Thursday, July 11, 2013

Cooking From The Garden

Our garden has been producing so many wonderful tomatoes, zucchini, onions and watermelon.  I love it.  I have used onions like crazy in every recipe you can imagine.  We love them.  I also made some fabulous Onion Rings.  You can find the recipe here.

These are the ones DH is getting ready for me to use next.  Gorgeous aren't they?

I just had to use some more of those fabulous onions.  When the temps are 118, the oven or even BBQing is just too hot.  So the crock pot is the best.  A fabulous hearty roast with no effort at all.  Potatoes, onions and carrots.

 A sale priced chuck roast is always super tender.  Rubbed well with garlic and pepper, then add half water and half broth to almost cover.

 Just put it in the crock pot on low and forget it for the day.  Dinner will be fabulous.

Aren't these beautiful.  Everyday we've had at least two bowls full like this.  They're so sweet, I love to eat them just like grapes.

Besides tossed salads, I love them in pasta salads too.  You can find this Chicken Salad recipe here.

Sometimes a plant hides behind the leaves and you miss it, such as this absolutely huge Zucchini.  Now if you are going to roll in a cornmeal/flour egg wash mixture and fry, it will be fine, but sometimes when they are this big they tast a little pithy, or bitter.  However they are perfect for baking.

How about some Zucchini Bread.  This is a fabulous recipe and makes two loaves.  Perfect for now and one to freeze for later.

Doesn't this look yummy.  Just letting it cool then I will add a powdered sugar glaze to the top.  Wrap it well and put one in the freezer for later.

Since I had the oven going and I was in the mixing mood, I also had some over-ripe bananas, so how about a loaf of Banana Bread too.  This is the most moist Banana Bread you will ever eat, it has sour cream as the secret ingredient.  Love it.

Doesn't this make your mouth water too.  I think I will glaze this one also, and put it in the freezer for later too.

All three glazed with a little mixture of milk and powdered sugar.  I poke a few small holes so some of the glaze runs inside for extra yumminess.

Here they are, tucked away in the freezer in the laundry room.  Now when I need something sweet or a hostess gift, I can just wrap one of these in a pretty cloth and basket and I am ready to go.


I LOVE watermelon and I have eaten as much as we can grow.  We just brought this one in and it is so sweet and so good.  I just cut it in cubes and enjoy.

I love having the garden and love being able to cook from it.  How about you, do you have a garden?

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  1. Wow ! Lots of good stuff in your garden ! I love my garden , haven't gotten much out of it yet , but hopefully soon :)

  2. I loved seeing your well used and loved recipes written in hand on recipe cards. I can't think of the last time I wrote out a recipe and it is something that is becoming lost. But, recipes on the computer are so convenient :-)

  3. Your garden is really producing! Your roast sounds yummy too.

  4. We have a big garden, but are not as far along as you are. We just finished up peas, and looking forward to the beans, zucchini, tomatoes, and peppers. I also enjoy having those veggies frozen in the freezer for use in next winter's soup. I'll soon have zucchini bread in the freezer, too - I use the same recipe as yours!! Sally

  5. Your garden is really producing well, Marty!

    We actually planted onions for the first time this year - no h arvests year due to the 2 weeks of heavy rain - but hubs put on his boots and walked out to the back 40 to check and thing sare still growing - so hopefully we haven't lost much!

    I made banana bread last weekend - remember those peels make excellent compost. Eggs shells, peels and coffee/tea grinds all chopped and mixed up makes perfect quick compost! I read that in a blog recently, not sure which one but loved the advice to non compost makers. We have a really giant compost bed way out back, but sometimes quick tiny ones work even better! Plus one makes BREAD!

    Zuc bread is my all time favorite.

    I loved you used old menu cards - never see those anymore, reminds me of growing up.


  6. Everything looks delicious! Nice produce from your garden. I go to my local farmers market on Saturday. I have the exact recipe cards you do. They have been around a long time. You have inspired me to make a pot roast . We have been grilling most of the time. Thanks for sharing. Yummy looking onion rings too !

  7. You lucky girl! We've had so much rain the past 3 weeks and we haven't picked a tomato out of our garden yet! We've had a few zucchini and cucumbers, but the bees haven't been out in the rain, so we haven't had enough to share with our neighbors.

