Monday, September 14, 2015

Leopard - Zebra - Cheetah - As Neutrals & A Secret

It's no secret that I love to change things up and it is really easy to change the look of a room by swapping out pillows.  Now you and I both know you can soon have such a collection of pillows that you need a storage shed.  I have resorted to pillow covers only and then I can fill just the ones I need with some gorgeous feather pillow forms.  Then the covers I'm not using can just be folded and stored in the closet.

My favorite pillows are ones that are neutral and I think animal prints are neutral.  These two snow leopard and this one zebra  mixed with just one orange pillow have tons of character and interest, but are so simple.  These could mix with anything and any color.

If you saw my 2015 Fall Home Tour you saw that I used some of my regular leopard pillows with the same accessories as above.  This gives the room a totally different look.

Now like I've shown you before I cheat a little and do "double duty pillows".  The back side of the palm leaf pillows are done with snow leopard and the back side of the regular leopard pillows are done with zebra.  This takes up so much less room for storage and also less fabric when you are making a pillow, & it's cheaper too.

This side out and you don't even see the snow leopard or zebra.

Now you can't see the regular leopard or palm leaves either.

One more neutral that I love is Cheetah.  Now this one has to be an albino Cheetah, but the pattern is fabulous just the same and again a great neutral.

See how well it goes with anything?

So what about you, do you like the wild side with all the animal prints, or is that not your thing.

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  1. Love the pillow combination Marty! Adore the palm leaf and snow leopard combination.

  2. Love your pillow combos Marty. So beautiful.

  3. Marty your pillows are gorgeous. Love the addition of the orange. Is the leopard the Pindler? I have been tempted to use for a client. It looks fabulous on your sofa!!

  4. Hi Marty,
    I love the wild side of the pillows. You know how to make everything look perfect in your home.


  5. Oh I LOOOOVE animal prints! I sure wish I could make pillows like you do! I also have got to start getting pillow covers, I have WAY too many pillows. I am about ready for that storage shed you mentioned:):)

  6. I'm all about animal prints! Great idea to use the covers for double-duty. I guess I'm the odd person in blog land as I never even think much about pillows. :) They're beautiful but I just don't have the money to invest in a lot of them. I tease my daughter as she has "pillow heaven" at her house!

    Enjoy your week ~

  7. Marty,
    I love how you change things, dear friend!!!
    I need your guidance when it comes to displaying my accent pillows!!!
    Thank you for always inspiring!!!

  8. Nice pillow cheat with the cheetah :)

  9. I love adding a little animal print in a room! Your pillows look great Marty!

  10. Hi Marty, I haven't been posting too much this year, so I am delighted to be here today. Thank you for hosting. ~ Lynn

  11. I'm right there you with, Marty - I just don't have the room to store actual pillows so I've resorted {and resigned myself} to making covers and just changing those out. So much easier to store, too!

    I love wearing animal print and maybe throwing in a little touch of it around the house, but my granddaughter would be all over your pillows! She LOVES animal print, especially cheetah print.

  12. You know I LOVE an animal print, Marty!
    Looks great and changing the front and back of the pillows
    giving you endless OPTIONS is brilliant!

    Love it all.

  13. Your pillows are beautiful......I don't think you can ever go wrong with a little animal print?!?! I love that they are reversible too so you can change them up whenever your little heart desires :o)