Saturday, July 13, 2013

Painting My Kitchen-Input Please

I have a bee in my bonnet and am thinking about painting my kitchen.  Now I know that not everyone likes a chocolate kitchen, but I have enjoyed mine.  Only problem is, we've been here now for 7 1/2 years and I think I need a new paint color and change.  Only question is what?

You've all seen my mini-kitchen makeover that we did when we moved in a million times.  If not you can see it here.  I hated the white walls, white appliances, white formica and white sink when we moved in.  Plus, the cabinets were really blonde.  I was able to darken the cabinets a little with some dark wax and of course the paint and granite made a huge difference.

 This is the view of my kitchen with me standing next to the breakfast table to my left and the family room to my right. It sits in the middle of the house as part of the great room combination of familyroom/breakfast area and kitchen.  No windows, but we do have huge windows in the adjoining rooms.

 This is the left side of the kitchen standing in the same spots.  You can see the opening that goes into the living/dining room and the hallway.  I still want to keep things neutral and I don't want to paint my cabinets.  I know everyone is painting their cabinets white or black, and I love that look, but I really want to keep my wood cabinets.  I just love the look of wood.   I am leaning towards the lighter color on the section of wall you see on the left.  That is the color that the breakfast room  and familyroom are painted.

This is another view and what you see as you walk in from the dining area. (Yes, different vignettes too.)

   I didn't like all the white in the beginning, so am I just going back to more of the same? My kitchen really is nice with the chocolate, so if it ain't broke - don't fix it.  What do you think?  Maybe being bored is not a good reason to paint, or is it?

Ok, ladies, give me some input.

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  1. Marty I had mine painted with chalk paint and a varnish on top. I used a grey on the bottom and an off white on the top. I'm very happy with mine and the finish is awesome! Here is a link if you'd like to look:

  2. Hi Marty, looks like some changes are coming your way. Can't wait to see what you come up with, I would go lighter, make those beautiful cabinets pop, the lighter color would take away the heavy feel of all the wood. Just a thought... fondly ~lynne~

  3. Hi Marty, after looking at it for a while I can vision a third color such as a vintage green and paint only the backsplash area then maybe accessorize with punches of light green as well. The chocolate brown is really very nice and your cabinets are beautiful. I could vision a big bunch of green toned hydrangeas nestled on your island with a pretty green kitchen towel hanging on your cow.

  4. I agree that you shouldn't paint your cabinets--they are beautiful and once it's done, it's done! Since you like to use warmer tones in your kitchen, what about a pretty, light gold or green, or even salmon? If you keep it light, it will give you the freshness you desire, but still allow you to change up your accessories from time to time.

  5. Oh Marty... your kitchen looks like a dream... please don't paint your cabinets and such... just my two~cents worth... alot of the all white rooms are pretty, but some with no color at all look cold and sterile to me... like when I was in the hospital with my last two surgeries... I don't follow trends, but I am seeing more and more in favorite magazines that ladies are getting back to color in their homes more than all white... I do love white accessories... I think they add alot to a room... but to me, your kitchen looks just beautiful!!!... you have such a way with setting up your little vignettes that makes it cozy and welcoming... xoxo... Julie Marie

  6. I love your kitchen. I am still figuring out what to do with mine, but I have knotty pine and you can understand the mess I will be in. HA! HA!

  7. I completely understand your dilemma, Marty, as I'm toying with painting my foyer which is a dark brown like your kitchen! Do you know the name of the color in your living room? It seems like such a warm color but not white! I think it would be nice in your kitchen as well. Have a great weekend!~~Ang

    1. Valspar - Fioli Antique Lace. It is a really soft beige with a touch of camel in the undertone. I do love that color.

  8. Right now turquoise is a great color. I think it would show off your cabinets better. And you're so good at decorating that I can't wait to see what you end up doing!

  9. Hi, Marty - I have always enjoyed your kitchen and the changing vignettes. Looking at it today, I think it is the chocolate brown that lets your beautiful vignettes and cabinets just pop. Seems like it would all get lost in a lighter color??? If you really want to change colors, how about a different hue with the same intensity?

