Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Summer Yellow Party

Today I am joining Jenny Matlock for her Summer School Yellow Party.

Yellow is one of my new most favorite colors, so there is a lot of it finding it's way into my house. You have all seen my kitchen. Lots of yellow here.

Yellow in my island vignette.

My corner counter display has lots of yellow too. Lemons in my rooster cloche.

Yellow pears on this cute little plate

Yellow cheese sitting on the scale.

Yellow wheat in the wine basket.

The dining room table has yellow candles and some yellow flowers.

More yellow on the buffet. Pretty yellow fruit and flowers on the tureen.

One of my favorite pieces. The fruit and flowers are all so pretty.

I've added a lot of yellow to the living room too.

Pillows with some yellow iris.

Yellow sunflowers in the vase.

The breakfast room buffet is also sporting a few yellow flowers and accessories.

And of course the breakfast table has yellow in the flowers and ribbon of the rooster planter.

Thanks Jenny for hosting such a fun party.

Thanks for stopping by, I always look forward to your visits.


  1. I love all of your yellow touches and your kitchen wall
    color is beautiful!!

  2. Everything looks so bright and cheery. I love yellow too. Your kitchen is beautiful.

  3. Marty, you have beautiful yellows accenting your home. It all looks so happy and full of cheer! ~ Sarah

  4. How beautiful and cheerful your home looks! You certainly have an eye for decorating.

    Hugs XX
    Moore Whimsies

  5. Marty,
    I love your kitchen and how you incorporated the yellows with the fruit and basket. Very nice! Yvonne

  6. Well that was fun...I feel as if I just took a walk through your house! You have such pretty things!

  7. Marty I never realized you had so much yellow in your home and it really looks nice. Love the pillows on the couch and the sunflowers in the green vase look great on your coffee table, Hugs Kathysue

  8. Lovely little vignettes & lots to admire! Your tureen is calling my name :-)

  9. Most gorgeous as almost Mz. Marty! I never tire of seeing your pretty house.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;0

  10. My, you do have a lot of yellow. It's just wonderful!

  11. You have so many pretty yellow items in your home. I love them all, especially the kitchen island vignette! It's lovely!

  12. You have so many beautiful yellow items in your home. I especially love your dining room table.

    I have loads of yellow in my kitchen, because I have a sunflower theme. I've been collecting sunflowers for my kitchen for about 15 years...LOTS of yellow.

    Your post is a definite bright spot of sunshine today. Thank you for sharing.


  13. You have such a beautiful home. I love that you put yellow as an accent color in so many places, it really pops the color on the items surrounding it and harmonizes the whole.

  14. I love all the yellow touches to your home. It makes it look very happy.

  15. yellow is such a happy color. I love it! What a beautiful flower arrangement on your table... : )

  16. yellow is such a happy color. I love it! What a beautiful flower arrangement on your table... : )

  17. Your home is so beautiful. Your decorating style is like perfection, straight from a magazine! I love yellow now too. I never used to like it much, but I like how sunny and cheerful it is.

  18. I have never been a big fan of yellow but you've showed me that in the right amounts it can be quite beautiful! You have a lovely home...

  19. Marty,
    You know how to use yellow, just right.. Yellow and its happiness seems to suit you very well..
    everything looks so happy~!


  20. Lovely pics!!
    My kitchen is Mary Englebreit red & yellow!!
    Have a Wonderful Day!

  21. Marty, it's all so warm and welcoming. It looks as though we could kick off our shoes and put our feet up. Nice!

  22. Marty, such gorgeous yellows! I just love your fruit piece on the sideboard. I think I've told you that before but it bears repeating. I also love the lemons in the kitchen and their container too, and the wine display! Your living room is just so wonderful with all your new pretty pillow too!

  23. Your house looks so nice and all the yellow so pretty. I'm still in shock looking at your kitchen. Everything is so nice and neat. I better go and start straightening around here.

  24. The stalks of wheat wrapped with rope are gorgeous! Great color and texture, it is the item that popped out to me. Wonderful accessories throughout, it creates such a welcoming feel in your home! Janell

  25. Yellow just makes me smile! I love seeing all the bits that you have added to your lovely home. I bought some yellow dishes this spring. I find myself going to them over and over again. Food looks great on yellow.

  26. Love all the yellow touches in your lovely home! You've such great style!

    Have a great weekend too,


    PS Mine this week is OVER HERE! Hope you can stop by.

  27. What goes around, comes around. My mama loved to decorate with yellows and greens, and now I find myself using them again, too. Your kitchen is delightful. Thank you for sharing your vignette designs. Cherry Kay

  28. I'll have to check into this, Marty. I have always adored yellow. I love the cheese on the scales. That's adorable. So is the basket filled with pretties.

  29. Your home looks great. Yellow really warms things up, doesn't it?


  30. HI MARTY!
    I sure loved looking at the Calif Pics at your blog site, Ceekay's and Karens!!!It sure looked like fun!!!I am sad I missed it, but would NOT have been much fun on that trip!!!I have just been going going going to much!!!ANd I have a few more trips to go before it is all over!!
    I ALSO LOVE YELLOW!!I had alot of yellow in my other house, but decided on Gold and Burgundy for the primary colors in this house!!!But I always add Yellow in the fall!!!I am getting a sewing machine any day now and I hope to make pillows first, so new fun festive yellow and gold fall pillows are soon to be made here!!
    have a great week

  31. Love all your sunny yellow bright and cheery. Makes one smile.

  32. Yippee! Marty joined our class! You know how much I love all your little touches, you really have such a flair with color and texture. I adore that soup tureen, such a find. And the lemons and limes in the cloche - so fresh and fun. I'm so happy that you linked up! Hugs, Kat

  33. oh my goodness...your house is so perfect...i bet you can never get sick of hearing that! i love all your yellow touches...the color yellow brings so much happiness and joy to a room!

  34. MArty, I love your home. Your kitchen is great!!

  35. I never tire of yellow, and I'm enjoying it on my kitchen walls again.
    Your vignettes are all so pretty!

  36. i love the yellow in your decor, it is all so vibrant and fresh!

  37. Marty, my compliments on a lovely home...complete with charming yellow accents!

    That soup tureen is gorgeous. Is that Villarey and Bouche? (I know that is is not spelled right)

    I enjoyed my little visit on my journey through Alphabe-Thursday's Rainbow Summer School. You are a lovely hostess.

    And I am certainly glad I brought along a little gift of yellow gerber daisies as a hostess gift!

    Thank you for linking.