Sunday, February 14, 2016

How To Decorate For Pennies - Totally Change A Room For Under $25

When I did my family room refresh I had quite a few ask where I got my pillows.  As you know, I love pillows and they can totally change the look of a room in seconds.  A different pattern or color and you have an entirely different room.

Mixing up patterns in pillows gives a room so much character.  If you have followed me for any length of time then you know my favorite way to decorate is to change out the pillows.  It just seems like a simple pillow change from one color and pattern to another gives a room a whole new look and for just pennies.  I can have a bright and cheery room or a monochromatic room in minutes with just a simple change of pillows.

 My "hello" pillow got a lot of attention from you guys.  This is a fabulous find from Amazon and on sale for $5.61.  Now you can't buy the fabric and a zipper and make a pillow for $5.61.  I also really like that it adds a little bit of fun to the room, keeping it from being too serious.  After all, the horse painting isn't serious at all, so the room needs to be fun. The other three pillows I made, so they were really inexpensive too.  I like to buy 1/2 to 1 yd of fabric and then make them double duty with a different fabric on the back.  You can see my tutorial here and here.

I always get questions about this monogrammed pillow.  This was a fun DIY that I posted about here.  11 Magnolia Lane has a wonderful etsy shop that sells these fabulous monogram decals.  It totally transforms a simple pillow.

When I was browsing Amazon and saw the "hello" pillow, they had some others that I just couldn't resist too.  So I ordered three more, the prices were just too good to pass up.

 Since we all love black and white I thought I would pick out my favorites from that group, but they have tons in fabulous colors also.  I think you will find their prices as unreal as I did and probably have to have a few too.






All of these are gorgeous 18 x 18 pillow covers with zippers.  I always stuff mine with a 20 x 20 feather insert and this gives them a really full plump look.  I sometimes get the comment that you don't know how to mix and match pillows. If you keep it in one color family it is super easy and mixing patterns is so much fun.    All 6 of these and the "hello" pillow could work in the same room and would look fabulous on a large sectional.

Here is my room with the one "hello" pillow for $5.6l - - -

and here it is with the other three pillow covers I ordered.  A totally different look to the room for a total of $22.85 for all 4 pillows.  Now anyone can decorate at that price.

This is not a sponsored post and Amazon did not compensate me in any way.   I just thought there were some gorgeous pillows at unreal prices so I wanted to pass the info along.

If you buy some I would love to see what you picked out.  I can't wait to start playing with pillows again, so fun to change things up.

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  1. I love pillows and they do change the look of a room! I ordered several pillow covers from Amazon recently and they are such a great bargain. I love the 'hello' pillow and may have to go back and order some more covers!

  2. That 'hello' pillow really is cute. Changing pillows is really a fun way to update the look of a can never have enough in your stash!

  3. Thanks for the great tip! I had no idea you could find covers so reasonably priced.

  4. Amazon does have some great prices on pillow covers. I have the "You Are My Sunshine" one on our bed. Need to revisit the selection...

  5. That is super cute! At the moment Im in the stage of no pillows.....well really I have a big tub full but the kids pull them off the chairs and the little ones firmly believe they are only there for pillow fights :)

  6. Your pillows look great on the couch. I like your tip about buying a bigger pillow insert for the covers. I've decided to stick to only buying new covers as I don't have room to store extra pillows.

  7. I just can't get over that painting! LOVE it! :)
    Your pillows add a great updated modern look to. Love it!
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  8. Wow! Those are fantastic prices, Marty! Thanks for letting us know.

  9. Thank you for the room styling and decor tips, Marty! These pillows are so fun and I love that they look so wonderful grouped together. Appreciate the info you share!

  10. Looks fabulous, Marty! I really like the assortment of black and white pillows.