Thursday, July 31, 2014

Do You Know How Hard It Is To Match Checks

I love my check drapes in the family room.  They are so easy to work with and I can use any color in the rainbow with them, but trying to match the color would be a never ending test, or at least I thought it was.  I was shopping for some new cookware the other day.  I really need a new skillet and I wanted something heavy duty that I could also put in the oven.  I wound up in Home Goods, found the perfect one and of course had to browse through the kitchen accessories and linens while I was right there.  

Well as amazing as it may be, I found placemats that are the exact match to my curtains.

 See the color, it is exactly the color of my drapes.  I was so excited.  $1.99 and easy to clean plastic with a linen texture just like my linen check drapes.  I was able to find 8 of them, perfect.

 See the drapes.  The color really is the same.  How fun is this.

 I know, this is nothing earth shattering, but I am thrilled.  I love them and I think it was a fun find.

Oh and yes, I did find the perfect skillet too.  Isn't it a beauty.

 I have all kinds of plans for cooking up tons of good stuff with this beauty.

All in all I think I made out like a bandit today.  Great placemats and a fabulous skillet make for a perfect day.

So have you found any new treasures lately?

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  1. Oh, they look so nice! I love brown and whte and the checks are great! Such a good find.

  2. You always find the neatest things, Marty! Love how the placemats match perfectly!

  3. Your home is just so pretty! I love the round wood mirror and all the soft oranges. And those place mats-what a find!! They look perfect. Don't you love Home Goods?!

  4. That sure did make for a perfect day! I'm always finding treasures here and there! You did great with the checks!

  5. Wonderful Marty! I actually bought a few of those tablecloths to make drapes, after I saw yours, but the room I was going to use them in didn't work out. So I am saving them to use somewhere else.

  6. Hi Marty! Yay! They look nice and are perfect with your drapes. Your home is always so beautiful and I love your nice skillet too! My hubby bought me the red set of Paula Deen cookware a few years ago and the skillet which I use constantly is bent all out of shape! I just don't know how that happened but it's funny and the lid won't sit on top anymore. I guess I'm just too rough in the kitchen! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. I agree, Marty, that is a perfect shopping day! I love those placemats. They look great with your drapes.

  8. Great find Marty! Gotta love Homegoods!

  9. I was just telling the Mr yesterday that I wanted to get some new pots and pans for the kitchen downstairs and what you found is what I'd like to have. You also found a great match and deal on those placemats. Win/Win for you Marty!!!

  10. Those are great placemats! And the orange napkins on it is fantastic. You know I love that!!

  11. Perfect Marty! You couldn't have made better with the placemats, goodness, they look like they came together with the drapes! I love it when things like this happens!

  12. Great find Marty! Congrats!

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

  13. Home Goods never disappoints :-) Great finds Marty!

  14. You really did have a GREAT shopping day, Marty! Your placemats are a perfect match, and I love the tangerine napkins!

  15. I understand your excitement! Sometimes its the little things that make me happiest :-)
    They look really pretty Marty! And nice a skillet too!

  16. Wow the color is the same! They look so pretty (the curtains and the placemats)!

  17. Isn't it just fabulous when you find the pefect thing?? And lots of times it is at HG!!! Thery match the drapes so beautifully. I got some good batgains today too. Love it!!!

  18. Wow...they DO match perfectly...color and all. I love your dining room. It's my favorite room in your home.

  19. Great find on the placemats, you will use those forever!!! Can that skillet go in the oven?? That's what I've been looking for......

    1. Yes, it is oven safe. That is what I was looking for too, something that could go from the stove top to the oven.

  20. Lucky find and I totally love them with the tangerines napkins! Jane

  21. Finding what you need at great win!
    I have picked up a few little treasures over the summer

  22. I love the placemats that look like fabric but are really plastic. The protect the table so much more.
    What a great find and the price was perfect! :)

  23. I love it all Marty!! Just had to drop in and take a second to mention that you have been such a light in my blogging world. xo It has been something I have done for fun, but your constant encouragement and bright spirit has coached me on. Thank you for that sweet friend,


  24. Being a sewer, the title of your post had me thinking it was about sewing plaids! lol

    How perfect are these placemats?? Maybe it's not 'earth shattering' but it's truly the little things that make us happy, and this is one of them. They look great!


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