Saturday, October 8, 2011

Guest Post - DIY By Design

I am thrilled that a very special friend, Judy @ DIY By Design is my guest today.  She is such a very special lady and is always so gracious to leave encouraging comments and also so helpful to make suggestions when we all have those times that we just can't figure it out.  Her talents are unbelievable and her home reflects that.  Every single detail is done to impeccable perfection.  I know you will want to put her on your follow list if you don't already.  Thanks so much Judy for filling in, you're the best.

While Marty is off enjoying Hawaii (I am so jealous!), I am so happy to be here guest posting for her.  I'm Judy from DIYbyDesign and I am excited to be sharing with you my Fall Mantle.

Here is what my mantle looked like in the past few weeks.   

A little boring...but then again, it was between seasons.

Here is my mantle ready for Fall.

I found my Fall decor at my favorite store...Home Goods.  I just love the creamy white pumpkins.  I took a little crate and laid it on it's side and filled it with a few mini-pumpkins.

On the other side I took some more pumpkins and a lantern I had purchased during the summer.  I like decorating my vignettes using three items in varying heights.  That's usually a safe bet for a good look.

I made book covers out of scrapbook paper and tied it together with a little raffia.  So simple, yet it adds so much texture and interest to the mantle.

I'm off to decorate the rest of my home for the Fall.  Hope you stop by and say hi.  Any friend of Marty's is a friend of mine.  Have a great day.


  1. What a simple idea using scrapbook paper for the books. I think I'll join you. Love those little pumpkins too.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Not only is the decor beautiful, but the mantle itself!


  3. Very pretty Judy! I love the white pumpkins and the cute little ones you have on top of the books too! Those candle sconces above the fireplace are gorgeous. Have a great weekend, Martina

  4. Your mantle looks very pretty decorated with the pumpkins and books. I like the idea of the crate used that way. Very nice job! Wonder if Marty misses us? Nah!-----Shannon

  5. Marty thank you for introducing us to Judy xo

  6. Your mantle looks great! Turning the crate on the side is a cute idea! I also love your candle sconces!
    What a nice treat to guest host for Marty!

  7. Oh how I love Home Goods! We just go one here in UT. I can't go too often. It would put me in the poor house. lol! Cute job on your mantel.

  8. Judy, your mantle is awesome, so ready for fall! What great looking book covers that you made out of scrapbook paper, love the tied raffia look. You are so very creative~


  9. Your fall mantlepice is delightful, I love gleaning decorating tips from other bloggers.
    Many thanks for sharing your ideas with us.

  10. So, so pretty !! I love the pumpkins and the scrapbook covered books are fabulous !! Wonderful post.

  11. Thank you so much for sharing your design for the mantel. I agree, I love the white pumpkins and your skills.

  12. Thanks so much for A Stroll Thru Life! A totally enjoyable experience and now I have some great ideas for my beautiful dining room table!

  13. Thanks for introducing this interesting information with us.