  10. Well,you and I both love the Wood and earth tones throughout our home and I love the chocolate you have now...but yes, it is a great excuse to change things when we get bored, the best ideas come out of been bored with the look we currently have! I will love a cream-yellow, or banana, it'll give the kitchen light, but it isn't white, either! I love this cheery hues of yellow! Big hugs,

  11. Those are really nice cabinets from the photos. Were you just thinking the wall color? A soft, sage green might be pretty with the cabinet and granite. Of course almost any shade of cream would work too.

    Also, since you like display, on the four upper cabinets against the wall you could have someone install glass inserts, or the upper corner cabinet you could change the insert to a chalkboard.

    I look forward to seeing what you do.

  12. I really like your kitchen. The cabinets are such an improvement over the awful oak you see throughout much of the valley.

    I am thinking that it might be easier to change your wall color and give you the change you desire. A nice green with a glaze perhaps?

  13. Sorry, Marty - I wouldn't change the colour - you finally have it perfect.

    I LOVE chocolate in the kitchen - it's warm, inviting, current/popular, invokes appetites and looks absolutely perfect with your cabs and counters as they are.

    It ain't broke - don't change. Honestly, why do it? Sincere advice here.

    Have a great weekend, big hugs.

  14. Marty,
    I think it would be beautiful to paint it the color that is under the that the same color on the walls? and it will be so pretty with the wood..can't wait to see your redo..
    love, Mona

  15. Marty,
    I love the chocolate color too. I personally would repaint the cabinets and leave the walls the way they are. I think a great color of paint on the cabinets would really pop on that chocolate walls and really change the feel of the kitchen. With the new products out to paint cabinets it is not hard to paint cabinets anymore. Your cabinets are beautiful in the wood but I really think painting them would give you a whole new feel to the room. Well my friend that is my 2 cents.
    What ever you do it will be smashing. I can't wait to see.

  16. Marty, I think you could lighten things up a bit and still have the contrast of your cabinets, but would suggest also a greenish color to bring out the beauty of the wood. Or a light gray with a green cast would be nice too. If you get too light, it might bleach out the contrast of your cabinets and that is probably why you did not like the white you began with. The brown is lovely too, but we all need a change sometimes just because. Thanks for sharing it all, you have such a beautiful home! Blessings, Linda

  17. Hi Marty! I love the chocolate color. It is so warm and inviting. What if you added more pops of color, maybe a nice burgundy red? I recently saw a color scheme using brown and they incorporated a sage green, pale yellow, a good burgundy red, and a taupe. It was lovely. here is the link to the color schemes. Sometimes changing the decorative elements in a room can give it a fresh, new look. Hope this helps!
    Blessings from Still Woods Farmhouse

  18. Hi Marty. That's it. No advice. You always do what it beautiful....well, I shouldn't say no advice....please don't paint it teal....

  19. Marty , I love what you have done with your kitchen upgrades. I love the Island and the cabinetry. Your chocolate color is delicious...but if you are like me, I like some change every now and then with the colors.

    I love the light color seen on the island..( almost a light tan color(which could be how the light is picking it up too)...but almost like what your wall color is also..

    I am finding myself fond of a pumpkin spice color...nothing too light and not orange ! But almost a rust color but not too deep...that would be beautiful with the cabinets and the granite island. Sage green is also a favorite color of mine...I am always in favor of pops of "the burgundy red.. but not so much purple"..
    And I love taupe!
    Is your kitchen d├ęcor in the Tuscan or country flavor? I would say any of those colors are great for either one...Hard decisions with a world of color! But I'm saying...try something new in the Pumpkin spice/ taupe/ sage green.. sure makes you hungry and well fitting for the kitchen! lol ...Your home is beautiful! Cant wait to see what you do!

  20. So many great ideas. I would definitely not go with the same color as the other rooms, as I don't think your kitchen would pop like it does now. can't wait to see what you decide. xo Laura

  21. Marty, I think the cream color on your island would look good on the walls. It really looks good on your island and meshes well with your cabinet wood. Love your kitchen any way you paint it. Looking forward to see what the outcome is.

