Friday, August 26, 2011

Decorating with Family Photos

We are all trying to find ways to decorate our homes on a budget and we all have family photos that we love to see.  Using these pictures use to be a no-no in decorating,but now more and more designers are using them to add personality to a room or a vignette.

While browsing through 3 of my designer books - Charles Faudree's Details - Traditional Home Signature Style - Christi Carter's Art of Accessorizing , I found tons of examples of how to use them regardless of your style.

You can find frames almost anywhere, at GW the DT, thrift stores and yard sales.  With a little paint, distressing, matting and imagination you can create beautiful wall and table displays.  Pay close attention to the frames and how varied they are.

                                              Notice the wire picture holder in the planted urn.

                                                              Not framed, just filling a bowl.

One single picture in the basket.

 Copying pictures in black and white and then cutting mats to fit the various frames creates a stunning wall.

                                                           Unframed and on a door.

I chose a frame that fits the style of my LR and then displayed it on an easel for this vignette.

                                         Ancestors in old antique frames on the bedroom wall.

 Also, I showed you how I use one on the backside of an arrangement on the coffee table.

So, do you use family photos in your decor and did you see anything that you might try?


  1. You know how much I have always loved the fact you display your old family pictures. So many people do not...I even have a cousin that just sold 3 old large bubble frame pictures of her husbands ancestors! I about died! At 1515 I am always looking for a way to display them. And if we get our living room painted I need to redo the pictures on the staircase.
    thanks for the ideas!

  2. Hi Marty... those are great ideas and inspiration... I frame favorite family photos and put them down the hallway...Luckily I have a long hallway!

    Rainey @ The Project Table

  3. You know I love vintage pictures and enjoy decorating with them. This certainly gives me some fresh, new ideas. Thanks!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Hi Marty,
    I love to see our family photos in our home. I have a hall with all the family and a wall in the living room with three large portraits of our granddaughters at the same ages. They are 5 and 7 just the sweetest age. Your home is so beautiful. Full of love and creative decorating. I love your blog and visit you everyday.
    Betty@ My Cozy Corner

  5. All of these are wonderful ideas, Marty! What's a home without family photos?

  6. Great ideas, Marty. I have the grandchildren and my kids on my table in the bedroom.

  7. I am not staging my home to sell therefore I have pictures of my family. In fact, my family room is done, all four walls, with family pictures. They are are in no special order and with 9 siblings and their offspring (and theirs) between us, I have a LOT of pictures! Different shaped, sized and colored frames and someone's grandchild could be next to another's grammie! I get lots of nice reactions and comments on them, and as the old TV show said, There's always Room for One More!


  8. Hi Marty...

    Ohhh...sooo pretty! Did you just add the family photos above your bed, Girlfriend? I don't remember seeing them before. They look beautiful and I love, love, LOVE the olden frames! Each photo and design was beautiful....thanks for sharing them with us! It's so funny...isn't it? As you said...not that long ago, interior designers said that using family photos was a "no-no"! Trends always change. I love the idea of having our family photos out in our's who we are!

    Love ya,

  9. I like the white matted ones and your family ones in your bedroom. We just moved a large one of Joe's grandfather to the yellow house. Maybe I should show it on the blog. I have an old oval one of my great grand father dead in his coffin with his eyes open!

  10. I think family photos are important in decor and always bring a room to life. Love what you've done with yours.


  11. love how your three photographs look aboce your bed, Marty.


  12. So nice Marty! Just love the yellow walls with the blue & white, what a lovely table vignette and the bedroom with the blue striped, love!
    Always love your good to hear from you!

  13. You showed some great ideas Marty! I love having family photos around and am always looking for fun ways to display them. Thanks!

    Have a great weekend.

  14. These are great examples, Marty. I love the old photos you have on your bedroom wall.

    I have been wanting to make a wall gallery of family photos, all in black and white. It's hard to get my family to sit still!! So I am still working on it!


  15. LOTS of great ways to display here. And paint, the great unifier, can bring a garage sale-slash-dollar store set together in a flash. Beautiful inspiration, thanks for all the wonderful ideas!


