Thursday, October 13, 2011

Guest Post - Nancy's Notes

Nancy @ Nancy's Notes is one of the sweetest ladies in all of blogland.  She's a loving wife, mother and grandmother and loves to decorate her home and make it a welcoming place for all of her family and friends.  You can always count on her for some of the most interesting posts and she will always be there to compliment and cheer you on.  Her home is such a beautiful reflection of her charm and beauty, filled with tons of inspiration.  You definitely want to put her at the top of your follow list.  Such a very special and loving lady.  Thanks tons Nancy for stepping in for me, you are the best.

Autumn is starting to come alive in our home...

It's my little slice of the universe. It's where I do what I want, when I want and how I want!

I relish changing things around and adding seasonal touches to our home.

I'm taking my time with this autumn look-
Our summer is still in it's long stretch, in the 90's in our neck of the woods.

Follow along and I'll show you of some of my touches of autumn...

I decided to keep the mantel simple.
I just added a fall arrangement and the bird.
The Mr. said it was a chucker! Guess he would know.
I'm still thinking about what I want to add to the look. I've seen some pretty awesome looking pumpkins around in blogland, some are truly gorgeous.
A shopping trip may be called for soon.

No big reason to show you this other than it's one of my favorite chairs.
I'll be changing out the pillow for my fall one.

These large candles have had their share of lighting up the room and adding the best ambiance ever.
I love them and have had them for many years.
I'm looking for large red ones for the holidays. I've looked and looked and looked!
They are never tall enough.
If you have an idea of where to get them, please let me know.
Fresh potpourri is a must on this rustic looking sofa table

I'm waiting for inspiration for this end table...may decide to just leave it this way.
The three pieces of pottery were purchased in Arcosanti.
A bit of history of where we purchased them.
Arcosanti is an experimental town that began construction in 1970 in central Arizona. ( It's out in the boonies!) Arcosanti is primarily an education center, with students from around the world visiting to attend workshops, classes, and continue construction. It is also a tourist attraction with 50,000 visitors a year. An interesting place, to say the least!

I treasure these antique boxes! The bottom one if full of antique architectural tools-

Added some fall colored candles, another antique box, another bird. He says,it's another chucker.

They are the Mr's Pheasants-

Added rustic colored candles to my Nambe candle holders.

A small touch of fall, some simple touches to come-

This look is here to stay, don't touch the Mr's hat!

One end of the foyer, no doubt, this corner needs color-

I don't believe I'm going to change this arrangement, I love the roses.
Well, maybe I will.
Decisions, decisions!

Screaming for color-

This fireplace is ready for a fall look! I will make it happen. I've got an idea swirling around in my head~

I do love this fall arrangement on our dining room table. I'll be adding a fall table runner.

This is definitely a work in progress, still playing with different pieces.
Oh, the fun of decorating!

Time to get out my fall pillows.
Then again, I may leave these.
I do love the pop of color that the turquoise brings out in my favorite cowboy, see him up on that wall?

What do you think?

Well, I'm off to continue to work on my fall look. I know the best schemes develop slowly...
Yes, indeed.

I do enjoy adding touches of Autumn...oh my, I can't wait till Christmas!
I'm in total glory then!

Thank you Marty for asking me to provide a guest post for you.
What an honor!

A Stroll Thru Life
is one of the first blogs I started following-

I enjoyed being here today and visiting with Marty's wonderful followers!


  1. Wow, Nacy, so much eye candy! =) Love your mantle and chairs. Great post full of lots of inspiration. Thanks for sharing! XO ~Liz

  2. Your home is beautiful. I love all the fall touches you've added this year. Those chairs are awesome.

  3. Your home is always beautiful Nancy but especially with all the fall decor out. tell Mr. I adore his hat and if it was mine I'd hang it right by my desk and no one would dare touch it..


  4. I know NANCY!! Love the post and enjoyed seeing your home! I just saw some fragrant candles at Home Goods last night. One was $99.99 and was about 25 pounds!! It was a HUGE jar - 2 gallon?? - FILLED with delicious fall scented wax and MANY wicks! I didn't buy it - but I WANTED to!!

  5. Thank you, Liz! Thank you for dropping in today! Your guest post the other day was just great!

    Oh, Blossom, what sweet comments! I have to admit, those chairs are my favorite chairs too.

