Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What Is It?

Seems that GW is always calling my name when it is Senior day or $1 day.  This week I found a few treasures on Senior day that just had to hop in the basket.

I loved the detail of this silver piece.  Such intricate carving and so different.  Now I am not quite sure what it was used for.  There are no signs that it ever had lids, so I guess it is the way it originally was.

$7.99 and then 25% off, so for $6. it had to be mine.

These are the little glass liners that are inside the silver cups.

So what do you think, maybe to hold jams?

A set of books is always a treat to find and these by Mark Twain were super.

25% off so all 4 only came to $8.96.  Great buy.

I also found another little silver cup.  These are so fun for a single flower, small bouquet or a tiny plant.  $1.49 and of course I had to have it.

However, you won't believe my best find of all.  Remember that my breakfastroom and familyroom drapes have just been shirred and tied back on simple rods.

Then I decided to use some fabric I alread had to update them and put the plaid as a top panel and hang them straight.  Only thing is I really wanted new rods.  I've looked everywhere and about $140 was going to be the best price I could find for the sizes I needed and in a style that I liked, so I havn't done anything yet.

Then on a walk thru Ross, I couldn't believe what I saw.  Matching rods in the sizes I needed and marked down.

2- 84 x 120 for $4.99 each.  That seemed too good to be true.  Yip-Skip.

 Then there was also 2-48 x 84 to match.  One was marked 4.99 and one 3.99.  They gave them both to me for the $3.99.  Now to get them hung and then I can redo the drapes. 

As I was typing this, DH walked in the door with this gorgeous plant for the yard.  He knows me all to well and that I love flowering plants.  This one is stunning.

 Bells of Fire.  It's going by the bathroom window and I can't wait to get it planted.

I love finding treasures, they are always such fun.  Can't wait to see what treasures you found this week.

Thanks so much for stopping by, I always look forward to your visits.

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  1. Could they be ink wells? It's hard for me to tell without knowing the exact size. Whatever they are, they are pretty!

  2. I was thinking they were for jelly too. It's so pretty & intricate. I love to find something different like that.

  3. They make me think of salt and mustard cellars.

  4. Afternoon Marty!

    I think your sweet little silver piece is a double salt cellar. You can see two examples of double salt cellars at the following link:


    The glass liners keep the salt from corroding the silver. These would have been distribuated down the center of a long dining table back in the day when dining was an art form. :-)

    You've been very lucky lately with some great finds!


  5. Salt and pepper cellars? Love them! Great buy on those rods too!

  6. What a bargin shopper you are...GREAT finds! I would think salt and pepper cellars...it is such a pretty piece!

  7. Marty, I think the silver piece with the glass inserts are likely for salt. It's a lovely piece! You found some good buys. ;-)

  8. I initially thought of salt cellar, but the shape of the glass part looks deeper than I would think. You had some great finds. But I think I like the plant the best!

  9. Curtain rods cost the earth so you really found a bargain. I always find one at a garage sale and I need two. ♥O

  10. Marty,

    You really made a great haul!!! Again I say, wish I could visit your GW. Good to know what the silver piece was used for. Your plant is gorgeous! Can't wait to see it in your yard.

    Have a great week!

  11. I don't know what they are, but they are very beautiful. You always do well at GW. Great deal on the rods!!

  12. Wow you found some awesome finds! Those rods alone saved you lots of $$. I also think the silver set are salt cellars. Super nice and also that little silver cup is so cute.

  13. Hi Marty...

    Ohhh...you found some really pretty treasures this week at the thrift store! I love the pretty, ornate silver piece. I'm not sure what it is to be used for but was thinking that you could use it for several things. Besides a container for jams, etc. on the table...it could be used for hairpins or such on the vanity. It could also be used on your desk for paper clips, stamps, etc. What a pretty and versatile piece...I love it! I also like your little silver cup as well. I think I need to get a few of those! Ohhh my goodness...can't believe that you found those beautiful drapery rods for THAT PRICE!!! Wowzer!!! You hit the jackpot, my friend! They really will be perfect for your pretty drapes! Love, love, LOVE the pretty potted flowers that your honey brought home for you! What a sweetheart! Thank you for sharing your latest treasure finds with us...you always find the neatest things!!!

    Well dear friend, I just thought I would stop by to say hello and see how you are doing. It has been awhile since I have been by for a visit since I took a little blogging break. I sure did enjoy my daughter and grandchildren though! I hope that my note is finding you and your family doing well, sweet friend!

    Love ya,

  14. Oh gosh, you found some great buys and love the silver pieces. Your new plant, Bells of Fire is a new one to me... gotta check that out.
    Glad you found so many great things, you lucky thing. :)

  15. Marty such great finds! I don't know what that was used for but it would make a pretty tea light holder. Martina

  16. ANd Girl, you always find the hidden treasures FOR SURE!
    Do you think they are for salt and pepper? I can't tell how big they are. But when you said jam....they might be too big for s & p.
    Let us know when you find out!
    Can't wait to see the drapes! I need to get going on finding some too - God only knows how much they'll cost for my windows...and in the back of my mind I keep thinking - "hard wood floors". YIKES! There goes the budget!
    HUGS! Me.

  17. Love all your treasures I would of thought jelly, but I think I would use it for candles or some pretty vintage jewelry or buttons!!! Anyways when you decide make sure you show us!!!!

