Saturday, February 1, 2014

Semi Homemade-Super Bowl Menu

I can't wait for Super Bowl.  I love football and this is the big finale, so of course there has to be a party and tons of good things to eat.  We seem to make it a whole day of snacking, not a meal, just tons of Tapas.

I was sick for a couple of days, so we are going to do this Semi-Homemade.  (You know like Sandra Lee's cooking show)


Won Tons
7 layer Bean Dip & Chips
Chicken & Steak Taquitos
Mozzarella Sticks
Beef & Cheddar Bites
Pigs In a Blanket
Orange Chicken
Fried Rice
Boneless Chicken Wings

Here's my secret to semi-homemade.  All of these wonderful goodies can be cooked up really easy in the oven.

 Add a little more BBQ sauce to these and yum.

Now for the homemade part.  I make won tons from scratch.  Super easy and such a treat.  You can make these way ahead of time, just freeze and cook what you need.

1 lb. ground round generously seasoned with garlic salt.

 1 can diced green chilies

 Jack or/and mozzarella cheese

Won Ton Wraps

 Brown meat well then add the can of green chilies, cook together for 1 to 2 minutes.

 Add 2 large handfuls of the shredded cheese.

 Turn heat off and stir to melt and combine with the meat mixture.

 Beat one egg in a bowl and set aside to use when wrapping the won tons.

 Place a small spoonful in the center of the won ton skin -

 Roll up from one corn about 3/4 of the way - -

 Dip fingers in egg wash and rub on the two ends to moisten, then stick them together in sort of a bow fashion.

Place them on a cookie sheet and put in the freezer.

 When they re frozen, package them up in freezer bags in a single layer - about 25 to the bag - and return to freezer.  This recipe makes about 75.

Place frozen in hot oil and fry until golden brown.  These are small, so don't over cook.  Serve with salsa as a dip.

Fried Rice is one of my family's favorites and it is perfect to serve with the orange chicken and boneless wings for those that want more of a meal.  Super easy and can be made right before your guests arrive.  You can find my recipe here.

That's it, while all your store bought Tapas are cooking in the oven, fry up your won tons and then place everything on pretty platters.  Fill a large bowl with fried rice, arrange your dips and chips and you are done.  Let everyone help themselves to a large bucket filled with sodas, beer and wine.  Now just relax and enjoy the game.

I am joining the following parties:
Silver Pennies for Silver Pennies Sunday,Twigg Studios for Sunday Showoff Party
The Tablescaper for Seasonal Sunday,Stephanie Lynn for Sunday Showcase
Three Mango Seeds It's Party Time,  DIY Showoff for DIY Showoff Party
SL by Stephanie Lynn for Sunday Showcase

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  1. Sounds delicious, Marty! We are going to a friends tomorrow for Super Bowl. I have two dishes I'm making. One is a quick and easy dip with Velveeta and Picante Sauce and the other is a meatball dish, which is semi-homemade it uses frozen store bought meatballs.

  2. Make that Orange & BLUE chicken and you have the perfect menu. Go Broncos! Colorado has gone crazy this week over the upcoming Super Bowl. Just hope it doesn't run into "Downton Abbey". Sally

  3. Oh Marty, now that is some menu! Great ideas and I know they'll be a hit at your party!

  4. Sounds YUMMY Marty!! I'd rather have pickins all day instead of a meal.

  5. Drool! Since going gluten and dairy free, the finger foods are the ones I miss the most. It looks like you'll have a delicious Super Bowl.

  6. Great idea and I am SO going to use your won ton recipe!!!

  7. Aren't you smart Marty! There really are a good variety of frozen snacks available and your won tons look to die for! Have a great time!

  8. Yum! I will have one of each, except for the won tons - A plate full of those - Please!!!
    I know little to knowing about football, and it does not bother me others watching the games around me. But do have to admit I am a fan of many of the foods served.
    Hope you are enjoying the weekend!

  9. I have to try your won ton recipe. I've made them before, just different fillings and I appreciate the freezing advice. Have a great time tomorrow! :)


  10. Yummy! I love your wonton recipe....definitely going to try that!~Angela

  11. Marty, I want to be at your house for Super Bowl as your spread is much better than what we'll have here as we get our last football fix for a while.

  12. Marty,
    These looks so yummy. Thanks for the recipe and tips.

  13. Marty, I've never made won tons. Thank you for showing us your technique and recipe. Your menu sounds great and something we could all do.

  14. They look delightful and something I will definitely try out sounds delish thanks for the tut and making it seem so easy....

  15. Aaaaahhhh! 1 day too late, I had a superbowl party at my house,and all I did was Chicken chili I got from Kim, salsa I got from Tiffany and guacamole! This would be great, saving this for later, thank you Marty!!!!

  16. Super bowl or not! Much deliciousness!

    Great to have you at Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper