Saturday, July 9, 2016

Styling The Bookcases

As you all know, there is nothing minimal about me.  I do everything in a big way and sometimes that is good, but not always.  I am trying so hard to purge a few things and de-clutter some areas in my home.  Now that is a monumental task for me.

When putting the house back together after the new wood floors, I decided to change up the entertainment center and bookcases a little.  Hubby wanted to use the big speakers that he has, so a few changes were in order.  We centered the unit on the wall and everything came off the top of the cabinets except the swan and just the speakers.

When we moved in here the entertainment center was placed next to the wall on the left (don't ask me why?) and that left a big opening on the right.  I filled that with various things but mainly the weather vane most of the time.  You can also see that I had all kinds of "treasures" on top of the cabinets too.

I filled both sides of the bookcases with even more "treasures".

I thought when I put it all back that I would purge and create a more minimalist look.  That is where the joke on me came in.  I just can't be a minimalist even if I try.  Here are the new arrangements.

Well, even if they aren't minimalist, they are staying for a while.  Right now this is my version of minimal. haha.

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  1. :) They look perfect, Marty. How funny, yesterday I was also trying to rearrange the shelves in my library, but the result was the same. Like you, I don't know how to be a minimalist. It just looks so empty to me. :) Your entertainment center looks beautiful. Have a wonderful weekend. Maria

  2. Your bookcases look beautiful. I think that you did a great job. I'm not a minimalist either. I think that treasures displayed create a more warm and inviting home. I hope that you have a great weekend!!!

  3. They look great Marti. I couldn't be a minimalist if I tried either. I love my my built ins and they are full of books which I love and other great treasures. Sometimes no matter the trend, we have to be ourselves.

  4. I've learned that there's no point in trying to be someone that we simply are not. Just be you. Our differences are what make us unique.

  5. Marty,
    Your interpretation of minimalist is stunning, dear friend!
    If it works for you. . .it works for me!
    In all seriousness, I love the shelf with the blue books turned at an angle!

  6. I am sooooo like you, no minimalism here. Your shelves look great!

  7. Marty, I'm not a minimalist and likely never will be. I love beautiful things and collect too many things to ever venture into the minimalist category. Your shelves look terrific!

  8. Hi Marty,
    I'm with you dear lady! There are too many treasures to display and I love my stuff! Mind you I'm not a hoarder.

    I follow the rule of more is just right! I can't do less is more either. LOL


  9. This looks great I do like the entertainment unit centered. I keep trying to minimalist too but I don't get too far. I just can't do plain!

  10. Bravo Marty your bookshelves look great. I bet it feel like a whole new house with the new floors and restyling the pieces you have. Lookin good.

  11. No minimalist in me either, no matter how hard I try!! Looks good to me!