Monday, September 27, 2010

32nd Table Top Tuesday-Antique Looking Clock

Welcome to the 32nd Table Top Tuesday!!! I am so excited you are here and can't wait to see all of your new table top displays. Remember that any surfact counts, tables, mantels, bookcases, shelves, kitchen and bathroom counters, coffee tables and just about any surface you can find to decorate.

Last week I showed you my latest thrifty treasures from GW, so of course I had to play. I love this clock. It's not old, but it looks old and I liked the frenchy style. For $3.99 it had to come home with me.

My leather bound Bible, the little antique book I found in Calif. and a couple of other things pulled the vignette together.

This is a little Victorian magnifying glass. Ladies wore these on a chain to the opera to read their program or to be able to see a Calling Card clearly. Very fashionable at the time.

I love finials and this one is rather ornate, so I thought it went with the clock.

Love the ornate details of the clock.

Fun for a change. This is my favorite place to read my Bible, so now it is right by my favorite chair.

I also thought that my two marble orbs worked perfect for this small table. They were $2.24 with the 25% off.

Love them, they do have such great character.

Thanks so much for stopping by, I always appreciate your visits.

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  1. Good afternoon my Dear friend...girl as always you out did yourself I don't know how you keep this up each week...I'm been lucky to just dust what I have already on my tables ha ha!! Love that clock girl and it is so Frenchy lookin...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  2. OMG I was the first one to comment...what are the odds there ha ha!! love ya girl, Gloria

  3. I really love that clock Marty!
    And the orbs, so pretty!
    As usual, you have made everything fresh and new again!
    Thanks for hostessing too,

  4. Your vignette came together perfectly. Love the clock and what a bargain.
    Where did you get the stands for your orbs? They are darling with that lamp.

  5. Marty, I love that clock, if you ever get tired of that little baby, you can sent it my way! As usual everything is just perfect. I don't know how you do it! Thanks for hosting and for sharing.

  6. so pretty, Marty. What a beautiful clock.


  7. That clock was a "steal" at $4., lucky you! I do not have your luck at GW, I don't know if its me or the store. Once in a while I find a good used book. You, also, created a great setting for the clock! Thank you too for being a gracious hostess.

  8. I am in love with that French looking clock you found!! I knew I would like it wherever you displayed it!


  9. Marty, that clock looks really expensive and I love the details of it. You know I like things stacked on books. Great look.

  10. I love the clock and the way you displayed it. I really like things up on top of a stack of books.

  11. That clock is a beauty! And the way you have it displayed with your books is just lovely!
    Thanks for hosting, Marty! Every time I see your new picture I have to remember who it is! The hair may be different but those dimples and smile are the same!

  12. Your vignettes are beautiful as always. Your clock is delicious! I love the magnifing glass too. The finial looks great with the clock. Your carpet bowls (orbs) are brilliant, beware though you may get addicted to them :o) (I am!)

  13. Hi Girlfriend...

    Ohh...and of course you just had to know that I would adore your frenchy clock! Marty, it's gorgeous...and to think that this little french beauty was only $3.99! What a treasure find!!! I know one thing for sure...if I had seen this little would have come home with me as well! It certainly makes for a beautiful piece in your lovely table top vignette this week! Love the pretty ornate finial too...oooh...I think it's very french looking as well! What a great pairing! That is really a pretty leather cover on your it a bible cover or is it actually part of the bible? Hmmm...hope that made sense! Hehe! Love your little opera magnifying glass...I have yet to come across one of those.

    Ohhh...and I love your marble orbs! I must have missed them when you showed them before. They're really pretty, Girlfriend!

    Well dear lady, you have managed to pull out another gorgeous vignette out of your sleeve! I honestly don't know how you do it, my friend! I'm like Gloria, I have trouble just keeping things dusted...let alone change them every week! My hat is off to you and I still declare you "The Queen of Vignettes"! You always inspire me, Marty! Truly!!! Thank you for hosting TTT...I really do appreciate all the work and time that you put into hosting this weekly party for us! You're the best!!!

    Love ya,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  14. Marty, the clock is lovely and so are all the other treasures! My favorite, however, is the wonderful worn leather Bible that speaks volumes about how it has been loved! So beautiful!

  15. Marty, the clock looks great on the books, and how nice to have your bible by your reading chair displayed so beautifully!

  16. Your vignette is lovely. How special is that clock? Beautiful addition. Hugs, Linda

  17. Marty, every time you create a vignette I remember why yours was one of the first blogs I was drawn too! Not only are you wonderful at decorating but your heart comes through each post! Thanks so hosting the party,

  18. Your chair side vignette is lovely. Sweet clock! I always have a magnifyer at hand, and I carry a small one like a victorian lady to read markings on silver ,china, etc. when I go to the fleamarket! Thank You Marty!

  19. Hi Marty Sweetie...
    Love your new picture. Of course you are always beautiful, but this is a wonderful picture sweetie. I love it.

