Monday, October 27, 2014

Magazine Glamour Shot

I was trying on several things the other day putting together a Holiday outfit.  I walked around the house making sure each piece felt really comfortable and was versatile enough to maybe create a couple of different looks.  I was also playing with yards of pearls and different ways to drape a scarf.

The doorbell rang, so I kicked off the shoes, and layed the scarf, pearls and purse down on the ottoman before I answered the door.  When I came back to pick everything up it suddenly struck me that this looked like one of those Magazine Glamour Shots you find in Vogue.

 This is a new pair of shoes I just bought.  Love the strappy look and so, so comfortable.

 The pearls and the vintage silver sequin purse I have had for years.   The fabulous scarf/shawl was a birthday gift this year from my dear friend CK.  I love it and it is soooooooo beautiful.

 Perfect with a little black dress.  Leave the pearls off and I can wear a sequin top and black pants with some flirty rhinestone earrings and have a second outfit.

I think these will be my Holiday accessories this year for sure.

Be sure to get all of your projects lined up for Inspire Me Tuesday.  Party goes live this afternoon at
 3 PM CMT.  Can't wait to see you there.

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  1. Marty you are always stunning no matter what you wear! But I must say whenever I see you you are always smartly put together.

  2. Marty, I have always said, you are a lady with class. Regardless if it is decorating your home or dressing yourself.

  3. Marty, this is too cute! It does look like a magazine spread! See? Even subconsciously, you are styling! These are beautiful pieces!

  4. So pretty, Marty! And how I love those shoes. Looks like your holiday outfit is as pretty as your home decor!!! Jane

  5. Your lovely accessories definitely looked like they were ready for a photo shoot, Marty! They are great additions to your wardrobe to mix and match, dress up or down, depending on the occasion.
    Mary Alice

  6. It's so fun when random things come together. They look so glamorous set upon that fur throw! You are definitely ready for the Holidays.

  7. Looks great Marty! I haven't even thought about outfits for the holidays yet...

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

  8. Marty your pretty accessories do look like a magazine shot. Such pretty items you have for the holiday. You will Sparkle! Very pretty.

  9. Yes, I can see that this would make for a pretty vignette. And what a great idea, I'm always choosing outfits last minute! Love the shoes, I am a shoe fashionista!! :)

    So sorry I haven't been by more. I'm sure that will change once our Midwest winters blow in! lol!

    Jane xxx

  10. You've created such a poised, timeless look. I really do love each piece and how you've pulled it all together for a seamless, classy look. XOXO

  11. Love it Marty, just beautiful and timeless!

  12. It sure looks like the pictures you find in glamour magazines. Elegant, timeless and so well displayed!

  13. This is such a creative post! And yes, your photos are top-notch. I have the hardest time accessorizing. Part of the problem is that our weather is so damp and rainy and cold at the holidays. Whatever we choose to wear is covered up by layers of outer wear. Oh to live in Phoenix~ at least at Christmas.