be a cloche of any kind, a terrarium, birdcage, apothecary jar, cake or cheese dome, a large vase. Anything that you can decorate inside. Grab the button and spread the word and join the fun.

I am also linking to Nifty Thrifty @ Coastal Charm, and Thrifty Treasures @ Southern Hospitality. Be sure to visit both of these wonderful ladies to see all of the participants.

Thanks so much for stopping by, I always look forward to your visits.


  1. Beautiful vignette, Marty. I love the stoneware!

  2. Marty, your vignette is beautiful! Looks stunning on your countertop! Thanks for sharing.


  3. Beautiful Marty!
    I love your new finds and your old ones too!
    Those stoneware pitchers from your Mom are really quite unique, love them!
    And the Sunflowers, just a perfect touch!
    Hugs, Cindy

  4. Oooh Marty I really love the stoneware pitchers the texture and colors are great, hugs Kathysue

  5. Beautiful vignette! I love the look of the pottery pitchers with the bottles of oils and the grapes looks very Old World Italy to me!

  6. Marty,
    Love your changes, your stoneware is just beautiful. All the texture is just wonderful. Thanks for sharing and for hosting today, I always take away so much inpiration when I visit your blog.

  7. Love it all Marty! Be blessed. Cindy

  8. Beautiful stoneware....and I see MY clock!!

  9. I love all three of those pieces of pottery. Grouped together, they give a warm, old world charm. I think the sunflowers make it really warm and cheerful. Thanks for hosting.

  10. Oh Marty, I love every one of your great looks! I have to say, my favorite is your Mom's thrown pottery pitchers, they are just awesome! I know you must be thrilled to have found them!

    Always love your posts!


  11. The pottery is gorgeous, love hand crafted things-enjoy!

  12. Hi Marty,

    I like all of the displays. I think the last photo is my favorite but I like the one with all three pieces of pottery to. Looks like you had lots of fun playing! I know I would!


  13. Marty I love your mothers pottery! It is so lovely! I am torn between the look with both pitchers and the look with the one pitcher and the oils. Love them both! Don't you just love Ross, I sure do! That's a great vase w/the sunflowers too! Very nice vignette!

  14. Hi Marty! Finally catching up with everyone after my trip away.
    I can understand why you took away the kitchen utensils and I love the first one you did with the jar of sunflowers and the basket of specialty's a beautifully balanced vignette.
    Warmest Hugs,
    Sandi @ Bearly Sane

  15. So gorgeous!! Love the new I need to find some myself!

    Now that my dining room is finally finished (the bones, anyway), I definitely need help with decorating my table and my "buffet" area. I am going to look through all your posts to try to get some fantastic ideas!


    Robin :o)

  16. I really like what you did! I think my favorite is the last one with the bottles.

    Great job!

    Thanks for hosting!


  17. Hi Marty!
    Thanks so much for hosting his party, it's always so much fun to see what everyone has to share!

    I just can't pick a favorite from this post...I love all your vignettes! They are different yet unique in their own way. Your pitchers from your mother are indeed special...I know you cherish these!

  18. Marty,

    All your vignettes are so pretty and I just love all those pitchers you have.

  19. Looks lovely Marty! Love it for sure with the white hand thrown pitcher in the vignette.
    Thanks for hosting.

  20. Very pretty, Marty! I like the last one best.
    Glad I could join you this week. I have missed a few, busy times here!
    Thanks for hosting!

  21. Such a lovely vignette. The hand thrown pottery is gorgeous.You said, "Do you ever wake up one morning and remember something you have and don't know where it is?" That has definately happened to me!All of a sudden, something will come to me and then... where is it?

    - The Tablescaper

  22. Everything is just beautiful, Marty. I love yellow, so those sunflowers are wonderful! So cheery!!!

  23. I really like the way it turned out, and how smart to be able to change it out once in awhile.

  24. Beautiful colors! You're inspiring me to get busy with a vignette for my kitchen island.


  25. What a pretty island vignette...I love the sunflowers and big earthy vase! Everything is so pretty!

    Miss Bloomers

  26. Hi Marty! Oh, how lovely. I saw one of these big ole jars and thought...hummm...wonder what I could do with that? But I didn't buy it! Maybe I'll go back! :) Love your vignette and those pitchers your mom made are just gorgeous! I do believe you are fantastic at putting together pretty vignettes.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  27. Marty, your vignettes are all wonderful, but my favorite is with the stoneware!

  28. Marty, I love your hand thrown pitchers that were your mothers! They are stunning!

  29. Marty thanks so much for hosting! I love the way you had it in the last picture the best, great job! You've got great stuff to work with!
    I'll look forward to the next cloche party!

  30. Marty,
    I liked your last vignette the best. Your personal touches with your pottery is much more meaningful.

  31. Hi Marty,

    Just beautiful! I love what ever you do every time I come back it is just more beautiful! Lovely!!!