  18. I agree, I think they are for salt and pepper. love the silver cup too!!

  19. The Goodwill gods were smiling on us this past week. I had some great scores that I just posted also. Good thing we don't shop at the same GW or we would be thumb wrestling in the aisles over treasures!

    Can't wait to see your new rods in place. What a bargain!

  20. Marty, I don't know what they are but I love them!!
    Nice find at Ross's on your rods! I love Ross, I can find some amazing bargains there!

  21. Wow! With luck like that, you should have bought a couple of lottery tickets! Great haul! Have a great week. Sandi

  22. You have the best luck at Goodwill of anybody I know! Love the silver pieces. Don't know what that one is...possibly for jams or other condiments??? I love Ross' although I don't get to shop there a lot. Don't we all just love a great bargain?

  23. Some kind of condiment server maybe?? What ever they are - they are pretty. You got some great deals.

  24. My guess is the salt and pepper cellars too. They came with little spoons. Yours are very pretty! What deal you got on those rods. Such a find to find that many that all matched!

  25. Only thing I can think of is maybe salt cellars. Very pretty though. You found some awesome deals especially those rods. Thanks for joining WUW

  26. Only thing I can think of is maybe salt cellars. Very pretty though. You found some awesome deals especially those rods. Thanks for joining WUW

  27. My guess is condiment servers.... curd and devonshire cream....
    They are gorgeous!

    You really got some amazing stuff!

  28. I love those little silver guys! You got some really great stuff girl!

  29. I am with the salt and pepper vote as well! Lovely buy and a great price!!!! Don't you love to find things at a bargain price when you're looking for them? Great buy on the rods -- that's happened to me as well and I am ELATED!!!!

    You always find the best stuff at GW -- ours are never that good!

  30. Great new treasures for sure..
    LOVE the new plant~!
    salt and pepper would be my guess too for the little silver set- but maybe its for toothpicks:) heck, I dunno but its pretty so just use it as you wish..


  31. This is terrific Marty! Fantastic finds! Love the curtain rods - I have been looking for some for our green room - have a long bank of windows to cover - would love to find a deal like yours!
    I think you're probably right - the beautiful piece looks like it was made to hold jam - how lovely,

  32. Great finds! The jam holder/ ink well/ what's it is a very neat piece. What a steal on the rods!

  33. I'm thinkin'...they are a great find and a wonderful treasure,can't hardly wait to see what you create for us.

  34. hooray for you, Marty! :)
    now to wait for your big curtain reveal. . .happy Tuesday!

  35. Hello my sweet Marty,

    I'm so sorry I don't come here that often anymore, but I've been spending less time online. I'm 10 weeks pregnant and I'm taking it slowly... Not overdoing myself in front of the computer anymore. But I've been missing you...

    How are you doing?

    So many great finds! I think you could serve some jams in the 1st thing you got. I like that idea. :-)


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  36. Hello Marty.. Oh I love love love your silver jar. it can be candle holders ... very very lovely ...
    Hope you would like to pay a visit to me at

  37. No idea what the silver piece could be, but I really like some of the ideas that others have suggested. I think putting tealites (not votives) in them would be very pretty and cast a beautiful patterned glow. You sure find some great things. Wow, the price on the rods is super-good. Sweet hubby for bringing such a pretty plant.

  38. They are beautiful. I would say jam also. So many uses I can see for them. On a table with relish in them or maybe tealights or votive candles. How about little pieces of mint candy. The list could go on and on.

  39. Hi Marty,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and for your sweet comments. I really enjoy getting to share with everyone on your TTT. So fun!

  40. Definitely looks like a cruet to me, but the beauty of thrifted objects is that you don't need to be constrained by something's original purpose. Why not jam, or mustard or home made chutney? I love the little silver vase/cup you found, and how lucky about the curtain poles!

    Visiting via Thrifty Things Friday. Most of my blog is usually charity shop finds, but I've linked up a craft idea this week.

    Lakota x

  41. Well Marty, I dont know for sure what that silver set is but, I do know it is absolutely gorgeous and a great find! As is the little silver cup. And I am still in awe of the price of those curtain rods! That is the kind of stuff I really love to find! Thank you for joining TTF this week. I hope you have a lovely Mother's Day!

  42. Love the silver pieces you found - I vote salt on the mystery piece!

    The rods were a steal! They will look so good in your pretty breakfast room.
    Thanks for bringing your treasures to THT.

  43. You got some wonderful treasures. I can't miss senior discount day either.
    I agree with the others, probably for salt. It is a lovely piece!

  44. Marty, you always find the best things at the Goodwill. Whatever your set is suppose to be for, it's really pretty!

  45. I would use the pretty silver find as a salt and pepper cellar. It's beautiful:)

  46. ♫♫ You're the luckiest dog~Lucky Dog ♫♫♫

    Such wonderful treasures you've come across lately, Marty! I went to the site that Candy posted & I agree, those must be salt cellars. SO Special & ORNATE!!

    I'm impressed with the new header you've added to your drapes. It really pulls your eye to the top & with the panels hanging down straight, it lets in much more light. Now, I realize that is not a big issue for you guys in AZ. LOL Here, we try to capture every ounce!
    Well done!!


    p.s. Give that man a big hug for that gorgeous HOT plant!!