Friday, August 5, 2016

New Light Fixtures - Master Bathroom

The new light fixtures are finally installed.  After discovering huge holes in the wall when the old lights came down, then having to sheetrock, patch, spackle and repaint, the new light fixtures are up.  I love them.  Such a simple classic design.

See, aren't they pretty.  I love the ridged white shades too and they give off so much more light than the old fixtures did with the brown shades.  Also, check out that repair job.  On the left hand side of the backplate I had to do a 6" square patch to cover up the huge hole they left in the wall.  I am patting myself on the back, it looks good.  The other light only had to have a  3" patch and it looks fabulous also.

See how bright it is with the lights on.  I am loving this.

Opps, I forgot.  In case you don't remember, this is what the old ones looked like.

It always amazes me at how one simple change can do so much to update a room.   These lights are so classic and chic and they totally upgrade the whole room.

These light are courtesy of Lamps Plus and BlogHer16.  All opinions are 100% mine. @LampsPlus#LampsPlusBlogHer16

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  1. Awesome patch job, Marty! And the lights really do update the room. Love it!!!

  2. The lighting is gorgeous ♥

  3. They really make a difference. What a fresh modern look!

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  5. Great light choice! BTW, I have that same stock frameless mirror in the old house we recently purchased. I added fluted molding and then 4 decorative wood blocks in each corner, so that I wouldn't have to fool with mitered joints! Looks custom made now. And so easy. I attached directly on mirror with liquid nails kind of product. Huge transformation with minimum effort!

  6. Wow, great patch job, Marty - you can't even tell! I love the new lights, they really update the bathroom beautifully!

  7. The lights look fantastic! Great patch job...I'm impressed...

  8. They look great, Marty! And you did a good job with that patching.

  9. Wow, incredible improvement, what a difference such small thing made in bathroom. Think time for us to get new light for our bathroom, been up since we moved in 10 yrs. ago.
    You did great job fixing wall, Pretty handy gal.
    Have great rest of week

  10. Amazing how that changed everything, beautiful Marty! Happy Wednesday, Pam @ Everyday Living

  11. I was quite interested in this post since we are updating a coastal home we purchased last year and giving it a bit of our personality. This has included bathroom fixtures this month too. Yours are classic but current. Nicely done. I stopped by to link up with your Tuesday party and saw this. Glad I have found you.

  12. Great job. You never cease to amaze us. Still think you should paint the cabinet.

  13. Love what you did. We will be making ours over next year. Cannot wait.

  14. Love the new lights. Beautiful!

  15. These are great Marty they really freshen up the space! At my age more light is definitely needed!!