    I so adore the new clock that you found. It is so ornate and my gosh it is a quartz so it is a great clock.

    I love the look of your bible laying there with the beautiful magnifying glass on top. It has such a beautiful look sweet friend. It says "home". I love it.

    I also love that little book that you found in CA. How beautiful it is. It is the element of surprise for this vignette.

    We haven't been shopping for awhile. We need to get together soon. I tried visiting with Julie on Saturday. She came over and we did scrapbooking. Such a wonderful time, and I know although it was hard for her to understand me at times, we enjoyed our afternoon together. Lots of laughter that I so needed.

    I hope you are well sweetie. I think of you often when I see my flamingo salt and pepper shakers and laugh the day that we bought them when we went thrifting. What fun we had that day.

    I will talk to you soon. Many hugs and so much love, Sherry

  20. Thanks for hosting Marty. I love that little reading glass, I really just could not stop looking at that pretty little piece. Those decorative balls are very pretty too...well everything looks pretty what can I say? you have purty decor!

  21. Marty,
    I love how you elevated the clock on some old books! Your Bible looks well used. . .and loved, I'm sure! Thank you for a lovely, inspiring and uplifting post. I do enjoy myself immensely when I visit your blog!

  22. Hi Marty, thank you for hosting, and letting me share my Fall dining table! Great changes ... you're the best at creating such beautiful vignettes! I love using books in my displays to elevate things, too. You're home is always so inspiring! *Becca*

  23. Hi Marty! Oh, you are just the best put togetherer of vignettes! Love these. Your clock is so pretty and everything looks gorgeous as always.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  24. Hi, This is my First Ever Table Top Tuesday! and now I'm off to look at all the beautiful vignettes :) Thanks for hosting :)

  25. Beautiful vignette, Marty! I love all the elements you put together....Christine

  26. Marty, you always put together the most interesting vignettes. This one is no exception. I love it!

  27. Hi Marty,

    Love that GW frenchy clock...looks so expensive!! Your vignettes are so pretty!! I love the little opera glass-to cute!!

    Miss Bloomers

  28. Oh Marty -- your tabletops always look gorgeous! Love it all -- especially your hand picked shipped from France antique clock! (at least that's what it looks like to me.)

  29. Hi Marty!

    My jaw hit the floor when I read that you got that gorgeous clock for $3.99!! Oh, what a wonderful find! And I love that beautiful magnifying glass! The orbs are so pretty.

    Have a wonderful day!

  30. Hi Marty, The clock is wonderful and you always create the prettiest vignettes. I may have to get a magnifying glass to wear around my neck! This would come in handy for reading menus and price tags. I think the Victorian ladies were on to something!
    xo, Sherry

  31. Marty,

    Please delete my link icons from your party. I uploaded everything like always and am having problems getting the actual blog to load when you click on the thumbnail. I'm sorry for the error. My blogger isn't working right. I tried to link to another party last night and couldn't get everything to link either. Again, please delete my two "fall in the workplace" icons. I am so sorry.

    Kathy/Sharing Shadymont

  32. Marty, Beautiful displays this week. You have such a talent for arranging your beautiful items! Thanks for hosting such a fun party each week! ~ Susie

  33. Hi Marty, those tables are very gorgeous. I really like that white sculpted lamp with the two white orbs, very elegant.

  34. Your clock is lovely and goes perfect with the other accessories you put with it. The white orbs are fantastic and love the little stands they are on! Thanks for hosting Tabletop Tuesday - just love it!


  35. Oh Marty, that clock is gorgeous! What a bargain that was! Your finial does look so pretty with the clock. I've got to get some orbs. I'm afraid you're going to start having orb and finial parties, and I'll be sooo out of the loop! Thank you for hosting TTT. laurie

  36. Those books your clock is sitting on look gorgeous! :D

  37. Hi Marty!

    Oh my.... What a lucky find.... I'd have snatched that clock right up too... It's wonderful.

    Love your tabletops.... But I ALWAYS love everything you put your sweet hand to.


  38. That is a very ornate clock. I love it! I love things like that. It looks great with the other more decorative pieces you added around it. I think it all compliments each very well too. Your new orbs are wonderful, did you find the stands with them too? Beautiful vignettes Marty!

  39. What a beautiful tabletop vignette you have created. I love the victorian magnifying glass.

    Thanks for hosting Marty and have a wonderful day.

  40. Hi Marty. I am a confessed clock-a-holic, so you know that I love that clock - especially her frenchiness! I could use one of those magnifying glasses hanging around my neck - what a great idea! And another lovely table! Linda

  41. Hello Marty!

    Gorgeous as usual!!

    I managed to figure out a tabletop post while on the road! I was determined.:-)

    We are headed out for another day of exploring and will check in for visiting this evening.

