Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Demijohn-Horchow Linens-Polo Handbag

What does all of this have in common?  Goodwill and a yard sale at a nearby neighborhood of Million Dollar homes.  Gotta' love it!!!

Goodwill didn't have anything that I couldn't live without except this great find.  A gorgeous demijohn.

 See the price.  Of course I had to have it.  Yip-skip!!!

 Then I saw a yard sale sign at a nearby area that is very upscale.  All of the homes are at least a Million Dollars.  I thought maybe they might have some great finds and I sure was right.  Most things I couldn't afford or use, however I did find a couple of things.  Horchow placemats new in the bag.

                                                  Look how beautiful.  A set of four for $5.

The detailing is stunning.

                                           Another set of 4 placemats for $5 also

 So pretty and delicate.  Both of these will make fabulous gifts for special people I know.  (I'm still trying to stick to my goal to get all my Christmas shopping done way early.)

 Same yard sale and a fantastic summer handbag.  Brand new with all the tags still on it.

                                                        Another super bargain for $5.

There were some fabulous designer clothing at this same sale, however I can't wear a size 6 (darnit) and I don't need any evening wear or tennis outfits.  I was hoping to see some furniture or home decor, but none at all.  I still think I found a couple of treasures.

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  1. Great finds today Marty! Thanks for sharing.

    Have a great day.

  2. You did find wonderful things. Those placemats are yummy!!

  3. You got some great things, Marty! You know those Horchow placemats were probably 10 times that much brand new. Love your bag, too. I often wonder what kind of trash the million dollar homes throw out on bulk pick-up day. I'd love to drive by and see. Good for you to keeping to your plan for buying Christmas gifts throughout the year. I've picked up a few myself, but I have to get them all in the same place or I'll forget all about them!

  4. Fabulous finds, Mary!!

  5. Oops! Marty! Left off the T accidently. I am speed blog browsing this evening.

  6. Marty,
    I am coming shopping with you! I would have picked up all of those great finds too!
    It seems our GW does not have much that I can use. I am mostly disappointed. Your demijohn would be worth stalking GW!!!!!
    Don't you love getting treasures for a wonderful price?

  7. I guess even in this economy even millionaires have to have yard sales!! love the lace placemats.

  8. I love your place mats and I think that was a wonderful price. But I am really in love with the purse! Beautiful!


  9. Holy smokes!! I wish that I lived near your Goodwill store!! You really got some great bargains!!!!

  10. You did really good Marty!!! Love the demijohn so much. I've been looking for one.

    Have a great evening!


  11. Excellent finds! I look forward to garage sale season, even though there won't be anything like what you found.

  12. You did well, Marty! That purse is fabulous!! Linda

  13. I want to live in your town!!
    We just don't have "good" stuff from Goodwill. What wonderful yard sale finds. I am very jealous. Lucky girl! Madelyn

  14. Hi Marty, You did find some treasures! Of course I love the demijohn and the placemats are beautiful. What a great summer purse.

  15. Wow you had some great finds.. I love the demijohn (never seen one before.. sured didn't know what it is called) Never found anything good at a yard sale.. you did great!

  16. Wow you had some great finds.. I love the demijohn (never seen one before.. sured didn't know what it is called) Never found anything good at a yard sale.. you did great!

  17. You hit the mother load in finds today. Great findings.

  18. Great finds!!!!! Love the purse! I'm a sucker for purses!!!!!!

  19. Wow, Marty! You did fantastic at your yard sale. Aren't they fun? I so seldom find anything good at Goodwill...but I never give up. :) Gorgeous placemats...and that bag is wonderful! YOU DID GOOD!

  20. Thanks for stopping by my blog tonight Marty. I always love coming to visit you.

    How come my GW has nothing as cute as that demi-john?? That would hop in my cart too!! You also scored on those placemats and purse.

    I also peeked at your front porch redo. It looks great ~ you are all set for summer.


  21. HI!!
    i love those placemats!!!You are right, perfect detail. And will indeed make a fantastic Christmas Gift!!!
    It pays to get out and look!!
    have a great week

  22. Love all your great finds! How lucky you are to have the beautiful placemats and demijohn. *sigh*

  23. What wonderful finds. It's pretty amusing that those expensive homes were even holding garage sales ;).

  24. Marty, you are a lucky thrift chick. I'm such a linen freak and love to find the pretty stuff.

    I think my mom has some placemats like the first ones. Now, you have my head getting all tablescapey.

  25. Marty, you had a great day! What a steal on the demijohn. Both sets of placemats are so pretty ~ I'd have trouble giving those away. Great purse too. laurie

  26. Great finds! Love those placemats. I'm sure you will put them to good use.

  27. Great finds, especially the placemats! Love them.


  28. Yippy! Those are some fab finds!! Love those placemats!! Lucky girl!!Can't wait to see them in a tablescape! Thank you for dropping in, I have been awol for awhile due to colds and flu's but now with Spring in full swing, I'll be around more!! Take care! Oh wait! I scrolled down to a few of your other posts. I really liked your front porch post! Great job on your new "table drum". I like your landscaping too! We are doing something like that in our front yard being that our summer's here can be pretty hot! This type of landscaping helps conserve water. Again... take care!! Hugs!

  29. "WOW, You lucky Girl"!!!!!!!!! You must have SMILED all the way home and Happy Danced bringing those goodies in. LOVE,LOVE,LOVE those Horchow goodies!!! Ahhh, and your "demijohn is fantastic"... I'm so anxious to see what you do with your new goodies!
    Hugs to you,

  30. Nothing in the world like a good sale. :)
    Love all the things you got.

  31. The placemats are wonderful and new at that! The wine bottle was a fab score too. I am getting ready for five estate sales in the morning! ♥O

  32. Some people have all the luck!!!
    I love the second set of placemats - they are stunning!
    And a demijohn for less than $5.00????
    That's crazy.
    You did good that day.
    Thanks for bringing them to the Treasure Hunt Thursday party.

  33. Great finds! Those placemats are gorgeous!

  34. so many yard sale, so many great finds. love the bag:)

    always been s follower here. Care to do the same, please:)

  35. Marty, Now that's a yard sale!! You found some gorgeous placemats and that great purse.. lucky recipients of those Christmas gifts! Hope you have a great weekend and happy yard sale-ing.

  36. Oh, you really scored some beautiful things! Those placemats are so pretty and the purse is awesome! Love the demijohn! Thank you for joining me for TTF! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

  37. I'm seriously coming over so that I may go shopping with you! You always score the best finds! Love your new additions. *Becca*