  22. Marty, you have excellent I'm sure you don't need any more advice...except...please don't paint your cabinets! They are beautiful just as they are! ;)

  23. I love your kitchen Marty. I think the color you have in the living room would look great...or a touch lighter or darker. It's always so difficult to chose a color for yourself. Hope you're having a great weekend!

  24. Hi Marty,

    I have a pop of lime green under the counter, where the barstools are, and the face of my fireplace facing the kitchen. Then I have green accents and currents I made in the same color. It really goes well with stainless and gray/white/green/black countertop and cabinets.

    Maybe just changing some of your items on the top and on the counter, with a special accent color you really like. It will make your chocolate seem like a new color!

    Good luck!


  25. I say go for it and paint the walls. It is not a large space that needs to be painted and it is just paint. If you decide you want to go back with a warmer color later on you can. I always love what you do so I know it will be beautiful no matter what.

  26. Hi Marty,
    You have a lot of style so I think whatever you do it will look fabulous. But if you're tired of the chocolate {which looks great, BTW}, I would pull out one of the creamy/gold colours from your granite or the floor. One thing I do know, you will make it look wonderful!


  27. Looks nice, I think I would leave the chocolate on the walls but add a nice stone and glass backsplash. I think that would make a world of difference.

  28. I'd try Universal Khaki//sw color ,which is a lovely rich color with green undertones.. I'm thinking if you go too light you'll bring out the yellow base tone in your cabinets. a khaki would help neutralize that.. accessories and vignettes would pop nicely off that color too.

    good luck~!

  29. Wow Marty, you've gotten a lot of different input so I'll mix it all up a bit...
    Wallpaper with a pretty tan & cream toile everywhere except your backsplash areas (including the white wall with your cow above the picture) That would be pretty!
    Your kitchen really does look beautiful as is, so you really don't need to do a thing!!! :)

    It was fun looking! :)

  30. What about adding a tile backsplash that will really pick up the light from your under cabinet lighting? There are some pretty and inexpensive porcelain subway tiles that really have a nice shine to them and would look great with the cabinets, the granite, and the chocolate brown. I always love the look of a white backsplash but there are a lot of other choices! Your kitchen looks great but I totally understand the need to tweak things every once in a while.
    Can't wait to see what you do :)

  31. Hi Marty! I love the color that is painted under your island. Would that work? It would be a change and would lighten it up. Your style is always great, so whatever you choose will be wonderful. Why is choosing paint colors soooo hard?? Best of luck. xo

  32. First off, I just love the size of your kitchen, the island, granite and wood cabinets, I guess just all of it! I would leave the cabinets as they are. Although I love the look of white, you have to have real wood sometimes. I think a nice compromise would be to meet in the middle and do a beige or tan in keeping with the warmth of the cabinets. I had moss green as an accent in my kitchen and it got old really fast and I think many colors do as opposed to neutrals. I like to pick up color in accessories.

    I know you will make the right choice. Have you thought of getting any of the sample jars of paint? You could dab a few on and look at it in all sorts of light to see how it shows up.

    Good luck! :)


  33. Your kitchen looks fabulous. I love that you are drawn to chocolates and colors other than whites. I've always admired your style because of that.


  34. I've always loved your the chocolate!!! But I understand when a change is needed. You have all warm colors in your home and it is so welcoming because of that. How about a pale sage green or very pale salmon with a glaze??? The green would offer some change yet you can still use all your same accessories, and the salmon would complement the rest. Thank you for leaving the wood cabinets unpainted, love the warmth of wood!!! Be careful of the beiges and taupes and almonds, don't know how they would look with the wood....just my take....I know you will come up with something amazing!!!

  35. Unlike many of the responders, I see nothing wrong with painting the cabinets. I would do it. One of my neighbors painted hers and it looks fabulous. I would also lighten up the walls to an ivory color.

