Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Wrap It - Tips & Ideas On A Budget

I think we all love to see pretty packages under the tree, but sometimes wrapping can cost almost as much as the gift.

  Keeping things in line with my budget has to happen too.

I thought I would coordinate my wrapping with my living room decor this year.  I am using white, gold and my gorgeous malachite pillows, so I shopped for a few things that would give me the look.

 I fell in love with these gorgeous boxes from Target.  They look so elegant and expensive, but for $5 they are a great size and affordable..

1. TIP - Use a beautiful box to hold a budget friendly gift and it will elevate the gift to a new level.  Just tie with a pretty satin ribbon and add an elegant tag.

There are so many gorgeous gift bags that will fit any occassion or design.

2. TIP - Even a pretty plain white bag from the Dollar Tree or 99c store will look amazing if you top it off with some pretty tissue and add a special bow or tag.  Tie a pretty bow on the handle, add a jingle bell or other small ornament and it will steal the show.

If you buy just a few pretty wrapping papers that go with your theme, you can give the illusion that all of your gifts have custom wrappings.

3. TIP - Use plain white butcher or brown wrapping paper that is really cheap to fill in for most of the packages and sprinkle the fancy paper ones in between.  

Buy a couple of packages of fancy tags and tissue to use for those gift bags.

4. TIP - Use the cheaper plain white tissue from the 99c Store to wrap around gifts inside your boxes and save the fancy tissue to upgrade your fancy or plain gift bags.  Plain paper bags or wrapped packages look amazing with a glitzy tag too.

 5. TIP - Look around for the unusual - gold tipped feathers, small ornaments, bells, glitzy gift tages and pretty satin ribbons from Walmart to add a special finishing touch to any gift.  A simple satin bow tied to a butcher paper or brown paper package is stunning.

There is tons of inspiration online for your gift wrapping ideas, here are some more fun ideas.

Brown paper with pretty red bows and strings.  

Gorgeous black and white with green ribbons are stunning too.

Plum is a hot color right now and can be pretty to coordinate with your room.

All white with pretty floral ribbons looks so chabby chic.

Whether you go fancy or plain, I am sure all of your gifts will be appreciated and loved by everyone.  

So, do you coordinate your packages to your tree and decor or are you old school and mix it up?

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  1. Miss Marty this was perfect timing as I am going to spend the evening wrapping presents! I love how you have coordinated everything.

  2. Such pretty paper!
    I like them coordinated.. but usually starts out coordinated and by the time I am done it is a mix.. :0)
    Either way always beautiful!
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. You always have the best ideas, Marty, to do things on a budget and be beautiful!

  4. I love so so many of your ideas. Like Tina, I start off trying to make a color scheme and then I fall in love wit other papers and bows, ribbon, etc.!! I love everything!

    Jane x

  5. All beautiful ideas, Marty! Thank you for the inspiration. Happy Thanksgiving! xxx Maria

  6. Great ideas, Marty! This post was very inspiring for me <3

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  7. I love all the colours of wrap and ribbon you have chosen - they will look great under your tree in your gorgeous living room. I love the IDEA of coordinated wrapping but when it comes time to do it, I find I let that idea go due to time and budget constraints :) I do have a few "pretend" packages that are empty boxes wrapped up beautifully that I put out every year. The other thing is when my grown children come over with their gifts, they do not coordinate anyway. Can't wait to see how your gifts look!