  42. This is so pretty, Marty, I love it. Just so classic!


  43. Marty,

    Thanks for responding about not being able to delete my thumbnails. The problem is, I don't have the little red "x" so I am unable to delete them either. Again I apologize for this, but don't know what else to do. I'm searching for the answer as much as I can at work. Hopefully I can find out what to do.

  44. Hi Marty, What a beautiful arrangement. Oh, I just love that clock...what a great find. I just adore going to thrift stores/garage sales and finding such wonderful things that you don't have to mortgage your house for.
    Have a great day! Hugs..Sue in Ohio

  45. Marty, you just put together the greatest vignettes. I keep saving a picture of each one to use as a guide to get "the look" of some of them!!! Accessorizing is the hardest part of decorating for me!

  46. Oh, I just love your table tops! Such a beautiful collection of beautiful things. I particularly like the books and the magnifying glass. It gives such a wonderful character to your grouping.

    Thank you for hosting this. I've not ever been a part of your Table Top Tuesday before and I hope to be involved in it again soon.


  47. Such a charming vignette! Thanks for hosting Tabletop Tuesday!

  48. beautiful..I love everything here.. The magnifying lens and the clock are absolutely stunning!!!! Your collection always amazes me!!!!

  49. Hi Marty! $3.99 for that clock? What a steal!! I think you have the best GW in the country. You certainly find fabulous thrifty items and you have a real talent for accessorizing your table tops!!

    Lots of love,
    Susan and Bentley

  50. Hi Marty, just popping in to say hello! I love your new profile photo! Your tabletops look great and your photos so professional looking a magazine cover! :) Have a wonderful Tues.

  51. You're such a nice hostess, and you have the best "linkers" around--so much talent and pretty things to see.

  52. Your home and everything you post about is just so beautiful. I love seeing your work Marty and hearing (reading)what you have to say. I am so bummed I missed your Cloche Party. I haven't updated mine since summer! :( If you saw my blog you saw I was vacationing in San Diego during your party. I also wanted to tell you I LOVE THE NEW LOOK! It is short and sassy...perfect for Arizona! (the fall temps are going to show up soon right????) Your beautiful Marty and I am SO HAPPY to be your follower! <3

  53. Excellent job as always. Love the clock and the orbs!

  54. This is a little bit different look for your house and I like it very much. Your clock looks great with the other pieces you put near it.

    I ran out of table tops this week and put up a yummy recipe instead. I hate not playing along!

  55. Hi Marty,
    Hope you are having a wonderful day.
    Loved both your vignettes but especially the one with the clock and your bible, and your finial was perfect with it. Nice that you can keep your bible so handy too. I love to do that too. I usually keep
    stacks of books I am reading within
    my vignette, so they are in easy reach. What a beautiful clock, and for $3.99, who could beat that!!
    It really is lovely and does have that wonderful french look.
    You always make such pretty vignettes, very creative.
    Thanks for hosting Table Top Tuesday as always,
    Blessings to you, Nellie

  56. Hi Marty!
    As always -- GORGEOUS!
    I love those marble orbs. And 3.99 for that clock? You scored!

    Beautiful tabletops -- and I think your GW is beating my GW in terrific finds and bargains.


  57. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the table decs. Especially the key thing and the clock. Amazing!

  58. Hi Marty, Your clock is amazing. As always, your decorating and photos are warm and welcoming.


  59. Hi Marty. What a beautiful vignette you have come up with. You are too talented, sweet lady. Everything looks perfect. Beautiful clock.

  60. I've had such fun visiting so many new blogs...I know I've missed a lot but I'll keep at it until I've stopped in everywhere :)

    and your TT, Miss Marty, is elegant...I love how you let the textures of the pieces shine while keeping the colours rich but subdued :)

  61. That's one pretty clock and so THRIFTY!


  62. Your photography really highlights the pretty decor you have created, Marty! The clock was a major find, as were the orbs! Gotta love thriftin' don't we? *grin*
    It's all put together so well- your rooms always look so fresh. :-)
    ~ Sue

  63. Marty,
    I adore your clock and what a find! The magnifying glass is what I need instead of my dollar store glasses! It is a treasure!
    Your vignette is beautiful as always!

  64. All your details are just so elegant & classy!

    m ^..^

  65. Marty your decor is so neat and elegant... rich and peaceful decor, no shouts of colours and overlay.. lovely...

    Kindly pay a vist to me, hope you enjoyed...Love

  66. Hi Marty,
    Lovely antique looking clock, elegant and classy....beautiful as always!:)
    Here, I'm linking my very simple contribution on your Tabletop Tuesday :)..would love to visit here again and again!:)

    warm regards

  67. I really like your new photo, I noticed it right away. Your hair looks reminds me yet again that I need to update mine! I was surprised people recognized me when I was in NYC meeting so many wonderful bloggers! Janell

  68. hey
    beautiful blog...i couldnt resist joining the table top i put in a previous post...hope its not a prob :)