Saturday, January 3, 2015

New Year - New Projects

As I am putting the house back together and making plans for some "big" changes this year, I am working on a few small things at the moment.

A simple project to start the year off - dressing up some 99c Store candles with black and white stripe tape.  This stuff is magical.

 I also got some new fabric to create a few new looks.

 Black with metallic gold dots.  Of course I had to have it.  This will make a fabulous pillow.

 I wanted the stripe and spots for table runners.  They might look fabulous layered together too.  I think there is even enough for a pillow also.

 I have been purging my accessories and refining my stash.  I've taken two storage tubs to goodwill so far and I have more to go through.  I need to stop being a hoarder.

Not much has changed, I've kept the same pillows plus this gorgeous beaded one that I got for Christmas.  

Some simple vignettes and I am calling it good for now - at least until I get the rest of the house put back together.

Paint and new drapes are on my to do list first this year.  How about you, do you have big plans already?

I am joining the following parties:

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  1. I love the metallics AND I can so relate to keeping too much. I too plan on many donation runs in the new year.


  2. I love the new metallic and you always freshen up your living room with great pillow choices! Yes, one of my New Year's resolution is just that...DO NOT BECOME A HOARDER!!!....and get rid of things you hardly use or like anymore.
    I am with you on this Marty, so glad you reassured me!
    My custom is to make a tea party for friends in January while I still have the C'mas décor and that goes off after the 6th., which is Three Kings Day. Lucky you!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Love the new fabrics and the striped tape! Look forward to seeing your new projects in 2015! Happy New Year!

  4. I love what you are planning on doing. We plan on getting our house painted this year and updating our master bathroom.

  5. I guess, we are in the same tracks, Marty.

    I been loading out lots of things from the attic and NO, I will not bring to the thrifty store. These all go to the recycle dumpsite.

    2ndly the block/white/beige is my color scheme too... started last Fall.

    Great minds, huh thinks perfectly alike.

    Have a blissful 2015 with your dear ones.


  6. Marty, your gold and black metallics are so pretty! I have been sorting and purging since I retired in Sept. I have taken I know at least 4 loads to Goodwill. I took a lot of my Christmas decorations to my daughter. She will sort through what she wants and donate the rest.
    My down fall is the unfinished bonus room we have. On top of that we have another good sized attic storage loft. It is real easy to stick stuff in those two rooms and forget about them. While I was working I just did not have the energy to keep on top of the purging. But I am making progress. I really think about what I buy now and when I bring something in, I take something out, it goes directly to the on going Goodwill Box.

  7. Marty,
    The stripes on those candles are stellar, dear friend!!!
    Love your home decor after the Christmas decor has been tucked away.
    I, too, kept it simple. . .but not bare.
    Paint and draperies sounds marvelous. . .Do you do house calls??? (wink)
    The majority of projects here will be to the front porch and back deck.
    I'm lovin' the black and white stripe fabric!!! A timeless classic!

  8. Marty I LOVE your new beaded pillow!! I have a few paint projects in the works;-)

  9. Marty...I really LOVE the candles. Is that Washi tape? I see that everywhere lately. I need some pattern in my living room...this is small but big for me! lol! Going to do it for sure. I went back to see your Year In Review. Girl, you have just a great decorating style you can call your own! My favorite is the wood cutting boards in the basket. My imagination just doesn't stretch that far!

    I hope you new year is off to a good start. Can't wait to see the changes you are already thinking of! :)

    Jane x

  10. I am cleaning and purging from master closet. Such a mess right now...but hopefully it will be better when all done! I should take pics of the mess to show the before! Ha! NOT.
    Happy new year Marty!

  11. Yep Marty new year and new change ups for me too. I am working on my dining room for a whole new look. Also doing some small projects to brighten things and feel a little change after taking all the Christmas down. Happy New Year and love your candles so pretty.

  12. Beautiful winter look, Marty. I am looking forward to all your marvelous 2015 projects. Jane

  13. Love your fabric choices Marty and your new pillow is beautiful! Looking forward to seeing more in 2015!

  14. Wow your home looks amazing already ! I love the fabric you have got they will be such beautiful cushions! Also those storage boxes are great, it is so nice that you have managed to condense them and keep those pretty shiny ones! Your living room has such a nice theme and feel to it !
    x Victoria @

  15. I love those fabrics...and you are always so very organized and do it so beautifully!...Happy New Year!!!

  16. love the black with gold dots the most! where'd you get it?