Monday, May 14, 2012

Mothers Day Presents - Tools

 Most of you don't know that a huge portion of my career was spent as a buyer for one of our major Home Improvement chains.  I bought Lumber, Building Materials and Tools.  So when I go into one of the big boxes, I can spend hours just roaming up and down every aisle, and I love the tool section.  At our house we have his and her tools, so I always know where my hammer and screw drivers are.  I have some Mother's Day money, so there are a couple of things I am shopping for.

My son just bought this wonderful workbench and I think I need one too.  60" wide, 4 drawers, a shelf on bottom for storage and a super substantial work surface.  He found this beauty at Harbor Freight and it is on sale for $159.99.  You can check it out here  I keep using the kitchen island, and then have to clear everything off so I can cook.  This beauty would let me just leave my projects on the workbench and finish up later.  (See, I think I really do need this.)  For all of you other ladies, can't you see yourself really using something like this.

Another thing, I would love to add is a nailer/stapler to my tool box.  I think this would be so handy to use for a ton of different projects, especially moldings that I want to add throughout the house.  I spied this jewel when I was browsing online for the workbench..  Light weight and can use either staples, nails or brads. I think that fits the bill for a ton of different projects.  Plus it's on sale for $19.99.  Just snap on my compressor line and go to work.

Ok, I love shopping online, but they have a store near me, so I think I NEED to go and spend a few hours roaming up and down the aisles.  Money is burning a hole in my pocket. lol

So, what about you, do you have your own tools and do you drool up and down the aisles of the home center and every hardware and tool store you can find?

Oh, I also have to show you that I was spoiled with some gorgeous flowers too.  Aren't they stunning.  Tools and flowers, what more could a girl want!!!!

 Plus getting to spend the day with these two, made it a really super day.  (They quit tickling each other long enough to get this pic.)  My daughter and youngest son.


  1. Great flowers and a beautiful family! Now about that workbench: I WANT ONE!!!! Go get it now!!!

  2. Your flowers are beautiful, Marty! How funny you mention Harbor Freight ~ my hubby went there yesterday afternoon and picked up some stuff. I had to remind him it was Mother's Day and not Father's Day!

  3. I love Harbor Freight.....a few years ago got a heavy hand cart there, use it all the time to haul things!!! I would like a heavy duty staple gun myself....will you put the work table in the garage or basement???

    Lovely flowers and family, glad you had a nice day!!! hugs...cleo

  4. Well, I didn't know you were a tool diva. I do have a hammer, screwdrivers, pliers, wire cutters and a tape measure. Hubby has all the big tools. Looks like you had a great Mother's day.

  5. Love the workbench Marty!
    And the pic of your kids, very nice!
    Beautiful family you have there!
    I am hoping to get back out to AZ. by October for sure.
    My son and family are coming to Wisconsin in 2 weeks, can't wait!
    Hugs dear,

  6. I love that workbench, how nice to have a special place for crafting and working. Beautiful flowers and children, sounds like you had a very nice Mothers Day....I'm so glad!

    Have a great week!


  7. Yes, I do have my own tools! That work bench looks great. We have a Harbour Freight here and I have never been in it. We tend to go to Lowe's.

  8. I like the workbench a lot, but don't have room for one. Pretty flowers - thanks for sharing. I definitely have tools - 1 set/type for work around the house and a set of jewelry making tools.
    Have a great week.

  9. I do not have my own tools, and my husband barely trusts me with his. I'm kind of a Lucy, you know. I do however, really wish that I had my own work space. I tend to do it all over the place.

    I love your flowers. Flowrs are one of my love languages.

  10. A workbench is key. Love it and I love the flowers. Perfect.

  11. Your flowers are lovely. I would of never guessed you worked in the tool/lumber trade. I really hate to admit, but power tools scare me. I need to get over this, since I hate waiting for the Mister to get home to do things for me. I am usually so independent.

  12. Oh, that workbench with drawers is a dream come true!! I love it totally Marty, I can just see you working your terrific projects since you're so talented! Yeah, I would've thought you worked in the fabric business, in decorating, or something in that field...but, the tool-lumber trade, wow! Beautiful flowers too. Hugs,

  13. Aww great looking kids and so glad you had a nice day. I am trying to learn to use a few more tools around here too. That way I don't have to wait for hubby.

  14. Lovely flowers & a beautiful family, Marty. So glad you had such a great day.

    I do have my own tools, but just the basics. The Man has a very well stocked wood-crafting space, so I don't need any of the big stuff. And, he is always very happy to do any of those bigger projects for me, & who am I to argue? I cook & do most of the cleaning, & he does the gardening & building (plus just about anything my little brain thinks!). How lucky can a girl get? That looks like a great workbench. I have the butcher block top island from our previous kitchen that I am now using in my craft room. It has a large doored cabinet space plus drawers. It's perfect for my needs.

  15. Marty,
    I learned something NEW about you, dear friend! Although I'm not a tool girl...I'm glad you know your way with them! "Mr. Ed" says..."Never give her something sharp or hot!" Too many trips to the ER! However, that doesn't keep me out of the kitchen! Ha! Enjoy your flowers...and let us know which tool workbench you purchase!

  16. Hi Marty! Oh, what lovely flowers and a lovely family! Now you need that big work table! You are amazing thinking of tiny you sawing and nailing things! :)
    Glad your Mother's Day was great.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  17. Oh yes Marty, we have his and her tools too! (Though this is because his are always covered in grease!) You'll find the nailer/stapler invaluable, mine in air powered and came in really hady when we made the hedgehog houses. I'd like the space to put a workbench, but make do with a workmate.
    Your island looks beautiful with those glorious flowers.
    Lovely photo of your dear daughter and son :o)
    Have a great time tool shopping!
    Rose H

  18. HI!!!
    I LOVE it that you have YOUR own tools!!!I want my own tools!!!
    Great ideas for you, you would look great behind that work table!!!
    Your kiddos are beautiful!!!I loved looking at the pic of them!!!
    I hope your Mother's day was great, it looked as if it was!!!
    have fun shopping!!

  19. Fun! Harbor Freight is my Dad's favorite store in the whole world. :) I think that little work bench would actually make a great kitchen island. What do you think? :)

    Your flowers are so pretty. I hope you had a great Mother's Day!


  20. Hi Marty, I recently got a skill saw and I have many projects lined up. Your flowers are lovely and how wonderful to have your children with you.

  21. I'm glad you had such a good Mother's Day!!
    I have a vintage (all wood) version of the workbench that you want, as a sideboard in my dining room. My sweet husband made an insert for it....if I want it longer than normal, I just crank the jaws of the vice open all the way, and an 11" wide insert fits right in :^)
    The drawers hold my silverware (I lined them with Pacific cloth) and the bottom shelf has a dowel rack in it that hold platters on their sides! It is very cool!!