  8. Oh boy yum! I'm sitting here hungry and now I'm wishing I had something like that banana bread to eat! You do your pot roast like I do- and it's so good! I don't have vegetables just flowers but the farmers market isn't a bad way to go! Stay cool!

  9. I''ve done some gardening before in northern CA.

    In Az I've only done landscaping.

    Is there a book to learn how to grow food in the desert?

    Thank you.

  10. Your treasures from the garden look so yummy, especially the watermelon. I was just thinking about making your Onion Ring Recipe again. I've made it several times and I think it's about time again! They're easy to make and so delicious.

  11. Everything looks so yummy!!! How fun to have your own garden!! I've got some ripe bananas....think I'll make some bread too!~~Ang

  12. What a fabulous garden you have! It all looks amazing and delicious!!! You are making my mouth water just reading it all!

  13. everything looks so wonderful. I love fresh produce too (especially those grape tomatoes)

  14. WOW, Marty ... I am so impressed with the beauties from your garden! It all looks amazing, as do the yummy meals you make with them! I'm jealous!

  15. I TOLD myself "Do NOT click on this food link while you are getting hungry" LOL I did anyway and now I am craving onion rings :)

    I used to make a lot of zucchini bread. I'd make small loaves and freeze them and later use them as gifts. My grandma's recipe...around here somewhere but oh yours look good.

    All your food looks good. YUM :)

  16. Me again..HA! BEER in the onion rings recipe. I THINK I should make this one when my sons are over. They can drink some beer, help out, and if they have enough beer? They might be in the mood to do the dishes too! :)

    I will be making this recipe shortly I know that / Thanks for posting it! :)

  17. Oh gosh, now I'm hungry, Marty! This makes me miss having a garden! Those onion rings look fabulous (I just pinned your recipe) I've been using my crock pot for meat and veggies this past week too-a life saver when it's hot! I love how you're using up the bounty from your garden!


  18. Congrats on your garden being so productive Marty-that's great! Love the saying on your recipe card, I saw it on a cast iron trivet in Lancaster, PA when I was a kid:@)

  19. My you were on a roll, weren't you?! We have a small veg garden and a greenhouse. I love growing our own salads etc but we were a little late planting this year and so are only now just starting to have a few things. Haven't baked many cakes recently but your recipe looks so tasty! Joan

  20. Everything sounds and looks yummy!! We are just now getting some veggies in.

  21. You really have made the best use of your garden! Love the zucchini and banana breads and freezing them is a great idea! I'm hungry just looking at the watermelon!! Thanks for linking to TTF this week.


  22. Your garden is doing fabulous! We have had radishes, lettuce, and peas from our garden and there are tomatoes on the vine. The star attractions in our garden right now are inedible: flowers!
    Your recipes sound great. I have made roast in the crock pot quite often although not lately. Sounds good and thanks for the reminder to try it again soon.
    xo Beth

  23. awesome...simple but you done a great job,love it...

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  24. Oh Marty,
    Everything looks so yummy and your recipes and creations, wow~
    I am so impressed with your garden!
    And with the temps so high it must take a bit of work to maintain it so well.
    Your hubby must have the magic touch and we know you do.
    Big Hugs friend,

  25. Wow, Marty! Your items from your garden are lovely! Your recipes all look yummy! The watermelon has my mouth watering! There is nothing like garden fresh veggies and fruit!

  26. Oh Marty, you make me want to spend the day in the kitchen! I love your old stained and smeared recipe cards! Brings back so many memories! Zucchini bread, onion rings, good old pot roast, I want to make it all! Maybe after I get the house clean and the laundry done, sigh...

  27. Marty,
    I do miss our Vegetable gardens of days gone by in SouthEast Kansas!!!
    All your vegetables look so~o~o healthy and YuMMy!!!
    Thanks for sharing and enJOY the fruits (vegetables) of your labors, dear friend!!!

  28. I love this post! Especially the hand written recipes!! I also love eating from the garden....sometimes I love it so much the garden goodies don't even make it into the house! Have a great day, Lori

  29. Thank you for the recipes..making a copy of the them. :)
    Also love onions! We use a lot of them too...wish we had planted a garden..but PH doesn't want one. No problem because the neighbor across the street brings me cherry tomatoes and zuchini all the time. :) Lucky us. Neat post, Marty. Really neat!

  30. I am going to try an attemp at onion rings today. Love your post.
    I am hoping you will stop over sometime. Growing up, my best friend was a Marty..