Friday, April 13, 2012

Colors of Spring

There is still so much work to do in the yard, and the garden area is a total disaster, but I love all the beautiful flowers that are starting to bloom.





Ruby Glow Tea Tree






Red flowering Arizona Yellow Bells

 The lawn has been scalped and fertilized and is starting to come back.  I love a beautiful green lawn, so this is really not very pretty at all.  All those pots in the back need to be organized and rearranged also.  Now that I can see the color I can move them around to add color where needed.

To the left of this last picture is a big garden area that is a total disaster.  No pictures of this mess.

How is your yard coming along?  I see some fabulous landscapes on your blogs, so beautiful.  Hopefully mine will get there.


  1. Your flowers are lovely!!! It'll be awhile before we can put any annuals out, we are still having frost at night!!! hugs...cleo

  2. Your roses makes my day from the inner of my lovely and healthy and what a beautiful colour... lovely colours and happy spring Marty
    Hope you will enjoy a visit to see beauty of spring @
    With love

  3. Hello Lady M,
    Nothing's done here atm. Raining, snowing, windy and cold. HOpe soon, weather get better but till then, am just lazy §;-)

    I am enying watching your projects and your gadgets around and about. Everything is so beautiful.

    Hope you have a great day & w/end to come.

    Greetings from rainy Stockholm,

  4. Des photos magnifiques... Mon écran embaume grâce à vous!...
    Au jardin il y a toujours à faire.
    Gros bisous

  5. Gorgeous flowers. So colorful!!

  6. Happy Friday Marty, I loved seeing your plants starting up. When we left for vacation,flowers were starting to come back and the lawn was just starting to green up. I'd love to say I'm ready to get back and garden but not, we just got here and I'm ready to soak up the sun and enjoy the ocean.
    Hugs today. Noreen

  7. Love the deep purple flowers Marty.. Thats what I went with on my patio pots and the rhododendron I planted.. we had a frost the other night and it burned the edges of all the newest soft leaves but they'll make a come back and so will your yard..

  8. Your flowers are beautiful - thanks for sharing
    Enjoy your weekend.

  9. What beautiful pictures and the roses have been for me a very unusual color.


  10. Lovely flowers! It looks as if you have a lot of them in pots? Joan

  11. Hi Marty...

    Beautfiul!!! All of your spring flowers look sooo pretty! I'm looking forward to getting some planted in my large pots here's still getting down in the lower temps at night...but soon! I love petunias! I usually plant alot of those...they do well here in Colorado! Thanks for sharing your spring color with us today, dear friend! Loved it!!!

    Love ya,

  12. You are way ahead of me, Marty. We still don't have anything blooming except a few daffodils. We really can't garden outside here until after Memorial Day because of the chance of a freeze. We were well below freezing last night. I don't see much "mess" there!!! It looks beautiful. xo Diana

  13. You have some pretty flowers there! Your grass will green up before you know it. We planted the wrong kind and I'm a bit disappointed. We've worked so hard at it and realized too late that we bought seed for sun instead of the shade we need. Still, all the watering is helping the other grass grow and spread so hopefully it will fill in.

  14. Your yard is looking good and I really like your choice of colors. What is the flower in the fourth photo? It's really pretty, and for some reason I don't recognize it. Our yard is starting to look a bit brown. We're short on rain already, but supposed to have some Tuesday...hopefully. I really don't want to have to start watering.
    Have a great weekend,

  15. How lovely. The roses are beautiful. So are all the other beautiful flowers. We are also repairing our grass as we do every year but we are going to be on a water ban again this season. Only new plants can be watered. So, we are going to be looking at some dry lawn again.
    Oh well, I have to see beyond the lawn and look only at the flowers..

  16. Love all that gorgeous color you have going in your your gardens Marty! Beautiful!!

  17. Thank you for sharing those beautiful flowers. I so look forward to the bright colours of flowers this time of year. Right now we only have the very early blooms; crocus, squill and glory-of-the-snow. We can't put out any of the tender bedding plants until after the first full moon of June. After that, it's usually safe.

  18. Looks like you're off to a wonderful start. I don't have a very pretty lawn.....hopefully when I retire I can give it some attention.

  19. It's funny you mention the yard because I was thinking of writing a post on cutting the grass. I just started mowing the lawn at the age of 55! I didn't like the way the lawn service did it last year so I offered to do it. It has been a learning experience and good exercise! I read on someone's blog once that she loved to cut the grass so I always remember that! Hubby does the edging and blows the grass off the concrete while I cut so we do it together. Today a landscaping company came and edged, cleaned up the beds and spread mulch so our yard is looking beautiful now. We don't have lovely flowers like you. We have to wait until after Mother's Day.

  20. Wow, your flowers are simply gorgeous... beautiful burst of colors. Nothing is blooming in my garden yet.. waiting for the weather to warm up more, it snowed yesterday night:( Thanks for the summer inspiration, Marty!Have a lovely weekend!Hugs,Poppy

  21. Beautiful flowers!! Thanks for sharing them. :)

  22. Marty...I just love seeing your beautiful back yard...Your flowers are beautiful, just like their owner!

  23. Marty, I enjoyed seeing your beautiful blooming flowers. Don't you just love spring? We had frost last night, and it burned the leaves of some of our tender plants. I like how you have a lot of your flowers in pots so that you can move them around as you wish.

  24. You have so much color here! Once your lawn is green again it will really pop! Love the roses!

    We have another 4 weeks before we can plant. We had a freeze last night! Days are warming up to the 50's and 60's but it is bringing rain {that we need}. Have a lovely weekend, my friend!


  25. Oh Marty my yard is a mess and I promise I am not lying! We have [pink paint chips,saw dust and bits of wood and metal,old awnings.....but it is a promise of a wonderful new look to come! Jonathan is here again this week and the front entry is coming along beautifully!

  26. I totally forgot to say how lovely your yard is coming along! To have roses already -- oh I miss that - my roses won't be blooming till mid-late May here in Colorado. I do have a few lilacs that are getting ready to bloom and that's about it!

  27. Getting a garden ready in spring is always a chore-no matter who you are. Mine is slowly getting back in shape.

  28. Marty, your flowers are very pretty. I love the rose in the first photo. Our temperatures had been unusually warm, even hot and then it turned a little cool with very cold nighttime temps. It is warming up again so I think we can start putting plants out soon. I look forward to seeing your garden when it is finished and in full bloom.---------- Shannon

  29. marty, what a gorgeous rose, love the yellow.

  30. Marty,
    Your flowers are breathtakingly beautiful, dear friend! My favorites are the peace roses...I love roses! Ours usually bloom on Mother's Day weekend...but they bloomed for Easter this year!Perhaps uprooting and transplanting them last Fall was the boost they needed! Thank you for sharing your garden with us...a work in I'll be back for another look!

  31. I love the ruby glow tea tree I don't know that I have ever seen one of those! So pretty! I have been planting too it is my favorite spring thing to do!

  32. HI!!
    It won't be long and our summer lawns will be back in!!!
    After felt like winter!!!SNOW UP NORTH!!!CAN you believe that!!!
    I love all your flowers!!!
    Your porch looks nice too!!!
    big hugs,

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