Friday, July 27, 2012

Opening of Olympic Games & Dessert

Company is coming for dinner and to watch the Opening of the Olympic Games.  I have a great dinner planned of Prime Rib Steaks, Baked Potatoes, Green Beans and Tomato Cucumber Salad.  Since the opening will last until midnight, I thought we would need a great dessert for later in the evening.  So, one of my favorites.    My mom's Coconut Cream Pie.

Fresh out of the oven and it smells sooooooooooooooo good.

Super deep dish with such a fabulous coconut cream filling and mounds of meringue topped with toasted coconut.

Basic Cream Pie Filling Recipe:

1 c. sugar
1/2 c. flour
combine and stir together in a medium saucepan

3c. milk
3 eggs yolks (  reserve the egg whites in another bowl to whip for the meringue )

Stir all together well and cook over med. heat, stirring constantly until thick and a full boil.  Remove and stir in 1 tsp. vanilla.

Pour into baked pie shell.

Top with either meringue or chill and top with whipped topping.

Chocolate - add 3 tbl. cocoa to basic mix
Coconut -  add 1/2 cup shredded coconut to cooked filling
Banana - add sliced bananas to bottom of crust, then add the filling

So, are you going to be watching the Opening Games Ceremony?  I love the Olympics and can't wait to see as many of the events as I can.  Getting to enjoy this with special company is always a bonus and a Blessing.  Hope you all have a super evening and weekend.

I am joining Stone Gable for On The Menu Monday.  Be sure to check out all the fabulous recipes.


  1. Marty,
    I told "Mr. Ed" just last night..."Right after my annual physical (next week)...I'm going to make a cream pie!" This is making me so~o~o hungry for my MoMa's butterscotch creme pie!!! Love mother's recipes...they are always the best! Thanks for sharing...and yes, we'll be watching the Opening Ceremonies, too!

  2. Oh boy, that looks good. My mother used to make this pie and it looked just like yours. It was delish. I have yet to try to bake one but I have mastered many of her other 'favorites'. Enjoy the pie, enjoy the games. Hugs,Deb

  3. Oh Marty, I'm loving this pie! Pies are my fav desserts and your mom's look so special. I will copy and make this one asap! Have great fun with your company...I know they will with such yummy menu you're having for those lucky guests! Hubby and I are planning to watch the Opening of the Olimpics too.

  4. Your dinner sounds so good ! Enjoy your evening.
    Now I want pie. :D

  5. Watching too. Pie looks delicious! xo

  6. Marty this looks so good,can I come over and watch the opening and have some Pie??lol..I wish!!

  7. I'm on my way!

    Enjoy your celebration xox

  8. Marty, I am glad you posted this-- it's my husband's favorite pie in the whole world and I cannot find my recipe. I have tried several others but they just aren't "right". This one looks just like the one I had (used to be my Mothers'). I think I will make it for him this next week. I LOVE your beautiful home and your decorating ideas!! Blessings to you!~~~~Annabell

  9. Wow, looks good. Especially your meringue! How about that recipe? I have a hard time with the meringue shrinking up and being tough.

  10. I used to love coconut cream pie, Marty! I miss a lot of desserts since I had to go gluten free. Yours looks delicious!

  11. Oh that pie looks too delicious for words!! Enjoy your evening!

  12. I love coconut! Yum. Looks....just like something I'd like right now!

  13. Coconut Cream! love it and used to make it all the time. Your's looks beautiful too. Dianne

  14. OHHHHH, coconut cream is my FAVORITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, I am hungry:) I watched for awhile but got bored. Wish I had some pie!!!!

  15. Whoa! Thanks for this fabulous recipe! E-Z!

    Happy watching!

    Kelley of Kelley Highway

  16. I wish I had a slice of my Mothers coconut cream pie-it was so good. I have never been able to make mine taste a good, even following the same recipe.

  17. Coconut Cream Pie!! One of my favorites!!

    It's times like these (Olympics) that I miss having TV. I always so enjoyed the opening ceremonies and watching the different events. Too bad you can't watch them on the computer these days.

    bee blessed

  18. that pie looks soooooooooooo good.

    thank you for the recipe, Marty.

  19. I've always liked coconut cream pie, but I can't remember the last time I made meringue. Yours looks so good. I really should try that recipe and practice my meringue skills again. I also enjoy the opening of the olympic games. The Brits have such a quirky sense of humor.

  20. Holy cow that pie sure looks pretty and good. One of my favorites.

  21. Big yum Marty! That all sounds great! I hope your evening was great!

  22. Oh Marty, this pie looks so delicious! Nothing like eating pie and watching the telly... let those athletes do all the work!
    Thanks so much for giving us the option for chocolate and coconut and banana! This recipe is a keeper.
    I would love you to join me for ON THE MENU MONDAY, my weekly linky foodie/recipe/menu party. I hope you will come over with your great recipes and share them with us!

  23. Marty, this sounds soooooo yummy! I love coconut cream pie and it's been so long since I've enjoyed a slice! Thanks for sharing your recipe...xo HHL

  24. Marty,

    Beautiful pie. I've always loved a pie with meringue on top.
    One of my favorites I could eat almost that entire thing right now. Ha! Ha!
    Have a good week.

  25. Thanks, Marty for bringing your sweet treat to ON THE MENU MONDAY!

  26. Wow Marty! My husband would love me to make something like this :) Thanks for sharing the recipe and visiting Fancy Frugal Life today!


  27. HI!!
    I can smell it from here!!It looks divine!!And I bet it tasted even better!!!!I loved the opening ceremony....we were all watching and cheering over here too!!TEAM USA looked fine in their Ralph Lauren outfits....MOST clothes are made in we really not buy because they are....are we prepared to pay 200.00 for Levi's sewn in the good ole USA????DOUBT it!!
    Hugs 2 U,

  28. Hey, I enjoyed your post. Your pics of that pie make it look magical. I found it via Stone Gable's On the Menu Monday. I have linked in some rhubarb and banana jam I made to use up some bananas that were turning brown. Have a nice week.

  29. looks super easy and yummy! I am going to try this at home. Watching Olympic Games with your buddies are so much fun not to mention the foodies and drinks :)