Monday, April 24, 2017

Small Changes - Big Difference

I am always amazed at how sometimes a really small change just makes so much difference.  Living in the desert, AC and a ceiling fan in every room to keep the air moving are major necessities.  Just the right ceiling fan can also make or break a room.

Case in point my family room area next to the kitchen.  This isn't a big room at all - 12 x 15, but it is the place we like to hang out and we definitely need a ceiling fan.  This room has 81/2 Ft. ceilings.  I know that is a weird size, rooms are usually 8-9-10 and sometimes even 12 or like our living/dining  - two story.  Anyway the first ceiling fan I bought is the kind we usually buy, but it just seemed to overpower this small room.  All you saw was ceiling fan.  I changed it out for what they call a "Low Profile White Ceiling Hugger".  This makes such a big difference.  You don't just see fan.

See how nice this looks, it doesn't dominate the room.

This was with the Oil Rubbed Bronze one that I originally bought.  You notice the ceiling fan before you notice anything else.  (This one is moving up to the loft, it will be perfect there.)

The other small change is the candle sconces around my horse painting.  I wasn't sure if they kind of took over the space or not, but I think the wall needs them.  They look so nice and I really love them.  If you need something that makes a statement, these are it.  I got them at Z-Galleries and they are really inexpensive.  They come in gold and silver. (I was not compensated, I just like them.)

Here is the room without them -

and with them - I think they need to stay.  Especially since you don't just see dark ceiling fan when you look at the room.

I am still planning on replacing the brown wood blinds and adding drapes and new end tables, but all in due time.  Oh and I still need to figure out a gallery wall around the TV.  Is a room ever really done?  Right now I am doing nothing but watching the pool being built.  I am going to really, really enjoy it.

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  1. Love the sconces! They act like earrings, adding just the right polish to the look! And living in Texas, I agree that ceiling fans are a necessity!

  2. Given that most ceilings are white I am not sure why people buy dark ceiling fans. The previous owners spent good money on updating all the fans in our home. Too bad they are all dark, oil rubbed bronze. I wish I had the budget to update them all to your new beauty.

  3. Love seeing your place come together. The candle sconces are lovely :)

  4. Yes, the candle sconces are the perfect finishing touch to that wall. I love this new arrangement, it is nice to look into the room and see the inviting sofa and the horse picture above it. Great job. I really do not mind the dark blinds at all, actually like them. I think once you get window treatments, you will be happy with them.

  5. I just realized you changed out the rug. I really loved the rug that was originally in the room, where did you move it to? I thought it really added some warmth to the room, just wondered if it would be better turned the other way.

  6. I am in total agreement about the ceiling fan. I just had a house I staged take out 3 dark, heavy, low hanging fans and replace them with short white lights. Such a difference...your eye bypasses that one now, Marty.

    I think the sconces are the perfect finishing touch on either side of the the painting. They kind of frame it and really give it more impact. Good job all the way around. Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday. xo Diana

  7. You are so right about the ceiling fan. I have them in y home also. I find I just need to move the air around.

    Love the sconces - they look terrific. You are really making a beautiful home Marty. I like all the changes you have made to your new home. I know your so excited about your pool.

    Have a great week.


  8. I think the candle sconces ground the whole wall and room. No, I don't think we're ever finished if we're home and garden bloggers! I'd like to change my ceiling fans some day.

  9. You are so right...small changes, big difference!

  10. the sconces are amazing ( off to check them out) and certainly add the perfect touch with your print in the room.

  11. Good idea... I don't like noticing the ceiling fan first either... and the one you chose allows the rest of the room to shine.

  12. Your room looks so good! I like the ceiling hugger fans in white since they don't draw your attention to them nearly as much. I don't think you ever have to make excuses to people about the need for ceiling fans. Even here in Michigan we use them. During the winter circulating the air can be helpful. We just click the switch to reverse the flow and it helps push the warm air back down from the ceiling. Those sconces really do make a difference- love it!

  13. Your ceiling fan is perfect and the sconces are like "icing on a cake." Your room looks wonderful and the gallery wall will come together when that "idea" pops into your head. You have come along way in such a short time.

  14. Heck, we live in Pa. but feel that ceiling fans are a necessity:):) LOVE the white one, perfect change. Also love those sconces! Beautiful!

  15. LOVE this room! your new fan is perfect and wow, those sconces are exactly right for that art and wall. Beautiful!

  16. Your family room is really lovely, Marty. The sconces around the painting are a perfect touch. Are they battery operated or wired?

    I adore ceiling fans, they are a must for bedrooms, I think everyone likes a cool breeze when they are snoozing!

    Keep up with the great ideas!

    Jane x

  17. I painted the blades on my bedroom ceiling fan white and it made a HUGE difference. It is no longer an attention grabber! And yet, if you do look at it, it is pretty.
    I am in love with this room of yours. There is nothing ordinary about it and I like that. I knew I loved the horse picture and the changes you posted about last time, but now.... those candle sconces.... I am in love!
    Great job on this room.
    :) gwingal

  18. Hi Marty - Thank you for hosting and wishing you a wonderful week! Hugs, Holly

  19. I love using white fans that just seem to blend into the ceiling. I really do not use ceiling fans in the house, but use them in all of the porches. The white fan certainly made a difference .... and I love the sconces! Have fun watching your pool progress!

  20. Shocking difference.

    And I absolutely adore ceiling fans- I use them all year - I like fresh and circulated air throughout the house. I tend to keep them on medium speed and just low in the winter or off if I have a lot of candles burning so they have a longer burning time. : - )