Monday, June 22, 2015

Summer Wardrobe Updates & A Feature

I like to have something easy and fun to throw on and run to the grocery store, doing errands or out to lunch.  Nothing fancy, just something presentable.  On a day to day basic, I am really very casual, jeans, capris and a tee shirt or blouse and I am done.  Simple makeup and simple hair finish off the picture.  

I get in such a rut and wear the same things all the time, but it was time to find a couple of new things to freshen up the wardrobe.  I love shirts or blouses because they just seem cooler than a tee when it is really hot. 

A light weight cotton shirt in polka dots.  Now how could I not buy this.  Perfect with jeans, or white capris and oh so cool and comfy.

 Crisp black and white.  This is so classic.

 Every year you need a new bright, crisp red tee.

 and maybe some new sandals, or espadrilles.   I messed up the tendon in my heel somehow, so finally after months of pain I went to the Podiatrist.  He gave me strict shoe orders if I want this to heal, so these cute little espadrilles will have to wait for a while. 

 Instead I am supposed to wear these (ugly) new running shoes from morning to night. Now I see others wearing these and they look fine, I just feel like I am hauling around boxcars they are so big.

These are the tennis shoes and sandals I bought this spring, totally banned.  The heels are too flat and no major cushioning.  The new running shoes have a heel that is over 1" and that seems to be the issue here.

 No flats, sandals, slippers or anything cute stylish.  He did say for Church or Dinner out I could wear heels.  Nothing high, and preferably a wedge, so I went shopping for something that was cute and fit the description.  I have heels for church, so I wanted sandals.
These are super comfy and the heels are 1 1/2" so they work, plus super cushioned insoles.

This was my favorite pair.  I love the cork and the lattice leather.  These heels are 1 1/2" too, so perfect.  These also have really cushioned heels - a must.

 Very comfortable and I can see me wearing these a lot.  (Yikes, time for a pedi)

Now I really want to find a cute pair of jean capri's and I am done. 

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  1. Fun new tops! I too can't wear any flat shoes. Ugh.....and they are always so cute. And I don't wear heels unless it is a very special occasion. Your new wardrobe is darling.

  2. Oh I adore the white polka dotted blouse! Great find. When I had a problem with foot pain my podiatrist said it was due to the "flip flop/thong" style of sandal I was wearing. They cause unnatural use of the heel tendons and place extra pressure on the arch. If you can find a style with a strap on the back then it's fine as it holds the sandal in place and doesn't cause your toes to "grip" to try and keep them on which causes the issue. This is probably not at all what you want to hear dear friend but you might want to present your shoes to the doc and get his opinion.

  3. You will be stylin Marty in those cute tops. Sorry about your heel hope that gets better soon. You always find the cutest shoes.
    Have a great Sunday and great start to the new week ahead. Happy Father's Day to your sweet hubby.

  4. You have such a cute wardrobe that works so well!! As for the shoes, I am a lover of flip flops, bad girl!! I also have the same foot problems and usually wear those same 'boat' running shoes............but......have found the perfect sandals from Clarks, love all their shoes. And you can get what you want by shopping shipping, free returns, fast shipping and discount prices.......give them a try!!!

  5. Marty, I'm a retired teacher and have had my share of foot problems. I've had surgery for plantar fascitis and Achilles tendonitis. I, too, have to wear athletic shoes with an orthopedic insert. However, please check out Vionic (used to be Orthaheel) shoes - especially their sandals at Vionic also has their own website, but Shoebuy has free shipping and free return. Vionic sandals run about $80 a pair but are well worth it! They have special arch supports built right in and are so comfortable. I have the Amber Adjustable ones in three different colors and wear them all summer. They also have arch support flip flops for around $60! Our Dillard's department store carries a few styles but not many. My orthopedic foot specialist highly recommends them to his patients. Good luck!

  6. Cute pieces! Where did you get the polka dot top?

  7. Cute pieces for your wardrobe. Love the sandals..and sorry you won't be able to wear them for a while. I got inspired by your earlier clothing posts and actually found several new pieces to spiff up my needed it, because I hadn't been able to find may things before now. Thanks for the inspiration and stay cool.

  8. Looks like you had fun shopping. Good finds. Love the polka dot blouse.

  9. That polka-dot top is SO cute! And I like the striped one, too. Bet those both look great in your new closet!

    I can't wear super-flat shoes at all. I have good luck finding fairly cute shoes at Aerosoles. I really like the ones you found for church--glad the podiatrist said you could wear something other than your "boxcar" shoes every now and then! :)

  10. Hi Marty! What cute tops and I love the polka dot one! Sorry your little foot is hurt but you did find some cute shoes. Hope you heal fast.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  11. Marty your always so stylish!! Hope your foot heals fast so you can wear those cute sandals!

  12. Love the black and white stripe and the polka dots. You are very stylish!

  13. Love the outfits and the wedge sandals you chose...I am sure you were so disappointed to hear that sandals were not the shoe of choice for you this summer....take care of your foot!

  14. I like the cute tops you showed us--they do look cool and crisp. I'm so sorry about your foot/shoe issues. I completely understand. I had some new boots I was looking forward to wearing this winter and I broke my toe at the end of January--like making a left turn broken!!!! It hurt my feelings--a lot! I had to wear tennis shoes for a long time. By the time my toe was completely healed, it was past boot-wearing weather here in Alabama. I'm glad you were able to find a couple of cute options for going out and to church. Hope your foot heals quickly and completely.

  15. I found cute denim capri's at Wal-Mart. I think they are made by Lee--Riders.