Monday, February 27, 2017

Finding The Right Furniture Arrangement For The Living Room

Finding just the right furniture pieces and arrangement for each room is sometimes a little trial and error.  I love the two story living/dining room in my new house.  It is so dramatic when you walk in.  Even though the room is much larger than my last home,  the same furniture arrangement didn't work.  It felt way too crowded.

I started pulling things out and switching things around and trying different pieces.  I finally have an arrangement that looks and feels right for the room.

This is the previous arrangement I showed you.

  With the window alcove area so deep, you almost have to create an arrangement that is contained to that area and size.  This was ok, however it felt really cramped when you tried to sit down and enjoy the space.

I wanted to use my new chair in here and have an all white room, just one problem.  Mixing whites is really tricky.  The reason I have the fur throw on the arm of the sofa is clashing colors.  The chair and sofa colors really clash in bright daylight.  The chair took on a gray green hue and my sofa a yellow cream hue.  They didn't look good together. (The chair went to our bedroom and worked out perfect.)

Problem #2.  This coffee table is one of my most favorite furniture pieces.  It was way to big for the family room so I put it in the living room.  This didn't work either.  Way too big and really crowded the area.  So back to the drawing board.  (I finally parted with this piece and gave it to my daughter.  It is amazing in her family room.)

This was the final winner for both furniture and arrangement.  I put my queen anne coffee table back in the living room and changed out the white chair for one of my leather ones.  See how much more open and airy this arrangement feels.

This chair is a little smaller and fits the space so much better and I think it is a great contrast to all the white.

The room just feels so much more open and airy.  Definitely more comfortable to relax and enjoy a visit.

I think this is the winner.  I can still change it up with accessories, so that makes me a happy camper.

So, what do you think, better?

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  1. Looks perfect now, Marty!! I can't seem to use a lot of white either. A few years ago, I made drop cloth slipcovers for the sofa and loveseat, and pulled in whites, but it just didn't work for me! Right now I'm using grays and tans, with some aqua, and that seems to work. I have new furniture coming on Wednesday, and hoping it looks like I think it will. I think you have hit on the best arrangement for you room. Moving out the bigger coffee table helped a lot. It's hard to let some pieces go, though, isn't it? I have that problem. I hope you have a wonderful Sunday!! I'm enjoying seeing your new place.

  2. Hi Marty! Your living room arrangement looks so beautiful! Now, me, I just love some color and love the looks of your leather winged back chair in the mix! I just love your new home and you're making it gorgeous! Hope you've had a nice weekend and thank you for your sweet comments about my minis. I'm humbled.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. I love it! Definitely more open..

  4. It looks terrific! I like this arrangement alot! Happy Sunday!

  5. Hi Marty, I like the arrangement to too. But I think a smaller mirror might look better. Or tone down the dark frame of the mirror. The mirror seems to overpower the room.

  6. Hi Marty ... you seem to be meeting your decorating challenges and making your new home beautiful. Good that you can move furniture from other rooms and make it work. I love your style. I agree with the suggestion that Rita in California made. The large mirror is the first thing that I see. It may not look like that in person, but something smaller, might give you the feel that you are looking for.
    Keep inspiring us ...
    Audrey Z.

  7. It looks great Marty! I love your new home! It's so bright but calming! I actually rearranged some of my furniture yesterday and it was tricky. I never like the placement off the bat, change it and then change it back. It takes me a few days to adjust to change!

  8. Very nice Marty....I would try a smaller mirror if it was me...

  9. I think one has to just move things about and live with it a bit and see how it works. Or that's what I do. I think you've got it worked out great now!

  10. I think it looks perfect! For those saying change out the large mirror, I disagree, as with the ceilings being so high I imagine the mirror is just the right size.

  11. I really like it Marty, you have a winner with this design. Your home is really coming together. i know your having fun decorating it. Love all the rooms.
    Have a great week.

  12. Very nice Marty. You new home is coming together so nicely. I know you must just wake up and smile each new day spent in your new home.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. since I cant type this morning, I deleted my comment lol...

    mirror is a bit too large and ages the room and decor.

    try moving the sofa off the wall and using it as a divider ( visually ) between the living / dining area. make the sofa and chairs more of a conversational area.

    worth a try and you might like it..
    good luck

  15. ps, that would also help solve your " whites" issue as they would no longer be side by side but instead facing each other but with some distance in between.

  16. I love what you have done with the room arrangement. It is so inviting! It looks just like the room I would love to sit and spend time chatting over tea or coffee.

  17. Your home is coming together beautifully, Marty, and I like the arrangement. I was, however, thinking the same thing as Rita from California, that the mirror seems to dwarf the room....especially the sofa. It's probably just the angle of the photo. The fact that there is such a vast expanse of wall is probably throwing off how the pics come out. You always do a beautiful job of decorating!

    Warm hugs,

  18. It looks beautiful, Marty. You created the perfect balance and I'm sure it's a wonderful room to relax in!

  19. I like the addition of the leather chair to break up all the white - I did the same in my living room, my sofa and 2 chairs are off white, and then the two chairs by the window are saddle leather. I'd be sorry to lose that coffee table, it's awesome with those little stools underneath, but this one definitely makes the room flow better. Looking good, Marty!

  20. Much better - you did well taking shots too (I know for blogging but always a good way to really see with a different eye!)

    Have you ever considered possibly having your contractor build a nice built-in window seat with hidden storage for your extra pillows in that deep alcove spot? It'd give you added seating when needed but would look pretty danged awesome in that spot. Just a thought.

    You have a great eye for design, Marty - this looks lovely - love that leather chair in there best. ♥

  21. Mostly, I love the mat under the table in a hall. It really put the huge good impact at Home Decor ideas. This is looking attractive, unique and wonderful. I am looking forward to buy this for my Home.