Saturday, May 7, 2016

An Unreal Day - Good - Bad & UGLY

Some days you wonder if you should just go back to bed.  Today is one of those days.  I always want to start off with something positive, so let's do that and save the bad and ugly for last.

I have three special ladies to honor for Mother's Day, so I found the perfect gifts, then went looking for boxes.  I couldn't find any pretty boxes anywhere.  Usually Target has some really nice ones, but the only thing they had was really tiny, so that didn't work.  I did find some cute bags and tissue and then I saw these really fun initials.  How great do they look.

I think these are such a cute idea.  I won't have a problem at all knowing which package belongs to who.

Ok, now let's get to the Bad. - - -You see all this filigree trim on this thing.  It is what's left of a ceiling fan that was the most gawdy thing you ever saw.  Imagine dark mahogany blades and swirled glass globes - 4 of them.  I caught this picture just as hubby was taking it apart to take it down.  It was here when we moved in and definitely needed to go.  Thank goodness it started to make a noise, so hubby said today is the day, go buy a new one.  Something really simple and plain.

So off to the store to find something really simple.  I found one I liked, brought it home and asked hubby if he was ready to hang it up.  It was really pretty brushed nickel with a lovely single globe.  Not at all what hubby wanted.  He said it wasn't enough light, so go back and get something with at least 3 lights.  Now he never has an opinion about anything decorative, so I figured this mattered to him.

Ok, back to Lowe's and find something simple and three lights.  Now this one isn't very pretty, however it is simple and has three lights, so I grabbed it.  It's a really good one, quiet as a mouse and 52 " blades give plenty of circulation.  Since we live in the desert and summer is on the way, you definitley need to keep the air moving when it reaches those ll5 - l20 degree days.  So the Bad is gone and the only other Bad was having to make 2 trips to Lowe's.

Ok, now for the really, really UGLY.  Before any of this other stuff took place, I woke up around 4:30 and couldn't go back to sleep.  So up I go and shuffle my way into the kitchen to turn the coffee pot on.  I see something in front of the fridge.  Looks wet.  Turn on the coffee and open the Fridge door.

Nope I didn't get a picture of the flooded fridge.  At 4:30 in the morning, I couldn't think about pictures.  I had a "box" of wine in here that leaked and 2 liters of wine drained out and filled every inch of this fridge with sticky wine.  It dripped into the meat saver, both crispers and see those two areas under the crispers, they are about 1 1/2 " deep and  they were filled to the brim with wine.  It was starting to overflow over the edge and onto the floor.  Some was even splashed onto the second door shelf.  Everything in the entire fridge was either ruined or sticky.

Off came the bathrobe, put on my grubbies, grabbed a cup of coffee, took a sip and started taking everything out of the fridge.  I threw away tons of things.  With all the shelves out, I finally managed to soak up all that wine and then start to scrubbing.  This is what was left.  (Next I had to grab the mop and start to mop up sticky off the kitchen floor)   However the GOOD part of this really UGLY story is I have a totally clean and scrubbed fridge from top to bottom and I know that everything in here is fresh and up to date.

  Now to go grocery shopping, but not today.  I think I am ready for a shower and then a glass of wine.  Good thing I have a casserole in the freezer, that will definitely be dinner.

Let's End with a pretty picture shall we.  Isn't my orchid doing good and isn't it pretty!!!

I hope your day is going well. If not, have a good laugh with me and then a glass of wine and everything will be fabulous.

P. S.  After a shower I had a change of heart and went grocery shopping.  After all I can't start drinking wine at 1 in the afternoon.  Now we have a full fridge & pantry and I'm ready to cook up a storm for Mother's day. 

We're celebrating Mother's Day tomorrow so all the kids can visit the in-laws on Sunday.  That way we all get to spend some time together.  Hope your Mother's Day is the best ever.

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  1. I was afraid you were going to say you saw a mouse in front of the fridge! I'd rather have wine than a mouse, but I'm sorry you had to clean up all that mess. I love your new ceiling fan. I have one of those ugly ones you talked about in the bedroom. Hell to clean too. Happy Mothers Day!

