Saturday, December 15, 2012

Bargains and Gift Ideas

I am totally crushed by the senseless violense yesterday and the unimaginable heartbreak that these parents are trying to endure.  I Praise the Lord and know that He is in control, but this is a time when we all question.
My thoughts and prayers are with all the families and the entire community.

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Yesterday I was at the mall most of the day trying to finish up the last of my shopping.  Like most of us, there are usually a couple of people that are really hard to buy for, so those were the last on my list.

Two of them are cooks, so I think I found some really cute ideas.  Hallmark Cards has a great collection of these fabulous silver measuring spoons.  I chose these because they say Peace, Love, Faith and Joy. So cute and such wonderful detail.  They are $21.95, so not bad for something for that cook who has everything.
(Sorry, my red shirt just kept showing up in the reflection no matter what I tried.)

 My second cook wanted Paula Deen's wood signature salt cellar, so I ordered that and then went looking for something to go with it.  Amazon had these Gourmet Salts from around the world.  I thought that was perfect to go with the cellar.  $10.99,  and something totally unusual.

Next on my list is a granddaughter that is super stylish and loves bling.  I think this sweatshirt is just the cutest and it totally looks like her.  If you have one on your list, I found this at Forever 21 for $22.95.

Now for the real bargains.  Michaels has all of their Christmas decor on sale at 50% to 80% off.  Time to buy a few extra pieces that you might need for next year.

I found a couple of these sitting reindeer at GW this year, but this standing one will finish off a vignette perfectly and for under $5 it's a good buy.

 I also love these large swags.  These are over 14" long and usually way more than I want to pay at $14.99, however at 60% off, I found two that will help replinish some that have seen better days.  This one is silver with soft greens. (I still need to fluff and rearrange the stems.)

 This one is gold with some copper.  So I got two for less than the price of one.

That about ended my day of shopping.  I just have one more gift to find and I can call it done.  How about you, are you almost finished.

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  1. I'm happy to say I've completed all my shopping - now on to the baking (my favorite thing of all!). Mary

  2. Marty you found great deals! I need to get over to Micheals and see if there tree's are marked down yet.

  3. Hi Marty, I love the spoons. How sweet for a cook. Looks like you got some great deals. If I don't see you again have a wonderful holiday.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  4. Great bargains dear Marty! I love the measuring spoon..even with the red refection, lol..My prayers go out to the families that lost children in this new tragedy, and so close to C'mas...sad,sad,sad!! God bless you and yours.

  5. you found lots of great items at a good price...
    might have to get one of the blingy sweatshirts for my daughter- so thanks for that, especially.

    Prayers for all folks everywhere who hearts are in pain- for those who are new worthy and the thousands of others we often never hear of... Too much heartache and all too often it takes an event such as this for it to be acknowledged by the masses.
    God Bless Us- Every ONE.

  6. Love those spoons, Marty, and I'm not even what I'd call a "cook"! : ) I got the last of my gifts the other day and everything is wrapped and popped in stockings now. Time to sit back and enjoy the season!

  7. This year Papa and I have made all our gifts using our photography . I love all you have here soo pretty ! Have a good day !

  8. Marty, I am so behind on visiting! Love your header. Just need a couple of things and I am done!

  9. Merry Christmas Marty! I am local to that horrible tragedy in Newtown. We have SO MANY friends there. It IS the most wonderful little town with old fashioned values and when you are there you always get such a warm feeling from everyone. This last week before Christmas just can't be the same this year. We are waiting for the release of ALL THOSE "Precious Babies Names"... Thank you for praying for them
    Big Squishy Hugs,

  10. I love those swags you got..and a good price with the sale.
    I think I am just about done. It's funny but I always buy for my hard-to-please people first because I figure the rest of them are a piece of cake. I love the idea of the specialty salts!
    Blessings- xo Diana

  11. Great buys this week-end for you. I need to head to Michael's too. I love the bargains. Those measuring spoons are adorable, and a great idea of a variety of cooking salts. Oh, goodness, my shopping is not done yet. I have some difficult ones to buy for also and I just can't seem to find the right gift for them. Thanks for sharing all your bargains and gifts. Hugs, Karie (and yes, prayers are being said for all involved with the tragedy in Connecticut. What terrible heartache)

  12. Those are some fun gifts Marty! I love the salts of the world and that blingy sweatshirt.
    I should probably go see what my Michael's has too. You found some good deals there.

    Have a great day.

  13. Marty,
    I, too, join your prayers for the families of those affected by this senseless act.
    You, my dear friend, have done it once again!!! Great finds!!! A couple of items to complete "Mr. Ed's"and the "GREEN" for the stockings!!!

  14. Hi Marty! Lovely gifts and decor. I especially like the unique measuring spoons. And yes, it's so difficult to even try to imagine what the parents are going through, who lost a child because of an insane man....

  15. I love all your little picks here they're gorgeous! I hope this Sunday brings some peace and comfort tothe world. We need it!

  16. Love those measuring spoons. I just have a couple of more and then I am done. Have a wonderful day.

  17. What wonderful buys! My husband and I shopped a couple of weeks ago, and when we got home, I finished up online. However, I am still waiting for a first edition signed John Grisham that I purchased on ebay for my son to come in. The seller assures me that it is on its way, but I am still a little nervous!

  18. Hi Marty, you found some stellar gifts. Thanks for swinging by to say hello and remind me to link up, I've added the link so I'll be swinging up to join the party. lol
    hugs ~lynne~

  19. I think I am just about done with my shopping and almost done wrapping it all. Looks like you found some awesome gifts.

  20. Hi Marty, Your thrift shopping must be wonderful. I love the reindeer and the swags you located. And yes, I always have one or two who are hard to buy for. We give hints as in saying exactly what we'd love to have. That does help even if it takes the surprise out of the fun or is it the fun out of the surprise?
    Merry Christmas,

  21. Marty, I love the swags! The Gourmet salt is so original. Great gift!

  22. Oh those spoons are so gorgeous. I just love the sparkly jacket too. I bet you are all done shopping. I am getting there. Very behind this year but hubby had been helping so I am feeling more ready now. Need to buy all the gift cards.

  23. I haven't been to Goodwill for...forever! I need to make a sweep through there but my heart is dragging this Christmas season. So much is happening.
    You helped to inspire me this morning, Marty! Thank you!