Thursday, November 4, 2010


I always get quite a few questions about the mirror in my living room. As I've said before, my home is quite small, and since my living room and dining room are all one room that only measures 18 x 23 and the wall that holds the china cabinet is also a walk thru from the front door to the rest of the house, it is pretty small.  The large mirror definitely visually enlarges the space.

It measures 7ft. x 41/2ft. and has a very large ornate carved wood frame on it that has been gilded and antiqued with a mixture of gold and bronze.  I found it at a designer outlet store for $425.  I have seen several others at various stores and they are usually quite affordable because the size just doesn't work in most places. 

I originally bought it for my last house that was much larger and had very high vaulted ceilings.  It didn't look near so big in that house.

I love it in this room for  the added decorative effect that it gives to the room, but also for the visual depth and space it appears to add. 

If you have a small room, try using a really oversized mirror, or even a cluster of mirrors to give the illusion of much needed space.

Thanks for stopping by.   I always look forward to your visits.


  1. It looks beautiful Marty. A perfect solution for adding the illusion of space.

  2. I love mirrors Marty, for the illusion of space but also for the extra light they add! Yours is very pretty:@)

  3. Marty, Your mirror and living room are lovely! I had no idea that mirror was that large. It looks perfect above your sofa! ~Susie

  4. Marty, I have always had my eye on your big mirror. I love it and it is perfect in that space.

  5. My dad's house had three large mirrors that reflected light and made his house very open and airy. I loved it.


  6. Marty, your mirror is gorgeous! My livingroom is also on the small size, and we have a mirror on one wall, and it really does make the room seem larger.. Love your livingroom!! It is so warm and cozy looking!

    Have a wonderful evening!


  7. Hi Marty!
    Your livingroom looks like the front of Traditional Homes Magazine!
    The mirror gives the room some serious drama and light. I love it!


  8. I love that mirror, Marty! It must be heavy to lift!

  9. Great mirror! I have a large mirror over my couch also. I ended up getting a large piece of mirror cut and taking it to a custom framer as I couldn't find what I wanted. I love how it turned out, and like your space, it adds so much depth to the room. thanks for sharing!

  10. Frankly, Marty, you could do ANYTHING & it is going to be awesome. The mirror is gorgeous, I love the power of it in the room. Beautiful!

    Have a lovely eve ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  11. I've always liked that mirror. And I had no idea your room was on the smaller side, so it does the trick.

  12. What a beautiful mirror and it looks amazing in your living room.

  13. Great mirror and that is why I hesitate to get rid of the big one in my bathroom. I think I'll just frame it in!

  14. Marty, You have a wonderful eye, looks great.

  15. I have always loved your mirror, Marty and I agree that it makes your space seem larger and brighter. I love the finish on the frame, too.

    I have a large mirror that I want to paint and then it is going in my family room which is quite large. I hope it looks as good as yours does! :-)


  16. That is a gorgeous mirror Marty and I have always loved how it looked in there.

  17. Marty I absolutely agree with you about using mirrors in small spaces, they add light and draw people in! Yours is beautiful and looks perfect in your lovely living room!

    Kat :)

  18. ahhhhhhhhhh my favourite mirror, it looks great there...xx

  19. So how many people did it take to hang that mirror? It looks beautiful and totally in proportion to the room, I think it really adds to the room.

  20. I love using mirrors and what they can bring to a room when decorating!
    The one in our family room wouldn't fit in our SUV. lol

  21. The picture, second from the bottom, looks just like a page from a magazine! Very pretty! The mirror is perfect, I like seeing the china cabinet in the reflection!


  22. Hi Marty, The large mirror looks wonderful in your room! I bet it does bring in a lot of light.

  23. I love mirrors and have admired yours many times. I love the way they reflect the light too!

    Have a great weekend!

    Lou Cinda :)

  24. Hi Marty! That is a fabulous mirror! It adds so much height to the space and really does make the room appear larger!

  25. A look that give you the feeling of the openness light and vastness..... your room looks very pleasent and cheerful.... I can spend hours in this full of light room. very beautiful Marty

  26. I love mirrors. Yours looks stunning with your decor. Loveit.

  27. Thats a Fantastic idea!! It looks beautiful and gives depth too!!! Have a nice weekend!!!

  28. I love a beautiful mirror. The size of yours makes it even more beautiful in that space. It's incredible.

  29. Marty, your big beautiful mirror is the perfect accent in this room! I remember the dramatic difference it made when we moved my big one to the wall opposite the gazebo. WOW...all of a sudden we had a much more spacious feeling & more light, too.

    I don't think your home is small at all!!! You've got it decorated so beautifully & all your frequent changes make it feel fresh & new all the time.

    I enjoyed seeing your Thanksgiving table from last year. You have some GORGEOUS china & the way you incorporate your family's treasured heirlooms speaks to my ♥.

  30. The mirror is very nice & really does enhance the area & make it look very spacious.

  31. I like using mirrors, too, Marty! I have two large ones. One in our great room with it's cathedral ceiling and one in a small den. The one in the small den was supposed to go over the fireplace mantle {like the one in the great room} but it wouldn't fit so I put it over the sofa, where it reflects the windows and the view of the backyard. Probably better that way anyway since this is a small room {long and narrow}.

  32. I like it looks great in there. I love that it is large and with the reflection, I think it makes the room look larger too.

  33. Marty,
    What a beautiful room. You have a wonderful touch. The mirror looks so nice and I would have never thought to put such a large mirror in a room that size....just goes to show. Great job as usual.

  34. I am one of those that always admires your mirror. It is SO beautiful!!! And I do love how mirrors enlarge small rooms.

    Your livingroom is beautiful. The color scheme is fabulous.

    Have a lovely day,

  35. Gorgeous! Love your style!


  36. Marty,
    Your exquisite mirror is a favorite of mine in your home decor for the illusions we see beyond what you're focusing on!
    It's like a "sneak peek" into your home! Thank you for the history behind it's purchase and use. Intriguing visions promote curiousity. Yes,
    I'll return soon!

  37. Hi Marty
    Isn't it amazing what a difference a mirror makes? Yours over your sofa is a great one.
    Thanks for stopping by today.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  38. Your mirror does work magic. I have a question for you. You're always using your pillows to change up your living room through the seasons. Where do you store them all?

    - The Tablescaper

  39. I love your BIG makes the space feel so much larger!