  16. I have always decorated with family photos. I have them in EVERY room of the house even the kitchen and bathrooms. I probably have around 200 or so frames displayed throughout my home. I have put up several over the past yr. or so! I dont care if its in style or not....I just do what I like. I love being surrounded my precious memories! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Hi Marty! I love how you've incorporated family photos into your decor! Nothing says "home" more than displaying treasured photos in my humble opinion! I had a picture framing business, and I would like to offer the tip of copying old photos and displaying the copies instead of the originals, which can fade badly when exposed to light for a long time. I have copied tons of photos on the Kodak picture maker machine at Target and I think the copies are very good for displaying.
    Have a wonderful weekend Marty! -Lisa

  18. Great ideas for displaying our family photos, Marty. I love to display ours, although they may not always be seen in my posts, but I have family photos in every room... except the bathrooms, of course. :) I love having them in clear magnetic holders on my fridge too. Not chic, I know.
    Have a great weekend and please say a prayer for my son and his family. They are near the coast of NJ. .

  19. Hey there Marty...

    I have always said that a house is not a home until there are family photos displayed...Photos bring warmth and comfort....they tell a story.

    Thanks for this post.

  20. I'm looking forward to putting together a gallery wall in the new place once we are settled, Marty! I will probably have to paint a few frames, but I'm looking forward to laying everything out and seeing how I'll do it - mixing pictures in with other items.

  21. Oh Marty, so beautiful. They filled me with a sense of serenity, memories of mine filling every frame.
    I have been collecting family photos for so long, and now I have the inspiration I need to place them in their "rightful" place. Thanks so much.

  22. Thanks for the good ideas, Marty! I always like to incorporate photos in my decor except in the formal living room...Christine

  23. Those are some great ideas. I also have framed photos of my children and grands in my living room. Now - I just need to update them more often. :-D
    Enjoy your weekend.

  24. Are you joking?! I want to try everything I saw on this post. You are always such an inspiraton, Marty!
    Vintage pictures are one of my favorite things and I want to get mine out and do something with them. You have given me tons of idea's.

  25. Great post. As I said before I love the old pictures above your bed. I have pictures of older relatives (they have all pasted now)when they where children in my bedroom. I really love those pictures because they where such big part of my life. In the hall way leading into the master I have a college on each side - one of the Mister and his family on the other wall me and my family.

  26. Hi Marty,
    Love all the ideas - We have pictures all over the house and I feel that they really personalize a space. We have a lot in hallways and on tabletops. Every now and then I move them around to keep them fresh.
    Take care, Shelley

  27. Marty, you chose some great inspiration pictures and I love what you have done too. We don't have alot of "sit around" space for pictures in our house. This has always bugged me. I think being in a house of boys it's harder because...well you know, they lay on everything, :) I particularly love the picture walls with matching frames. If my pictures ever jump off of my computer I'd like to do that.

  28. Great ideas! :)

    I do try to incorporate as many family photos as possible. I think that they are the perfect add on! :)

    Have a great weekend!


  29. Marty these are wonderful inspirations! I so want to display family photos more - our walls are plaster so I am hesitant to put holes in them - had the idea to try the command hooks - these photos give me much inspiration!Thanks for sharing,

  30. Beautiful vignettes with family pictures, I always had and love decorating like this, but I do agree with you, the wall with the black and white with white frames is fabulous!, I just love it. I have them in my bedroom wall, in the foyer, which I posted and almost all over the house. Thanks for sharing these great ideas Marty and have a nice and safe weekend. FABBY

  31. These are all great ideas, Marty! I have SO many pictures, I will have to study some of these vignettes and try to replicate some! Thanks for the inspiration!!!! XO, Pinky

  32. I love my family pictures and although the style for a while has been NO...I have mine out....and you have seen them!! My senior pastor's wife...she has a gorgeous, absolutley stunning home and she has family portraits all over...and it doesn't make it look outdated or unstylish at all!!

  33. Marty,
    I remember when all the decorators began taking family photos out of home decor.NOT a good thing. Your home is about family!!! "Mr. Ed" and I recently re~hung the wedding photos of our son and daughter~in~law in the West Wing hallway and are currently working on another "Famil" photo wall! Most of our family is gone. Our hope is that our new "family" wall will bring us many wonderful memories through the years as time goes by! Thank you for this meaningful post. I immediately recognized the photo from Nell Hill's book!