Saturday, June 25, 2016

When Reality Sets In - Oh My Gosh

I have been so excited about getting rid of that old carpet and having gorgeous new wood floors, then it came time to get prepared for the install, and wow.  REALITY SET IN BIG TIME.

They need an empty room.  That means packing up all the accessories and getting things ready to move all the furniture.  I am not a minimalist.  I have every surface and nook and cranny stuffed with something.

I have a ton of things to pack up, so I bought a bunch of bins.

 See what I mean, every surface and even all the nooks and crannies too.

Not to mention the million things I have in the china cabinet.

I'm not a minimalist in the family room either.

and just look at those bookcases and then all the electronics that have to be disassembled.

Ok, I better get to work.

Day Two -

I made great progress.  Every thing is packed up and all of this is just waiting to be moved to the garage.

The china cabinet is empty - man I need to purge some of the stuff I had in this piece.

The entertainment center is empty and hubby has been disconnecting all the electronics.  He's leaving the tv for tonight - -

 hubby looks a little tired as he's trying to watch the news, then first thing in the morning it all goes.

Not everything will fit in the garage, so as much as possible is piled up in the breakfast area

The wood has to acclimate to my home, so it is piled in front of the island.  We have little trails around it. haha  At least the back side of the island is open so I can cook.

The guest bedroom is stacked to the brim too.

It will be worth it all in the end and I will definitely have a clean space to bring things back into.  I am going to paint a few walls while the room is empty too, so I have my work cut out for me for the next couple of days.

One of the workers came and delivered my floors, then ripped out the carpet and baseboards.  When he left I rushed to get the one wall in the living room painted.  This one wall had been left the camel color I originally had since it also tied into the hall.  I just hadn't painted it yet, but so glad to see it white now, wow what a difference.

 You can see what I chose here and also see my shopping trip to Floor & Decor here.

Day Three- How fun is this, the floors are going down.  They made sure the floor was perfectly clean and level, then they put down the underlayment and started installing the laminate floors.   They said this was such an easy floor to install, just click and it was done.  I was fascinated watching them.

Here's my happy contractor.  He and his workers were always laughing and smiling.  They had fun doing their job.

               Here's a sneak peak at how pretty it looks all done and with the new baseboards.

Ok, now I need to clean everything really good, bring the furniture back in and start to put this house back together.   My hubby said this is like moving out and not really going anywhere. haha

            This is a sponsored post by Floor & Decor but all opinions are mine.

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  1. Wow- that was fast! When we put in wood floors we had to stay at a hotel for one night because they had to "float" the floor and we couldn't walk on that stuff. So all our belongings were in the garage and would you believe it, the garage door opener jammed. I didn't sleep very well at the hotel thinking about everything sitting in a wide open garage all night...

  2. totally understand you journey here....we are still recovering from our first batch of floors---still have about 12x14 to be done in the kitchen---when the counters come up. Fun is putting it all Looks great,Sandi

  3. A lot of hard work but so worth it! They look great!

  4. Yes, lots of work to pack it all up and move things out of the way. It is going to worth every bit of that time and energy. I love living with hardwood floors. ;-) Enjoy! You'll have fun arranging things again.

  5. It looks great! We did this at our first house, Marty. It was summer time so we put things on the patio! It looked really nice...she said sarcastically. :)

  6. My husband and I put laminate floors in our last house ourselves. Not too hard, but hard work! We did a lot of cuts because we didn't want all the end seams to line up, phew! In the end we just loved those floors. They were so easy to clean and since we did almost the entire house (we recarpeted the bedrooms), it made everything flow so well! By the way - those floor cleaning robots work really well on laminate floors.

  7. WOW is that ever awesome - oh my goodness it looks so good, Marty! I know it is a PITA but sooooo worth it - and your new upgrades make your home so much more valuable, too. Yay love it!

  8. We own a Cape Cod House with two bedrooms on the first floor. I have a hutch with a lot of "stuff" in it. When I buy something for either bedroom, I have to empty the cabinet and pray it will fit around the cellar entrance. I have turned down quite a few things because I just don't want to empty the cabinet. You did a great job.

  9. So much hard work, but soooooo worth it. It looks great already. I can't wait to see the final product. You will love the hardwood floors. They are so easy to clean. It makes a HUGE difference. I had them throughout my last home and I am looking to putting them in my current Santa Barbara cottage in the near future.
    Best & Bisous,
    Michelle from Simply Santa Barbara

  10. Oh, but it is going to be so worth it. It is going to look fabulous!!!

  11. Well, you're on the home stretch, Marty! Maybe just don't bring it all back in!

  12. I feel your pain, I just recently pulled up the carpets and put down hardwood floors as well. With my floors we had to stain and polyurethane them as well. But you are so right, it was worth all the hard work and disruption once you put everything back. You will certainly enjoy your new floors in your gorgeous home!

  13. Yeah, that would be like moving but not going anywhere. Everything will be so pretty when it is all put back in place.

  14. Marty loved your choice and seeing going down it is gorgeous. Packing up for this stuff is a nightmare


  15. You will love easy to keep clean!! Enjoy!

  16. Marty - Looks so good. I think it will be worth all the trouble when you get it all put back together. Moving every little thing out of a room is a nightmare.


  17. Oh Miss Marty what a huge job. I wish that I had been there to help you. But boy do those floors look good. Thank you so very much for sharing this wonderful post at Thoughts of Home on Thursday.

  18. That is a big job, but if anyone can do it efficiently, you can!
    I love your new floor.
    happy TOHOT!

  19. For sure "reality is setting in" for me when I see what you had to do before you got your new floors! I'm dreaming of hardwood for our carpeted living room next year but I'd forgotten (or blocked it from my mind!) how we'd have to move EVERYTHING first - I'm no minimalist either! I was so happy to see your post continued on past the "reality" part to the "dream" part and your new floors look terrific! You will have so much fun putting things back together with them as a new backdrop.

  20. So happy for you Marty! What a beautiful transformation this will be and I can just feel the excitement, joy and of course the bone tiredness as well.
    Wonderful to have you join us at TOHOT.

  21. We put down hardwoods in the den, dining room and hallway a few years ago and have never looked back! You will LOVE your new floors. It is a pain having to move everything but it's also an opportunity to maybe do some purging or donating. After we moved back in all the "stuff" my husband went around putting those little felt pads under every single piece of furniture (including floor fans!) so the floors wouldn't scratch.

    I can't wait to see it all "done"!

  22. I was thinking the same thing as your husband. Yet, it will be like a brand new rooms when everything goes back in with possibly some changes. The floor looks wonderful! Happy weekend, Linda,

  23. Looks great, Marty! But I see how much work it was. You will feel as if you are in a new house. I bet you even rearrange a little.

  24. Wow your new floors look great, lol your hubby is funny.....enjoy your new floors, they turned out beautifully....


  25. How exciting, Marty! Yes, it's a huge mess, but so worth it!

  26. Oh my, I remember having to do that when we got new carpet. It was a job! Your new floors look wonderful! I can't wait to see the reveal!

  27. this is gorgeous, Marty! love the color and width of the planks. Have fun!

  28. I love your new floors! I also like your new white walls. You are one busy lady right now! Our floors are like yours and they have held up very well. I think you'll be happy with them for a very long time. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the changes you're making.