Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Country French

 Yesterday at the grocery store I picked up the new Country French magazine and I love all of it.  So full of gorgeous rooms, inspiration and ideas that I can adapt to my own home.

 My home is very small and definitely builder basic, but there are a few things I could do to change it all up.  For one, I could eleminate some of the beige.  I am in love with yellow.  This room is so cheery.  My carpet has an undertone that totally screams when you use red, however can't you see these same accents in an orange or bright rust color.

 The toned down gold colors here would work great in my home.  I like the vignette also.

 Another toned down yellow color.  I also like the two stools in front of the coffee table.  I could do something similar in my living room.  Maybe recover my ottoman.

 Super bright yellow, but I love the overall look.  The balloon shade would be great in the bathroom.  I need to think about that.

 My cabinets are maple, however they are the same color as these.  My walls are dark chocolate.  Wonder how the right shade of yellow/gold would look.  I could also paint the back side of my island a dark color too.  This I am really thinking about.  I just have to look at some paint chips.

 Another yellow/gold color kitchen.  Wish mine was this grand, oh well dreaming is fun.

 Love the soft yellow/gold wall color here, and I love all the accessories.

When you get a new magazine, do you look at all the fabulous rooms and see what you could bring to your home?  This magazine is wonderful.  You might want to pick it up.


  1. Makes me want to go buy that magazine! I used to just read them cover to cover when I would get one. Since the internet, I can't seem to find the time! lol

  2. Oh I want that mag Marty!
    Love the ideas and pics inside!
    And that yellow kitchen is just wonderful to me! Now you got me thinking about a change too!
    hugs friend,

  3. Oh, that looks like a great magazine. I drool and devour the magazines I get. They make my mind go crazy with ideas. The problem is having the idea and then implementing (spelled) it. Great idea Marty. You go for them. Hugs, Karie

  4. I am so glad they finally came out with another issue. My last one is from last year. Thanks for sharing some of the photos with us Marty!! Martina

  5. I grabbed that one up the other day also Marty. Great inspiration! I try to figure out what it is about each picture that appeals to me and then I DO try to integrate them in my own house. I always get a thrill when I see some of the same things in the magazines that I have at home. Do you get a kick out of that too? *winks* Vanna

  6. Thank you for sharing Marty! I am going to get it and check it out. I live in a small home to and I try to make it as cozy as I can. You have a beautiful home and I enjoy seeing your pictures.

  7. Lots of warm and charming rooms..... that actually remind me very much of YOUR home! :-) I've purchased this magazine before and have really enjoyed it....

    Big hugs!


  8. I will definitely be on the look out for this magazine. I bought last years copy and just loved it! So many lovely ideas.

    Jocelyn @

  9. Thank you so much for featuring this. Most of my subscriptions are up for renewal and I am being very selective this year. This looks like something new I would really like to add. I hope it is a monthly and not just a yearly magazine. I'm going to google it now! Love it!

  10. What a great new magazine...I'll have to look for it. I pained my family room yellow and it has come to a standstill!! I bet I could get a lot of ideas from this! Thanks, Marty!


  11. I love this magazine, Marty! I always look to see if it's out when I'm at the supermarket; I'll have to get one next time I'm there.

  12. I love Country French magazine as it is more in line with my decorating style in this house at least!

    Will need to look for the new issue!

    Am playing catch up from the retreat which turned out wonderful!

    bee blessed

  13. Such pretty rooms. Dreaming is always a good thing. Have a great evening.

  14. Love this magazine, wish it came out more often. French country is such a good mix of traditional and French, love it.

  15. Beeeeauuutiful pictures!

    And I have just redecorated one of the rooms in my house in creamy tones of yellow/biege with a little metalic pop here and there.

    I am thinking of incorporating some dark green or burgundy accents but haven't found just the right thing yet.

    Thanks for sharing !!

  16. I keep changing what I think my style is, or what I want it to be as I start the second half century mark.

    With those pictures, I'm now thinking Country French.

  17. I need to go get this new one. I have the others and did not know a new one was out. Thanks for sharing that info.

  18. Marty, one of the many things I love about you!! Forever young and forever creative, xo Kathysue

  19. Marty, I just got the maagazine and I have saved every one of the previous issues. Love it!

  20. I love that particular magazine special edition, and I try to get them whenever I see them.

  21. Terrific Inspiration! I am going to look for this! Thank you Marty!

  22. I don't buy magazines. That one looks so lovely. I wonder if that magazine is online.... will have to check it out.

  23. I have the new British Country Home magazine to read this weekend. This one looks great, though. Thanks for sharing!!!