Saturday, January 16, 2016

New Jewelry For The Kitchen

Back before Christmas, Pfister sent me this fabulous new kitchen faucet.  Now with company and all the holiday rush, it just didn't get installed until now. 

The Selia in polished chrome.

 Hubby got all his tools out and went to work.  (I contributed to this effort with a glass of wine and staying out of the way.)

Look at this gorgeous new creature.  This is the Pfister Selia model.  You can tell the quality the minute you pick it up.  Heavy and the design and finish is stunning. 

 I love to have a pull down nozzle and this one has both full water flow and spray.  The old one didn't have spray and wasn't nearly as nice.  Oh, I am in love, this is such a thing of beauty.

 I really love having the builtin soap dispenser on the counter and this came with one to match the faucet handels.  It is also so much nicer than the old one and has a much larger soap container.  I won't have to fill it so often.

Pfister comes with full instructions and an easy to install tool that makes installation a breeze.

Just look at the detail on this fabulous faucet.  I love the sculpted design and even the base plate is detailed.  This shows their attention to every detail not only in the function of the faucet, but the design aesthetic too. (see the greenery behind the counter?)

I showed you how it looked trying to see over the island in a previous post - - -

 and then the picture of the plants hubby brings in to stay warm - --

Well, I had to smile when he said I know you want to take pretty pictures of the new faucet, so I'll move the plants.  Gotta' love a guy that will install a faucet and also "gets" blogging.  He's definitely a keeper.

                    I couldn't be happier.  Quality and Beauty all in one.

Friends of Pfister
As  a Friend of Pfister I was given this faucet for review.  All opions are strictly my own.

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  1. Looks beautiful Marty! I noticed the glass of wine too and chuckled/when doing plumbing a glass of wine needed lol!

  2. How lucky for you, it is a thing of beauty. I love the horse picture in the background. Your hubby is certainly a keeper. fondly ~ Lynne ~

  3. I have a similar faucet and love it! The pull down nozzle is a great invention. I also had an extra deep sink (sort of farmhouse )installed at the same time and it is a beauty too. You will enjoy your new faucet! Sheila

  4. So happy for you Marty! A beautiful focal point on your island and so pretty! Enjoy!

  5. Totally smiling at this post. You and I help the effort in the same manner and Mr. Decor is always understanding when I have to do things for the blog. :) Love that faucet!

  6. Gorgeous faucet! We need a new one and I will have to show this to hubs. Your hubs is so sweet to not only install the faucet but to move things so that you can take pictures for your readers. Your contribution was equally valuable...ha!

  7. Lucky you! It's beautiful. I love that you contributed by staying out of the way with a glass of wine!

  8. Wow! Your husband is a keeper! He reminds me of mine...we've been married since 1968 and do lots of projects "together". My role is idea person & stay out of the way. He's the get it done guy! Gotta love that!

  9. Your faucet looks so pretty! I love the goose neck arch style.

  10. Beautiful faucet and I love your counter top.

  11. "Quality and beauty all in one..." You're talking about your hubby, right?! :) Love the faucet! Happy Saturday, Lisa

    1. I read this to hubby, he said "of course". He got a giggle out of this. Thanks.

  12. That is so pretty, Marty! I would LOOVE to have a soap dispenser in the counter!! I am going to look into that for sure!!!! Yup, your hubby IS a keeper:):)

  13. Just like you: quality and beauty in one.

    The new faucet is AWESOME - I soooo want a new one!

    Your hubs is darling - such a great fella - and, well, he gets blogging because it is also your job, and he respects the process. Give him a hug for me - and to Pfister! ♥

  14. The faucet looks wonderful---I want something like this for the lakehouse but hubby thinks what we have is (for the reno) is fine. :(

    The glass of wine is a sweet photo bomb---I'd have the whole bottle!!

    Jane x

  15. Looks beautiful Marty! Big hug to your lovely hubby!
    Have a great weekend!
    Vesna - Home Chic Club

  16. I couldn't agree with you more Marty!

  17. Marty,
    Great choice, dear friend!!!

  18. Lovely! I'm in the market for a new faucet and love the look of yours.