Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thank You-Update on Ceekay

Elves for Ceekay - - -

I can't begin to tell you how much Laura and I thank you for all you have done to make Ceekay's dream of taking her family to Disneyland come true.  Blogland has the most generous and precious people in the world who always rise to any occasion and flood the heavens whenever prayer is needed.  

CK's son has been keeping everyone updated on her FB page and his last report says she has turned the corner and improving so much.  This is his latest update - - -

UPDATE ON MOM: Praise The Lord!! Mom is BACK!! She finally got some good sleep, her numbers look great, she is more orientated and knows what's going on and all of her tests have come back normal/negative!! She's eating a bit, sleeping and talking fairly normal! She's back everyone, I got my Mom back!! Woo Hoo!

Thank you to everyone who prayed for her, sent her flowers, stopped by, sent messages, called, text, etc!! We certainly appreciate it! We aren't out of here yet, but it looks like we're almost there!

God is Good.

Love you Mama!!

Laura has sold most of her Elves ornaments that she donated to help raise money, you can see that post here
She is leaving the sale open for today, so if you still want one, today will be the last day.

I will leave the Paypal Donate button on my sidebar through Sunday.  I can't begin to thank you all enough for your fabulous generosity.  I think we are just about there with enough to full-fill CK's dream of taking her family to Disneyland.  You are all such a Blessing.

Thank you,


  1. Thanks for the update Marty. I'm so glad Ceekay is doing better and that her dream is about to become reality!!


  2. Such good news! Thank you so much for the update. Did you get my email? I can try again.

  3. Thanks so much for the update! So glad to hear Ceekay, "is back!" Praise God! :)

    Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  4. That is wonderful news. He loves his mama:}

  5. I am so glad Ceekay is doing much better and pray all continues go well for them . Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving .

  6. such wonderful news, I was wondering how she was!!!!

  7. Marty,
    Wonderful news!! Please give Cee Kay my best and my thoughts and prayers are with her!! I just made my donation to help make her dream come true.....


  8. I have such a thankful heart.....

    You're on the list my friend. :)

  9. I am so thrilled to hear that!
    Hugs Marty and Happy Thanksgiving too!

  10. That's wonderful news Marty! Thanks so much for keeping us updated!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  11. Just got home from a T-Day trip and I'm thrilled to read the news on CeeKay. Blessings... You all have the BIGGEST HEARTS EVER! Thank you, Marty. May God bless you and your gift to others.

    Love, Rebecca