Monday, August 1, 2011

75th Table Top Tuesday

Wow, can you believe that we are at #75 already.  You guys are amazing, and week after week you come up with the most inspirational and creative table tops.  I am always so inspired and have such fun looking at all of them.

 I am still studying all those Decorating books and trying to improve my vignettes.  This is my Kopy Kat #3.
The first thing I did was add the tassel to the lampshade to dress it up a little.  I think it makes a huge difference.

Most of the lamps I kept seeing were tall or else they were elevated on something, so I elevated the rooster  on a couple of books since it is not a very tall lamp.  There was alway something in varying heights  as a backdrop to the rest of the vignette, so I added an urn of ivy to accomplish that. 

 Generally there is one main focal point, either one object or a collection, so I decided to use this little sheep picture as my focal point.

I really like all the detail on the rooster.  I think he has tons of character.

Since this is the side table by my chair in the FR, I wanted to have things that I use and would enjoy. I love fruit slice candies, so I filled my crystal dish with them, added another crystal egg and then a silver and glass coaster for my glass. That kept a collection of things in an odd number. Remember 3 - 5 and so on.

 One of the decorator books I am reading and that does it.  I need to leave plenty of room for something to drink and probably a snack of some kind.

Next Tuesday, August 9th, Shelia @ Note Songs is having a Heart Of The Home party featuring all of our Roosters and Chicks.  So get all of yours all dressed up and create some lovely vignettes to show at her party and here.  We all love our Roos.

Now I really look forward to seeing all of your vignettes and creations.  So link up and let's party.


  1. Hi Marty! Oh, what a lovely vignette on your table. Now you know I'm loving that Rooster lamp to pieces! He's so handsome! Love everything else you've added, candy - yum! :)
    I have that same decorating book, it's wonderful, isn't it?
    Thank you so much for advertising my party! You're the bestest! :)
    You are a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Marty, That's just the sweetest little sheep picture! The rooster lamp is great too...can't wait for Sheila's party!


  3. Isn't it amazing what a difference a tassel will make? I'd say you've achieved a perfect balance with your vignette. I use my chairside table too much for it to look anything more than "used"! Ha! Thanks for hosting Marty!

  4. Marty,
    your images are always full of life, full of texture and inspirational!


  5. You always create the prettiest vignettes, Marty. Love it!..Christine

  6. Love the lamb print...but then you always have the BEST prints!

  7. Love what you did! The rooster is adorable. I just noticed I have the same exact coasters! Haven't used them in awhile....hmmmmm.

    Thanks & Hugs,

  8. Marty, I LOVE your rooster lamp and the tassle makes it look all the better. Thanks for hosting.


  9. Marty, the tassel looks great. Love the lamb, too.

    Thanks for hosting.


  10. Hi lovely lady.
    I love your Rooster lamp with your black tassle so sweet. I don't have one Rooster in my home sweet lady... Thank so much for having your linky party ~~~ I hope you have a great week.
    XXOO Diane

  11. Marty, I have the same book you are looking at. Great vignette and thanks for hosting these 75 parties.

  12. Marty your vignettes are always done to perfection, no need for improvement:) Thanks for hosting, Martina

  13. Marty,
    You are a multi talented lady, dear friend. I adore your vignettes. This picture of the little sheep is adorable! Reminds me of the song, "His Sheep Am I".
    Thank you for hosting this weekly is one of my favorites to join!
    P.S. Thank you for your sweet comment and visit On Crooked Creek. Sunflowers are the theme for this entire month. Stop by again soon!

  14. Oh I'm just in love with your little lamb picture. So sweet. I've added my July tabletops (even though they're now packed away). I'm looking forward to the roo party too.

  15. The little lamb is just the sweetest!!! just linked up, thanks for always hosting a great party!!
    xoxo Debra

  16. I like your vignette, Marty and the tips you share for making vignettes. Mine always seem to be missing something. ;) I like your choice of objects for your table. Would you believe I have those coasters? Thanks for hosting TTT. You're always so sweet and generous with your comments and time.

  17. I love the tabletop you have created centered around the adorable lamb picture. Is the book in your picture one of the ones you have been reading that you mentioned recently when trying out new tablescapes?

  18. Adore the lamb print, love the rooster!!!

  19. Hi Marty,
    Love your rooster lamp, and that picture of the lambs, so pretty.
    I have that same book and love it,
    and I used to work for the authors grandmother years ago. I was a displayer for Home Interiors and Gifts, and learned a lot of my decorating skills from them.
    My mom had those same coasters when I was a kid, I always thought they were so pretty. Your vignettes always look great..............
    and this one brought back some memories for me

    Blessings, Nellie

  20. Hi Marty,
    I just love your rooster lamp and and the lamb picture is just adorable. You always manage to create such pretty vignettes.
    Marianne :)

  21. Marty,
    Your vignette is very pretty. The tassel looks very nice. Thanks for having us.

  22. Love that little lamb! You have a perfect sense of scale and composition when it comes to vignettes-lovely.

  23. I love using my tassels on my lamps! Yours looks just perfect! And I like to elavate my lamps as well. I don't know if it is because I am tall or what, but for reading, I never get the light at the right height to read with adding a couple of books for my lamps to sit on.

  24. What a lovely vignette you have created ... swooning over that rooster lamp and that painting of the lambs priceless!! It all looks so pretty!! Happy Tuesday ..xo HHL

  25. I love rooster lamps too. I have two myself and they happen to be elevated on books as well. Great minds think alike.

  26. I am a bad blogger again....I am hooking on to the a fingernail! But I want to show my little creation off! You get it don't you??

  27. Dear Marty, you're sooo good with vignettes, you don't need to copy anyone, your come out so much better, my friend. Love the picture and the rooster lamp, it's just too cute! Love, FABBY

  28. I love your sweet sheep, but especially the rooster lamp. You made a lovely vignette with your things! Thanks for telling us about Shelia's party. My mom loves roosters, so we have many around the house. I'll have a week to take pictures. Can't wait!

  29. Such a cute pic of that sweet little lamb. The book looks like a good one, too. May have to check that one out! :)

  30. Hi Marty,

    I love how you dressed up your side table with the pretty rooster lamp and glass dishes. Decorating is an art and you are fabulous at it! Thanks for hosting.

  31. LOVE the rooster lamp! Thanks so much for hosting :)

  32. Hello Marty~ Love finials and tassels! Presentation makes a difference! Lovely grouping :)

  33. Beautiful vignette as always Marty. You should have your own vignette book.

    Have a wonderful day,

  34. I just wanted to stop and say hello. I haven't been playing along because I'm just not making any changes around here this summer. I can't quite get in the creative mood, I hope that it is just the combination of being busy and being hot!

  35. What a lovely vignette you've created! I really like that tassle on the lamp, its neat how a little change can make a big difference. I'm also really liking all the "animal" items you've added around your home lately - especially the fabulous carved cow your son made for you! How special is that!


  36. Hey Marty...I finally had a little project to link up to your party! I miss joining the party and not just admiring all the great ideas.

    I just saw that you have a button (it's prob been there and I havent realized it) but I have taken it and proudly displayed it on my bff roll call on my blog.

    Thanks so much for hosting such a great party.

    Lucky 7 Design

  37. You've created a warm and inviting vignette. Thanks so much for hosting and dropping by L'Heure Bleue At Home. Your encouraging comments are so appreciated!

  38. Marty you always do such wonderful vignettes! I love that sweet little painting of a lamb! And of course your roo lamp *winks* I have little stacks of books all over my house to elevate this-n-that. It's a miracle that I have any left to read! Lol! Thanks again for hosting. Vanna