Friday, November 4, 2016

Update On The House Hunt

We still havn't found a house yet that we really like.  The area we want to move to is so expensive and the choices of available homes are really not that great.  We still havn't put our house on the market either.  We don't want to have ours sell and then be forced to find a place FAST.  That is what got us where we are now since our last home sold in an hour and way over asking price.  Hubby also doesn't want to sell and then go into a rental while we look.  So we are still on the hunt.  Most homes in the area we want to move to are around 25 yrs. old, so the styles are a little dated even on the exteriors.

Here are a couple we looked at recently.

  This one is at the top of our price range.  It is 2346 sf - 4 bdrm 2.75 baths.  Built in l995.

Nice vaulted ceilings in the living/dining and a nice size room.

The previous owners painted the oak cabinets.  Wow, not sure why they chose red.  It does have some nice storage and the granite counters are gorgeous.

There's a breakfast table area, then you step down into the family room.

All those built-ins on the far wall need to be re-configured.  Not sure today's tv would fit in that corner space.  They also closed in the patio to make it a sort of sun room.

One major wish is a swimming pool that this one doesn't have and nothing in the way of landscaping.  That pergola would have to be torn down and so would that weird fenced off section.  If we added a pool, new patio and landscaping this would take us over approx $50,000 so that is not going to happen.

This one is about 5 miles north of our preferred area in a newer subdivision built in 2002.  It is 2045 sf. 4 bdrm 2.5 baths.  This one is within our price range, but no swimming pool.  So that is a big bummer.

It does have a nice size living/dining area and I do love the tall ceilings.  The wood floors throughout most of the house is a bonus.

The kitchen has more cabinets and storage than the last house.  Still builder basic with oak cabinets and formica counters.

I really like the size of the adjoining family room.  The floor plan is one that would work for us.

This is a cul-de-sac lot with a really nice size back yard.  But again if we added a pool that would take us about $30,000 over budget.

This one is in the same area as the one above and is near some great shopping.  I like the area very much.  Built in 2002 - 1982sf.  3 bdrm 2.5 bathrooms.  The price on this one is about $30,000 below our budget.  This could work - maybe.

Good size Living/dining with the three bedrooms and a nice loft upstairs.    I really like the new tile floor they added in this downstairs area.  I just wish they would have carried it through to the familyroom/kitchen area.  Railings would have been nice on the staircase, especially so you could see into the loft area upstairs.  (Wonder why they removed a dining chandelier and added a hugger ceiling fan in a two story area?)  Lights would all have to be replaced.

 Family room/ kitchen/breakfast area.  They just installed some really nice carpet.  Not sure I would have done carpet in here, but it is a decent color and one I could work with for now.

 As you can see, this is definitely builder basic.  Oak cabinets and formica counters and linoleum floors.   In time I would want to update the kitchen and bathrooms, but it is clean and liveable as it is now.

 As an added bonus the door next to where the fridge goes is a walk in pantry that is really ample in size.  The other door is the laundry and door to the garage.  The breakfast area is large enough to hold our table and chairs.   

 The master bedroom upstairs has an added bonus of a his and hers closets.  A walk-in for her and a 7ft. slider closet for him.

This is her walk-in closet.  I had so much fun dressing up the one we have in our current house, this one would be fun to makeover too.  Can you imagine some kind of wonderful wall treatment and a crystal chandy?

 Definitely a clean slate in the backyard.  Absolutely nothing but one lone tree that is almost dead.    We would have money to add a pool and landscape any way we wanted to.

We are thinking about maybe putting an offer in on this one.  I like that it is builder basic and I am not paying for an upgrade that someone else did that I don't like.    So stay tuned, we will see what happens.

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  1. They're all beautiful! I'm sure that it will all fall into place, and you'll be dazzling us with your gorgeous new home before you know it!

  2. Looks like you have some beautiful homes to look at and I love your choice. I pray you get the one you want with money to spare to do what you want to it. How nice to fine such 'new' homes to choose from.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. Marty, you do have some wonderful choices. I really do like all that you've shown especially the last one.