  32. Hello Marty!

    I am so happy to be linking up today! The kids are finally on school holidays over here for 3 weeks so I have been catching up on blogging!

    I hope to join you for your cloche party-would you mind if if my display has a winter feel since we are in the middle of winter right now?

    Thanks for having me today and I love your new kitchen vignette. Those condiments looks delicious!

    Best wishes,

  33. Oh, my...I love the ones with the two pitchers added best. You HAVE to be the QUEEN OF VIGNETTES, Marty. You are so good at it.
    We use just about everything around our cottage so I don't have many vignettes around...:)
    Thanks so much for hosting...
    xo bj


  35. Marty, I really like this look- the stoneware is just gorgeous! And it's beautiful with your granite
    xoxo Pattie

  36. Marty, I love that new glazed pot you found and what a great price. It looks so expensive. Love the pitchers that you found that were your mom's, too. Those would make great vases, too. Great vignette you created.

  37. This is my first time linking up to your great party - thanks for hosting!

  38. thanks marty, for hosting again, cant wait till cloche party, your a great hostess with the mostest
    kate :)

  39. Marty,
    Every time I pick a favorite I change my mind! Wonderful that you have the flexibility to change your vignette so easily. It will always feel fresh.

    I have bought a cloche, finally. Still wrapped in the paper. I am inspired with your designs. Hope I can come up with something fun.
    Thank you for hostessing and taking time to drop by for tea with Wanda Lee and me.


  40. Hi Marty! I'm joining the party today! Thanks for hosting! Your arrangement is lovely. I'm partial to pottery so I love your pitchers--there's so much you can do with them! Jacqueline

  41. Hi Marty!
    Thank you for coming by my home!
    And thank you for the invite to the cloche party!
    I'll be there!
    I'll bring appetizers--something with chocolate.
    I like the second vignette you made, in the pictures above :)
    Pretty kitchen!
    Blessings to you as you make your home!

  42. Good morning Miss Marty!
    I like the first vignette. But of course, it is centered around FOOD! And COOKING! Which I love! I just think it looks so pretty in your kitchen!
    I'm grabbing your button for the cloche party!!! I'll be on vacation - but will set it up somehow!!
    Have a wonderful day dear friend!
    :) Karen

  43. Oh I like this. Love those pitchers of your Moms--really wonderful! I like the way you have displayed the white one behind the oils. Love the oils too--where did you find them?

  44. Beautiful vignette and I love the two pottery pitchers! I don't know what's in the cabinet above my fridge either! It's so hard for me to get to it.


  45. I like them all, but I am going to say the 2nd one. That way when you want to change the vignette, you can replace the vase with one of the pitchers & different flowers, for a different look.
    Thanks for stopping by. When I got off the plane in Phoenix many moons ago, it was 116 degrees - I knew I was in trouble. If we had 116 here with the humidity, people would be passing out everywhere.

  46. Hi sweet lady...

    Marty, you are truly the "Queen of Vignettes"!!! I love how you introduced just a few new items into your vignette on your gorgeous granite counter!!! What be able to kind of "mix and match"...and come up with different looks! I love your new vase and ohhhh...those hand thrown pottery pitchers of your mother's...are simply gorgeous!!! They all look fabulous together and sooo "Old World" it! I really do think all three vignettes are just gorgeous...I would be hardpressed to pick a favorite but I really do love the last vignette where you have the pretty cooking oils and white pitcher with the mix! I really am loving this "Old World" look and feel that you've added into your kitchen, Girlfriend...sooo pretty and sooo perfect! Thank you for sharing your pretties with us today...and also, thank you so much for hosting Tabletop Tuesday for us again this week! I always have so much fun when I can join in!

    Have a terrific Tuesday, dear lady!
    Love ya,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  47. Marty,
    Another beautiful countertop arrangement! That new jar is beautiful - rich color. Don't you love it when you find forgotten treasures...and from your sweet! I do love the clock I saw in the background on a couple of pics. Also, about my took 10 years for my hubby to come around to having them painted! Of course, he loves them now! I do think your stained cabinets are rich looking and tie in with the old world theme of colors. You can't go wrong either way! Thanks for your visits and comments. I always look forward to hearing from you. Linda

  48. Marty I just love the pottery & your countertops are gorgeous! Jen

  49. "I JUST found this Marty"... LOVE it all and my very favorite is the last picture, "It's Perfect"!!! I'm ALWAYS in love with pottery and have LOTS so I'm weak for those pictures. Yes I've done that exact same(SEARCH my mind), hunt for something I REALLY,REALLY need NOW!!! and if I lay awake in bed and "the light bulb comes one", I'm out of there and on my quest... I do see we all seem to think alike, hehe...