Thursday, August 6, 2015

Update On The Bathroom Makeover

Well, we had a few hiccups with some of the design that I was thinking about for the makeover, so now I am kind of regrouping and trying to decide what to do next.  Paint is definitely going to happen and I am still in favor of white.  I think it will be light and bright since there isn't a window in the bathroom.

I ordered a fabulous gold faucet that I thought was going to be the show stopper of the room.  You know the jewelry that always grabs your attention.  I found this faucet on Amazon and it looked totally amazing.

When it came it is truly gorgeous, but wow, it is way to big and over sized for the scale of our sink.  

 See how much bigger it is than the normal set we have now.  It is definitely huge.

 I am totally impressed however with how well it is made and packaged.  They even put it in a beautiful nylon sack to keep it from getting scratched.

Next consideration.  This is the texture on my walls.  This is an exaggerated pic to show you, however a friend of mine that has stenciled a lot seems to think this is way too much texture and I won't get a good result from stenciling.  I am still going to do a sample spot, if it doesn't work, then I have to figure something else out.

My next decision is to figure out the shower curtain fabric.  I have three that I am considering.  They are all a nice brown and white.  I took each of the fabrics and gathered them over the towel rod to get an idea of how they would look.

 This looking at the fabric through the mirror.  Pretty design with flowers and vines.

Fabric # 2 is all flowers

Fabric #3 is a stylized leaf

I do like the chair rail and the wide molding, they add some nice architectural interest to this wall.

Can't wait to caulk them and then paint.  I think it will make a huge difference.

 I also love the vanity and how it came out.  The gel stain gave it just the perfect color.  It looks a lot richer and more up to date.

Remember, this was my original inspiration board.  

 I have a few changes that need to be made, so I am back to the drawing board for a new faucet, mirror and to see if I can make a stencil work or not.  

What do you think about the three fabrics, which would you choose or should I keep looking.  Not so sure about any of them.  Black and white could be an option too.

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  1. I will go with fabric #2
    It brings out the rest of the decor pieces

  2. I think #1 It's not as busy as the others. I think #3 will really compete with the wall stencil and #2 there isn't enough solid space between the graphics. To me #1 has just the pop of modern that makes it look great with everything else. I love your blog and I think you have a good eye you will pick the right one for you.
    Thanks for reading.

  3. Sorry about the faucet Marty, I'm sure you'll find the right one eventually! I love your first choice with the vines on the shower curtains the most, although all three look good. Can't wait to see it all done!

  4. I like the first fabric and would love to have that gold faucet. Looking forward to seeing how it all comes together!

  5. I really like fabric choice #2 but I am not quite sure how it will pair with the stencil. Perhaps apply the stencil and then photograph the fabric again. Having dealt with AZ walls I thought that you would skim coat the wall first. This is generally a necessary evil when using a stencil or wallpaper where smooth walls are a must. So sorry the faucet was a bust as it was a good one but your well trained eye is right, it's too big. Keep going I think its going to look great.

  6. My humble opinion: don't stencil your walls, keep them white with tha awesome texture. Let it just be awesome as is.

    I would suggest the leaf design on curtain - it gives you that stencil look w/o doing something you will regret. It will tie in your white textured walls and your awesome new cabinet color. I would suggest doing that, along with the chair rail - white on bottom and a nice chocolate on top or visa versa.

    Shame about the faucet - but I really really love the one you have and would love one just like it, but I'd need two. : - )


  7. Your bathroom turned out gorgeous, Marty! Is the faucet a tub filler? If so, the company may have a smaller version? It's beautiful. If you're going to repaint the walls, why not do a sample stencil and see what happens. Worth a shot, right? Love both fabrics.

  8. I think what you got is a tub faucet not a sink faucet. I would double check on that and perhaps you can still get the right one. It is a very pretty faucet. I like the #1 and #3 fabrics because they feel the most contemporary which I think is where you're aiming. I can imagine that the texture on the wall will make it more challenging to get the stenciling done and to look good. That's definitely a good point your friend raised.

  9. I vote for fabric #1. It has a modern vibe yet you can still see the pattern from a distance. I agree on checking if they mistakenly sent you a tub faucet rather than a sink faucet. Love the style. Your bathroom is looking awesome.

  10. I like fabric #1 for the space the best. In my opinion, fabric #3 is pretty but very busy for the small space. You see them in real life, though, so I know that whatever you pick will look very pretty.
    Michelle from

  11. Marty, I like the first fabric, but they are all nice. Love the faucet, maybe they have a smaller one. It's looking really good.

  12. Awww, too bad about the faucet. Maybe there is one like it that is a little smaller. As far as the shower curtain I kind of think the one that is all flowers looks the best. Can't wait to see the final results.

  13. I agree, I wonder if you received a tub faucet and not one for a sink?? The fabrics are all great, but I am leaning to #1 (and I would keep the walls white for a clean and simpler look).

    It will all come together!

    Burlington ON Canada

  14. I love that faucet, but it is HUGE! I've been missing your blog because it will not load in Safari on Mac OS-- finally downloaded Chrome just so I could see your bathroom progress. I love the chair rail-- I plan on doing the same thing for my guest bathroom makeover. Can't wait to see how it all turns out.

  15. Too bad about the faucet! I like all the fabric choices :)