  36. Hello love :)
    I like your chocolate brown, but you could always go to a little darker tone of the color you have in the hallway......kinda like a paper bag brown....but a nicer color.

  37. Ohhhh.....or a pretty cranberry color :-)

  38. I am a color girl Marty so I don't know if I can give the best advise.
    But I do like the idea of some of the green's golds people have suggested.
    Even if you just paint your back splash a contrasting color, I think that would be nice.
    I wouldn't go back to the almost white in the kitchen.
    I think kitchens need color and especially without a window.
    I know the rage right now is the farmhouse whites. But seriously I think that looks good in a farmhouse. I see too many try to make an urban house look farmhouse and to me it just doesn't quite work.
    Anyhoo, I know since you have amazing taste and decorating skills it will look amazing!
    And that bee in the bonnet saying is adorable!
    Hugs friend,

  39. I just thought of one you might like Marty.
    Pat @ BP Musings has her kitchen painted a color called sticks and stones.
    And she has her wood cabinets that are similar in color to yours.
    It's a very nice combo.

  40. Tough decision. I am a lover of neutral colours so I love your kitchen chocolate, but also love the soft tan in the breakfast room. The choc colour is very warm and cozy, while the tan is cheery and fresh. Whichever you decide to do will be awesome either way.

  41. I wouldn't change it MUCH as it is just gorgeous as is!

  42. Well, in my humble opinion, "it ain't broke"! :) Love it just like you have it!! I personally use lighter neutral colors on my walls, but your kitchen looks wonderful as it is!
    Thanks for your visit, and have a fabulous day!!

  43. Your cabinets and kitchen look great and I like the dark colour you chose. I guess it depends on how bored you are with your kitchen. If you don't want a change, then it looks beautiful as is. If you are really wanting a change, then painting the walls would give the most oomph. I think the ideas presented, of a lighter shade or greenish for more contrast from the other rooms, are great ideas. You have great taste so I know that whatever you choose to do will look great.

  44. Marty, everything really looks great in your kitchen, but if you're like me, I have to have a change once in a while. I would put stone tiles around the backsplash in a similar color to your floor. I think it would lighten up the whole area and also tie in with your floor. The tiles would also add some texture. The other walls in the kitchen area, I would paint the same color that's on the front of your center island (which is lovely).
    I know whatever you do will be beautiful.

    Have a wonderful day!

  45. I love it! "a bee in my bonnet" I have not heard that for awhile. I would have to go lighter, I just don't like darker colors...maybe a light soft yellow? Good luck with the choices!

  46. Hi Marty,
    Her's my two cents worth ~ I have similar color cabinets to yours, maybe just slightly darker(they are Maple w/a Mocha glaze), but I painted our kitchen walls a pale buttercream yellow and they look great w/that color. I think if you go too light w/the paint, there won't be enough contrast.

    I'm sure it'll look pretty no matter what you choose, but maybe you are feeling like 'lightening' the color just a bit.


  47. I have had eight paint samples on my wall for six months trying to figure out which way I want to go in my kitchen, so I may not be the person to offer painting advice. But, since you asked. I think you'd like a dark golden yellow color that looks fall-ish - like the color of squash. I think it would look good with your roosters/french farmhouse sort of look. But again, I'm no color expert here!

  48. Marty,
    Your kitchen is lovely!
    I adore that you love wood finishes and were able to darken the wood cabinets with stain.
    I suggest you tape a few "green hued" paint chips to the back kitchen area,
    take some photos and then let it rest. Green is a restful color.
    We have it in our Master Bedroom and in the lower level Family Room.
    Green is easy to live with during every Season of the year. . .
    and amazing against your other Earth toned and neutral hues throughout these adjoining areas!!!
    Whatever you choose. . .will only enhance your already beautiful home!!!

  49. I so envy your big kitchen mine is so tiny that I can barely turn around in it. Hope you have a great day.

    Heidi’s Wanderings

  50. Hi Marti,

    I'm afraid I don't have a good suggestion for what you should do. You see, we just painted our wood cabinets SW Dover White last summer, and we LOVE them. But...the cabinets hadn't been altered in any way since the house was built 40 years ago. They were really in bad shape. We kept the box framework, and just had new door and drawers installed and had it all painted Dover White.

