Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Let's Have A Cloche Party - Winter Cloches

We havn't had a cloche party in a while, so I think we need to have one to show off all our winter vignettes we are creating after the Christmas decor came down.  Here are a few that were shared last year, tons of fun inspiration.

2805 shared this fabulous Cloche display last year.  Isn't it perfect for winter.

This beautiful display is from Cabin & Cottage

Back Porch Musings always creates the most wonderful vignettes.  Isn't this one stunning.

I love this pretty silver vignette featuring an heirloom photo under the cloche created by Oakview Cottage.

Apothecary Jars are wonderful "cloches" too, so be sure to get those out and decorate them.  Isn't this a beautiful vignette by Cottage Wishes

Another apothecary jar and a hurricane too from Martha's Barefoot Designs.

Patricia Ann has such a pretty wire cloche.  Remember, you can use all kinds of material cloches, they are all fabulous.

February 11th, so mark your calendars and get all those wonderful cloches, apothecary jars, terrariums, birdcages and anything else you can dream up to decorate inside of fluffed and let's party.  Our Winter Cloche Party will replace Table Top Tuesday .  So put all those vignettes together and let's have fun.


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  1. Good Morning Marty,
    I will mark my calendar! I need to look for a new cloche, so much inspiration here.
    Hugs friend,

  2. Sounds like a great idea, Marty! I'll look forward to it. It's always a great way to get some inspiration.

  3. Marty,
    Oh, what fun!!! A Winter Cloche Party @ Marty's!!!
    Your featured guest cloches are full of inspirations!!!
    Grabbed your button, so I'll go make the announcement!
    Thank you for always inspiring, dear friend!!!

  4. I've already put it on my sidebar and can't wait!

  5. Yupiiiiiiiiiiiiii..such FUN!!! I love your cloche parties Marty and yes it's been a while and that reminded me to place hubby's cake under one; I just love them so much, lol Big hugs,

  6. It will be fun to see everyone's entries, Marty! xo Diana

  7. Oh Boo! Now that I am in school I write my posts about 2-3 weeks in advance and Valentine projects are lined up.

    I'll still love to see what everyone else links up though. :)

  8. Sounds great!! I'll plan on trying to be there.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  9. YAY!
    I'll be here! Thanks for the invite, Marty!

  10. I absolutely LOVE Cloches! I will be there! Can't wait to see everyone's gorgeous displays!!! =D

  11. I just wrote it down, this will be fun!!! Can't wait. XO, Pinky

  12. I'll try to be ready... It's very unlikely, though, as my only cloche is in a box somewhere due to renovation going on... We'll see, I kind of like the challenge of creating beauty in the middle of the chaos!

  13. I love seeing all the cloches. Great collection!

  14. I've marked the date, now lets hope I can get it together. lol hugs ~lynne ~

  15. What a lift to see my vignette included! Thanks so much, Marty! Your cloche parties are always fun!

  16. Went to homesense this afternoon and they had two in the store. Just bought one, but I was thinking to myself that it should be time for another cloche party. It was at homesense that I bought a green and a pink cloche, never seen anything like them sense. - friend broke my green one. Looking forward to it.

  17. Oh, it sounds like such fun! I'm getting my cloches out tonight!

  18. Hi Marty,

    I am trying to link up to your cloche party for Feb. 11th. This is my first time and having a little difficulty. I am following your directions and I get to the place where I return to your post and find "Linky icon" . What does this look like? Is it the "Cloche Party Button"? Sorry to bother you, but I really want to come and learn how. I do have am IMAC computer.

    Thanks, Carol

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