    Sonny, how nice of you to drop in and comment! I'll tell Mr. that you like his hat, he'll get a kick out of it!

    Linda, I'll have to check out those candles you were talking about! Thanks for the tip!

    Will be checking in later!

    (Wonder if Marty is surfing today?)

  6. Your home is looks wonderful and you have some fabulous pieces. Love the mirror with the woven design. I have some fall decor at my house, but I'm enjoying taking my time with adding more, as well.

  7. Nancy, I'm glad Marty invited you to do a guest post otherwise I might not have seen your beautiful home. I love everything about your decorating style. I really like the brown tones and the way you accented them with little bits of color. Thanks for showing us your fall decor.--Shannon

  8. Your home is lovely Nancy! I have a thing for boxes and just love your stack of antique boxes!

  9. I really like your house and the way you've decorated it, of course we always want to change but sometimes we can make up our minds. I do love your fav chair too, it's great! Love your piano area and thank you for showing us this lovely post. Hugs, FABBY

  10. Hi Nancy...
    So nice to meet you...
    Your home is very warming...I really like your style in furniture...There is a furniture store in Dallas called "The Arrangemnet" that specializes in the western style furniture..I go goo goo looking at all of their stuff...
    I think I'd leave the roses as well. Gorgeous!

  11. Nancy,
    Oh....what a beautiful home! I like the softer hues of Autumn and these rusts and browns have me drooling! Your roses are gorgeous! My second favorite flower...Sunflowers are always FIRST! Try taking out the pink roses and add a coral or soft orange rose to the mix!Those turquoise pillows are stunning! I adore your blue pottery next to the lamp. EVERYTHING in your home is just lovely, dear!Marty was correct when she told us you are the sweetest guest! I so~o~o enjoyed my visit today! Thank you for hosting!
    P.S. Thank you for your sweet comment and visit recently!

  12. Great job Nancy!
    Your home is really totally gorgeous and I love the fall touches you've added!
    Great arrangement and the chunky candles are wonderful!

  13. Hi lovely lady.
    Your room is beautiful with all the touches you have put together for fall. You have a eye for beauty Nacy. Im glad Marty invited you to do a guest post Thank you.
    XXOO Diane

  14. Nancy-
    Everything looks wonderful!
    You have such a beautiful home.
    It reflects your welcoming spirit.

    Love Laura

  15. HI Nancy! First of all thank you SO much for your SWEET comments on my blog! It is so nice getting to know you! I LOVE your pottery collection. You ahve some BEAUTIFUL pieces! I collected pottery for MANY years! I am also a floral designer and could put some color in those vases:):):) I also love orange and turquoise so maybe a couple of rusty colored pillows with the turquoise ones???? Just a thought. LOVE your home. Thanks for guest hosting! XO, Pinky

  16. Love all of your comments and ideas! So happy you've all stopped in for a visit!


  17. Hi Nancy (and Marty!) ==
    Love the autumn changes, Nancy. LOVE that big plate (bowl?) on the fireplace, and when you said that the Mr. thought the bird was a "chucker," I thought you meant he thought it should be "chucked out," and I thought NO! Duh. A Chucker is a type of bird, then, eh? Live and learn!


  18. Nancy, I love your western touches mixed in. Am jealous of your wooden box collection. I looked at some at Scott's last weekend and they want a mint for those things. I want a collection, but I don't want to go broke. Love that big western lamp!

  19. Oh this looks like a model home! It's high 80's here on Orlando to....Come on fall!


  20. What a beautiful home! The softer hues of Autumn and these rusts and browns are gorgeous, also those roses. My second favorite flower is rose than after sunflowers. Try taking out the pink roses and add a coral or soft orange rose to the mix!Those turquoise pillows are stunning!

  21. Nancy, you did such a fabulous job with your guest post. It truly exudes your personality, talent and beautiful heart.
    My brag: Nancy is my middle son's Godmother! Readers, that will also give you another dimension of Nancy's personality!
    Hugs, dear friend,
    Ladybug Creek

  22. Beautiful Nancy! I love the chuckers!! lol Your fall arrangement on the dining room table is gorgeus! LOVE it! Everything is so pretty!! I would have a hard time changing it out too!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

    Lou Cinda

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