    I think you should keep your cabinets just like they are since you really like them. If you want a change, you could paint your walls the color of your dining room and family room, or even a different color -- perhaps the khaki color that Sonny suggested. We painted our kitchen walls SW Tea Biscuit, which is a soft, cheerful yellow. It looks great with white cabinets, but not sure how it would look with your brown cabinets.

    You do have great taste, so I'm sure whatever you decide will look good. :) Visiting from Amaze Me Monday; have a wonderful week!

    Denise at Forest Manor

  51. I really like the dark's pairs nicely with your cabinets and counters. Unless you were up for refinishing your cabs- and they are truly nice the way they are-- I would stick with your current colors! It's different and I like it!

  52. I really like the chocolate on the walls and the way you have it, but if you were going to do some painting, I like the idea of a sage-y color on the walls.
    You have great taste, so I'm sure whatever you do, it'll look great!


  53. I think you need to keep a dark color if you do decide to change. I think a lighter color will just wash everything out.
    I like to change things up, so I get it. "If it ain't broke...." That was funny. I try all the time to fix what isn't broken.

  54. My advice would be to buy a sample of some clours you'd like there and try them next to your wood cabinet. I think a lighter colour on the wall will make the cabinets look darker and you want to see if you like it before paiting the whole room!

  55. If you have the time and the money you may as well do what makes you happy. You could be doing a lot worse things when bored. I also think Magali (above my comment) has great advice.

  56. Well you've gotten a lot of good advice here.....I've stared at it a bunch and I thought about the lighter beige color you have nearby. I'm just not sure about it with the white appliances. I believe it still needs to be a warm tone. Lightening it up to nutmeg color might work well. The key is to keep it warm so it works with the wood cabinetry. (I am not one to paint good wood either). I think the darker tone tends to make the white appliances stand out more, so I would reduce the contrast by lightening up the warm tone. Hope that makes sense!

  57. If you want to paint your walls then I would do several test colors by painting large pieces of poster board and taping them up underneath and above your cabinets to see what works for your kitchen...Lighting, sun light and wood tone can be tricky and if you want to accentuate the wood tone Blues, greens and creams usually do that best, but I would do 2 sheets in one color...and hang one on top and one on the bottom, just to see how the light affects your color choices as well as changes the tone of your cabinets.

    Good luck!

  58. Hi there. I won't paint my cabinets because I love the hickory that I chose. For whatever that's worth, I would leave them the way they are because they are beautiful. I'm sure this is a really bad thing to say, but how do we know that trends won't change at some point and we would regret it if we painted them? Just a thought. Anyway, if you are leaning toward lightening up the paint, go for it. It's just wall paint. Yes, it's a lot of work, but you can always paint again. I do love your home. You have great taste and you will choose well; either way.

  59. I agree, get samples you like and paint posterboard and put them under the cabinets so you can see what looks good to you. I love your kitchen but I understand needing a change. Like someone said earlier, it's just paint ... no big deal. Have fun with it! Can't wait to hear/see what you do.

  60. Your kitchen always looks so cute with the vignettes you come up with, but I would definitely go with a lighter color. You're my hero for not wanting to paint your cabinets. I think that everything painted white or grey is a trend that will come crashing down and maybe sooner than later. Do you ever go and look at model homes to get ideas on paint color? We just love to do that and get so many fresh ideas. If and when we paint our kitchen, breakfast room and family room, we are strongly thinking of white. It's fresh, it's forgiving, easy to touch up and goes with any other color you want to use in your decor. Just sayin'.

  61. Marty, Great idea -- I love kitchens with variation of wood and paint! Your new splash of color turned out so nice. I love your new vignettes, too! XO, Aimee

  62. Good luck with your decision making. A splash of color could do the job - maybe blue? And perhaps a change in the flooring? Just an idea. Good luck.

    Wonderful to have you at Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

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