Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Holiday Baking Party

                                                     Welcome to the Holiday Baking Party.

As your hostesses, we are thrilled you have joined us and we can't wait to see what all you guys are "cooking" up. 

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I pulled out my family's favorites to share.  These are tried and true recipes as you will notice by all the smudges on my recipe cards, but they are ones that are worth a try for your family and they might become your favorites too.

This is what my kitchen looks like right now.  (Well, not really, I am only showing you a kind of clean section.)

Here are a few of my family's favorites and the recipes.

These are Chocolate Crackles and definitely my youngest son's favorite of all.

I love a good Pecan Pie, and this one is the best ever.

Everyone loves Pumpkin Bread, and this recipe makes 3 big loaves or you can make a ton of small ones as gifts.

The one thing that really means Christmas to my family are the old fashioned Sugar Cookies.  As you can tell from the rolling pin and cutters, I have been making these for over 50 years.  My grown children, grands and great-grand expect them or it just isn't going to be Christmas.

Those old cutters sometimes leave the edges a  little rough, but they still work.

Topped with a sprinkle of sugar, they are perfect.  Let cool, shake off the excess and yummmmmmm.

Some ready for Thanksgiving and some already started for Christmas.

          Ok now, let's see what you have been baking, I can't wait to try out your favorite recipes too.

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  1. Those chocolate crackle cookies are a favorite around here too ! I linked up my last Years sugar cookies about 3 weeks the cookie madness will start :)

  2. I love the theme of this party. Looking forward to finding some new yummy recipes - starting with your chocolate crackles!

  3. So smart to bake ahead and freeze. This crinkle cookies are my favorite to make for friends and neighbors. My kids and I make them together - they roll them in the powder sugar. Fun memories of holiday baking. YUM!

  4. I love this post, Marty! Seeing your recipes written out on cards is so wonderful. Thank you for sharing them!

    I appreciate your hosting this party. I'm linking up a recipe for Pumpkin Cake that I've had for over 25 years. I'm so glad for a chance to share it! :)

  5. Thanks for hosting this super fun party, Marty! I love seeing your old recipes and the vintage cookie cutters. I have several like yours from my MIL and they are treasured and used each year. Making Christmas cookies is a big production in our house and a great tradition. Have a wonderful week.

  6. Wish I had a big ole slice of that Pecan Pie Marty! Thanks for a fun party, I look forward to checking in often for ideas and inspiration:@)

  7. Have nothing to share, Marty, but just wanted to say about your goodies, "Yum, Yum and YUM!"

  8. Love your recipe cards Marty! You have beautiful penmanship! Wish I could write the same, I blame the schools for not pushing us to do a lot of cursives! hahaha! thanks for sharing your most loved recipes!

  9. You are so right about sugar cookies and Christmas. My mom did it with my sister and I , I did it with my boys, I have done it with the grands ( when they are young you can bake the cookies ahead and just let them go to town with a tray and icing and sprinkles and such ) and if I made nothing else at Christmas it would be them! :)

  10. Hi Marty--Your cookie cutters and rolling pin remind me of my grandmother's. I even have her recipe cards, which look very similar to yours! With the weather just cooling off now, I haven't started "real" baking yet, so I just used a quick recipe that we love anyway. Thanks to all of the hostesses! Dee :)

  11. I am so glad I found your party, Marty. Maybe next week I will have something to share. When does it go live????

  12. Marty, you & I both have been making those "Chocolate Crackles" for years!! They ARE a family favorite here, too.
    Thanks for hosting this fun party idea. I hope you have a pretty apron to wear while you are baking.
    Pop over (no pun intended) to see some of the many I have made as gifts over the years.

    Fond Hugs,

  13. Oh Marty, I love breads, and your pumpkin recipe looks like a winner! I'm joining in the fun, adding 3 of my favorites in the mix, and I appreciate the party you gals have put together! Thanks for your visit earlier in the week. :)

  14. Hi Marty, thanks so much for inviting me to post my Autumn Tree Cake to this great party. I see lots I need to check out, and I'll be burning up Pinterest I'm sure. I can't get over you're having stuff in the freezer already - I feel like a slob! Ha ha, good for you. Take care - Dawn @ We Call It

  15. Your favorites are all of our favorites Marty! They all look delicious and I love that they are recipes you have used many times! Those are the best! Thanks for hosting!

  16. those all look so great! I just made up my baking list yesterday, and bought about 5 lbs of butter lol

  17. Thanks for sharing your recipes with us, Marty! My family loves the crackle cookies too.

  18. I love love love that you photographed your recipe cards, all smeared and loved from years of use! Your recipes look wonderful and I am so impressed at the stash of goodies already in your freezer! Hopefully this party will get me going to get a head start on baking now! Thanks for the recipes

  19. It all looks so GOOD! I got a sugar rush, lol!

  20. The cookies look yummy and I love your recipe cards!
    Also I have the same exact hart and diamond shaped cookie cutters, handed down from my grandmother

  21. Your baked goodies look gorgeous! It's a pleasure to be joining your party. Thanks for your sweet comment Marty!

  22. Hi Marty, Thank you sooo much for inviting me to your holiday bake party! :D I'm so glad to have found your site. That pecan pie has my name written all over it! Everything looks good, and I'm happy to be linking up with everyone. Have wonderful weekend.