  2. Hahaha... sorry, but you made me laugh as you walked me thru the fridge story and the cleaning ordeal at 4am, no less !! I'm sorry cause this is ugly, I hate mishaps where I need to clean up like crazy.
    I love fans and yours is terrific there.
    I'm happy you are in good spirits to cook up a storm for Mom's Day.
    Please enjoy your special day with your dear ones.
    Lots of hugs,

  3. Oh, Marty! You poor thing and your poor fridge! Maybe it good you couldn't sleep and got up - does wine get sticky the longer it sets? :) Anyway, your fridge is all clean now. Love your new fan and I know how you need air where you live. When we bought this house there was not even one fan! We had to remedy that! Enjoy your family and Happy Mother's Day!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. Whew!! Thank goodness it was just wine, and the fridge hadn't went out. No fun to replace. Hope you ahd reserve wine, after cleaning up the wasted wine. hehe.
    Happy Mother's Day weekend!!

  5. Couldn't help chuckle at the thought of all that stickiness. And cleaning it up at 4 am. I would have been using some non PG language! Cleaning the fridge is my least favorite housekeeping chore! But the new ceiling fan is nice and very functional. I'm looking for a new one also. Now for that glass of wine...

  6. Oh Marty! What a day you had - you have to be totally exhausted! I thought the exact same as Brenda - just knew you were going to say you spotted a mouse! LOL! As bad as spilled wine is, not as yucky as a mouse. You have great stamina, my friend! Have a relaxing evening!

  7. I hate it when trouble seems to arrive in multiples. I agree with Cherie, if I had been in your shoes, there would have been a lot of unprintable language. I be you are glad that it is the weekend!

  8. Oh MARTY! What a day! I'm surprised there was any wine left to drink. :) Have a beautiful day tomorrow. You're one of the best moms I know.

  9. How aggravating! I buy boxed wine so please tell me your brand---I may rethink what I buy! I do feel your pain but sometimes it takes a big mishap to do the duty. If I can make you feel a little luckier, I opened a lower cabinet in my kitchen recently where I keep canned goods and large unopened bottles of ketchup, oils, etc. Something sticky was all over the bottom and everything was stuck like glue. Turned out to be a bottle of maple syrup that had fallen over and leaked everywhere! I couldn't even wipe it up, it wouldn't budge!! I ended up covering the bottom of the entire cabinet with layers of newspaper and it has been fine. I thought I might get ants but so far so good!! Ha!

    Love your orchid. Was that the good?


  10. Beautiful orchid! So sorry about the fridge mess. I hate cleaning out the refrigerator. Your ceiling fan looks great. I have bought all new one for the house and am suppose to be getting them installed soon. People who don't live in our zones don't understand we HAVE to have our ceiling fans. LOL So many designer say take out the fan first thing. They sure don't live around here, do they?

    Happy Mother's Day.


  11. OH.. I hate waking up to a mess! lol! but at least there was a happy ending!
    we're doing mothers day today also. well, at least some of us are. I figure I'll see them all at some point over the weekend. Unfortunetly, I have a cold.. and I really dont want to share it with my babies.. so some how I must not kiss them! hve a great mothers day weekend!

  12. Happy Mother's day! Sorry about the wine leakage..oh that just stinks!

  13. What a day, Marty! The fan is perfect, but I cringed when I read you found wine that spilled all over and at 4 am!!! You're a trooper to clean it all up immediately, but your fridge does look all spotlessly clean now. It's good to hear the ups and downs from other's real life, too. :) We all have them!
    Hope you have a happy mother's day!

  14. Oh Marty, what a day!!! I am sorry you lost all that wine:):) WE are celebrating tonight too, our daughter and SIL are taking us out to dinner along with sweet Colleen. I have to clean out my fridge and you have motivated me to do that. I HATE that job:( Have a most wonderful Mother''s day celebration. The bags look great!

  15. Oy, what a mess! That's one way to clean out the refrigerator...ha! Ceiling fans serve a purpose but some of them are just ugly. Yours look very nice in its new home!

  16. Oh boy- that's a lot for one day! I love having a ceiling fan. Though Michigan is not so hot as your area it comes in handy. Oh boy I would've been so ticked off about that wine making a mess like that! What awful mess to have to clean up. Well on the positive side you have a very clean fridge and fresh groceries! Have a great Mother's Day Marty- you deserve it!!

  17. Happy Mothers Day Marty, I hope you have a wonderful day x

  18. Happy Mother's Day to all. Love the gift bags. I decorate gift boxes and bags. To get a larger gift box sometimes I buy photo boxes at Michaels Crafts.