Thursday, October 2, 2014

Swapping Out Lamp Shades

Seems like when you notice one thing needs to be replaced, then you start to look at everything and find even more things that are in need of being replaced.  I am on a lamp and lampshade binge, and seems like several of my lampshades needed replaced.    

Finding just the right shade can be a real trial and error situation, but I think these new ones are perfect.

These are the shades that came with this lamp.  I threw them away so I can't show you, but again the fabric was a nubby linen and really, really dirty.  You can only dust something so many times and all those nubs just held onto all the dirt.  I live next to farmland, so we have new crops being planted and plowed all the time, super, super dusty.

I started looking for a replacement that wouldn't break the bank.  Lamp shades can be really expensive.  At Home (formerly Garden Ridge) has a ton of shades and styles to choose from and the prices are really reasonable.

I chose these silk shades for style and ease of cleaning.  No nubs to hang onto all that dust.

I think this is a great style for this lamp and it looks pretty when the light is on too, that's an extra plus.  These were $14.99 each.  I think that's really reasonable.

Love them and how they compliment the style of the lamp and the room.

Ok, I have new lamps and shades in several rooms, so now onto the next project.   If you missed my cozy fall bedroom makeover, you can check it out here

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  1. Your new shades are lovely Marty. They look great with the lamp base.

  2. Amazing how such a simple change can make a huge difference! I really like the lamp shade. I need to get a few new ones myself!

  3. The new lampshades are very pretty, Marty. They look beautiful on the lamps!

  4. Marty, your lampshades look lovely. You did good choosing the right style.

  5. Marty, perfect match for your lamps, so pretty!


  6. Marty, where oh where did you find those lamp shades? I love them! What a great choice!

  7. Those shades are just right and at just the right price! Great job...

  8. Beautiful lamp shades Marty. I wish I could do the same, swap and even replace some, but are very difficult to find them around here, at least just what you want!
    I love the shape of them.

  9. I like the new shape, Marty. That is a good price. I actually looked up a Garden Ridge (or At Home) and found there is one about 20 minutes away. I'm going to go check them out next week.

  10. Very pretty shades, Marty! They look so pretty in your room!

  11. Such elegance, Marty....I love it!

  12. Those lampshades are gorgeous and I think you got them for a steal! Beautiful bedroom

  13. Marty,
    Your new shades are just lovely...and a great price! What are lamp shades sooo expensive anyway!
    know what you mean about fixing up one spot...then you look around and another spot needs to be fixed up.
    Sheila from MyKentuckyLiving