  4. I know you will find the right house for you and hubby! I give you credit searching for just the right place - I am much more impatient, lol. I noticed each house has a lot of stairs - are the masters on the first floor? We plan on moving in the next few years into a ranch style. Love our two story, but want everything on one floor for our retirement years. Good luck on your search and thanks for taking us along! Jane

  5. Looks like a great home to add your touches too! Best of luck if you do place an offer.

  6. I like both the 2nd and 3rd ones. That poor tree looks so lonely in the back yard! I was noticing though that it looks like one side of the house has a fixed wall locking in the back yard and the other might have a gate but it's very narrow which could prevent getting to the backyard with the kind of equipment and materials needed to put in a pool. Perhaps a pool isn't meant to be but if there's leftover money it could go into interior improvements. In the living room I'm imagining they used the ceiling fan to help distribute air both for the stairway area and below it. Heat rises and 2nd stories are always warmer because of it. I'm guessing they used the room only as a living room and not for dining.
    Our son just moved into the Pittsburgh, PA area. They are renting (but lucked out as the apartment complex allows month to month) (most of their things are in temporary storage so they don't have to move it again until they're ready) and the selection of homes in the surrounding areas aren't great. It's going to be harder for them to pick a home out than they anticipated.

  7. Some nice and interesting choices and projects. I have to second the post about all the stairs in retirement years. Consider what you would do if one or both of you could no longer climb the stairs. It happens earlier than we wish. It does narrow decisions on house purchase. Good Luck, Dee

  8. Isn't it fun looking, Marty and seeing the possibilities in all of the choices? So hoping you get the one you want! Happy Thursday!

  9. Marty, those are some nice homes and my first thought at our age was also those stairs. We moved from a bi level 14 yrs ago to a ranch which I have added granite, ceramic floors and a lot of other updates...You will make the right choice but we have a 2 step up into the kitchen and that is enough steps for me!! lol...enjoy your home hunt and now is the time to sell as yours is beautifully updated and you will get a good price for it!!

  10. I share your pain in finding a house. Our house sold in a couple of days and it was difficult finding a house that fit our criteria. Not many homes had a master down or one story with the size we needed. They are starting to build them now, but they are $100,000 over our budget. I'm sure you'll make which ever home you choose beautiful!

  11. Looks like a great houses Marty, they just need a little upgrade - your elegant style and a pool, of course :D! Best of luck dear!
    Vesna - Home Chic Club

  12. Such great possibilities! And with your touch any one of them would turn out beautifully. Sounds as if you are really interested in the last one. Can just imagine it with your design flair! So exciting!

  13. I really like the last one too. The others are both nice too but if over budget then you would be cash strapped :(. I know whatever you choose, you will make it FABULOUS!!!!

  14. Hang in there Marty you will find "the one" soon. The first home is identical to my brother's home he had in surprise. Hope you're moving closer in my direction ;) Mercy

  15. I like the last one very much. There is so much you can do with it and even add the pool. Good luck with you hunt.


  16. Wow, what awesome houses! Good luck with your search, what fun!

  17. Marty,
    I do like the last home that you are thinking of putting in an offer, dear friend!
    "Mr.Ed" and I look every Spring and Fall at the Parade of Homes in our area,
    but we are going to be here for approximately another 5~10 years, we think!
    This Autumn, we hired professional landscapers to refresh and renew our front lawn!
    It looks so~o~o much better!
    I'm sure whatever you choose, in no time at all it will be fabulously "chic"!

  18. I'm glad you at least found one in your range. Is that what they do often with the back lawns? Just gravel them? I've never seen that before.

  19. Oh Marty, house hunting can be both exhausting, and exhilarating! Number three sounds great for the "make your own" changes that you could do there, and being able to add a pool. Splash!
    I liked the possibilities :)

  20. Marty,
    Number three sounds like a good possibility for you. I agree with everyone who said that with your decorating talents, your new house will look fabulous.